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Author(s): Toby Hemenway, John Todd
Categories: Cooking > General, Gardening > General, Science > Environmental Science
Publisher: Chelsea Green
Publish date: 2001-04-01
ISBN-10: 1890132527
ISBN-13: 9781890132521
Language: English
Description: Permaculture is a verbal marriage of "permanent" and "agriculture." Australian Bill Mollison pioneered its development. Key features include: use of compatible perennials; non-invasive planting techniques; emphasis on biodiversity; specifically adaptable to local climate, landscape, and soil conditions; highly productive output of edibles. Now, picture your backyard as one incredibly lush garden, filled with edible flowers, bursting with fruit and berries, and carpeted with scented herbs and tangy salad greens. The visual impact is of Monet's palette, a wash of... more...
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Things Drunk People Say (by Kathleen Go) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/things-drunk-people-say
Author(s): Kathleen Go
Categories: Cooking > Beverages
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publish date: 2013-07-09
ISBN-10: 162087637X
ISBN-13: 9781620876374
Language: English
Description: Alas! The drunken, muddled words you forgot you said (or wish you could forget) were picked up by barhopping eavesdroppers and are collected here for all to see. The drunk dials, teary-eyed confessions, incoherent warbles, and slurs of the pseudo-intellectual, sexually ridiculous, and pleasantly random are Things Drunk People Say. This is a collection of sometimes crass, mostly offensive, and always revealing drunk quotes ranging from the tipsy to the moderately intoxicated to the fully inebriated. It’s like a wild night out with your friends finally put down on paper. Each rambling is another uproarious encounter with the confused spattering of... more...
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Back Home with the Neelys: Comfort Food from Our Southern Kitchen to Yours (by Pat Neely, Gina Neely, Ann Volkwein) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/back-home-with-the-neelys-comfort-food-from-our-southern-kitchen-to-yours
Author(s): Pat Neely, Gina Neely, Ann Volkwein
Categories: Cooking > Outdoor Cooking
Publisher: Knopf
Publish date: 2014-04-08
ISBN-10: 0307961338
ISBN-13: 9780307961334
Language: English
Description: For Pat and Gina Neely the secret to a truly happy home is a lively mix of food and family. In their new book, the best-selling authors draw on their down-home roots and revisit the classic Southern recipes that have been passed down through generations. We’re drawn into the kitchens of their mothers and grandmothers and back to a time when produce was picked in the backyard garden and catfish was caught on afternoon fishing trips with Grandpa. In their signature style, Pat and Gina have taken the dishes they were raised on and updated them for today’s kitchens. Inside you’ll find 100 recipes, including Small Batch Strawberry Jam (best when... more...
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The Comfort Food Mash-Up Cookbook: 80 Delicious Recipes for Reimagining Your Favorite Dishes (by Dan Whalen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-comfort-food-mash-up-cookbook-80-delicious-recipes-for-reimagining-your-favorite-dishes
Author(s): Dan Whalen
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic
Publisher: Sterling Epicure
Publish date: 2018-10-23
ISBN-10: 1454923253
ISBN-13: 9781454923251
Language: English
Description: Crush all your guilty pleasures right with these crazy good combos, such as Cheeseburger Onion Rings and Lasagna Tacos.   This exciting cookbook features 80 recipes that merge two classic recipes into a unique mouthwatering dish. Kick off your day with Breakfast Ramen or a Crispy Rice Sticky Bun. Snack on Breadstick Calzones, Corn Dog Jalapeño Poppers, or Reuben Tots. Devour Buffalo Chicken Pad Thai or Chili Risotto. Then treat yourself to a Blueberry Pie Milkshake or White Russian Cheesecake. The intro reveals the surprising history of mash-ups and gives you the blueprint, which explains the deceptively simple... more...
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The Instant Pot® Ultimate Sous Vide Cookbook: 100 No-Pressure Recipes for Perfect Meals Every Time (by Jason Logsdon) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-instant-pot-ultimate-sous-vide-cookbook-100-no-pressure-recipes-for-perfect-meals-every-time
Author(s): Jason Logsdon
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients
Publisher: Sterling Epicure
Publish date: 2018-10-02
ISBN-10: 145493316X
ISBN-13: 9781454933168
Language: English
Description: Make 100 easy, perfectly cooked meals using your Instant Pot® sous vide!   Using a vacuum-sealed bag and temperature-controlled, circulating water, a sous vide cooks food gradually, making it easy and convenient for weeknight cooking. And now, thanks to the Instant Pot Accu Slim or the Accu SV800 appliance, you can sous vide too. This book contains 100 flavorful recipes with easy-to-follow instructions along with suggestions, variations, and recommended cooking times and temperatures for delicious results every time. Discover how versatile sous vide cooking can be with this essential resource.
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One Pot Recipes: Meals for Your Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan, Skillet, and More (by Ellen Brown) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/one-pot-recipes-meals-for-your-slow-cooker-pressure-cooker-dutch-oven-sheet-pan-skillet-and-more
Author(s): Ellen Brown
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Sterling Epicure
Publish date: 2018-11-06
ISBN-10: 1454929235
ISBN-13: 9781454929239
Language: English
Description: With more than 100 easy recipes to make in a range of pots, Ellen Brown gives busy cooks a variety of delicious options for getting complete meals on the table—with little fuss and minimal cleanup.   The success of the Instant Pot makes it clear that home cooks want easy “one-pot” solutions to meal planning. This cookbook gives them just that, with recipes for flavorful, balanced meals that include a protein, vegetables, and usually a starch or legume. That means it takes only one recipe— and one pot!— to get dinner on the table . . . and everything is ready at the same time. Recipes are divided... more...
Sat, 19 Jan 2019 08:06:02 GMT
The Deerholme Foraging Book: Wild Foods and Recipes from the Pacific Northwest (by Bill Jones) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-deerholme-foraging-book-wild-foods-and-recipes-from-the-pacific-northwest
Author(s): Bill Jones
Categories: Cooking > General, Nature > Mushrooms
Publisher: TouchWood Editions
Publish date: 2014-04-22
ISBN-10: 1771510455
ISBN-13: 9781771510455
Language: English
Description: The Deerholme Foraging Book is the ultimate book for foraging in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring local edible plants, sea vegetables, and shellfish as well as an overview of mushroom foraging, the book serves as an introduction to the world of wild food. Identification and sourcing information, preparation tips, and recipes for many types of wild foods are included. The recipes are global in influence and use simple techniques woven in with expert processes to create good, homemade food. The recipe list includes techniques for harvesting and preserving food and covers basic pantry preparations, soups, salads, and meat,... more...
Sat, 19 Jan 2019 07:26:02 GMT
Scandinavian Feasts: Celebrating Traditions throughout the Year (by Beatrice A. Ojakangas) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/scandinavian-feasts-celebrating-traditions-throughout-the-year
Author(s): Beatrice A. Ojakangas
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic, Reference > Encyclopedias
Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press
Publish date: 2001-02
ISBN-10: 0816637458
ISBN-13: 9780816637454
Language: English
Description: Cookbooks The definitive word on sumptuous Scandinavian cooking, now in paperback! Drawing upon her rich knowledge of Scandinavian cuisine and culture, expert chef and veteran writer Beatrice Ojakangas presents a multitude of delicious yet remarkably simple recipes in this cookbook classic, available in paperback for the first time. Scandinavian Feasts features the cuisine of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and it includes menus made up of a bounty of appetizers, drinks, smorgasbord, meats, fish, soups, vegetables, desserts, and baked goods. Easily as engaging as the dishes themselves, each recipe comes with an introduction that... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 14:36:02 GMT
Simply Hot Pots: A Complete Course in Japanese Nabemono and Other Asian One-Pot Meals (by Amy Kimoto-Kahn) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/simply-hot-pots-a-complete-course-in-japanese-nabemono-and-other-asian-one-pot-meals
Author(s): Amy Kimoto-Kahn
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic
Publisher: Race Point Publishing
Publish date: 2019-02-05
ISBN-10: 163106567X
ISBN-13: 9781631065675
Language: English
Description: In Japan, hot pot cooking is called nabemono, or nabe, and cooked in donabe, traditional clay pots. Comforting, healthy, affordable, easy, and quick—especially when you make your broth bases in advance—these satisfying one-pot meals can be customized for anyone (including kids!). Simply Hot Pots brings hot pot cooking to your table with a complete course of 75 recipes, including 15 base broths (from shabu-shabu to bone broths to creamy corn and tomato broths); pork, chicken, beef, seafood, spicy, vegetable, and specialty hot pot meals; dipping sauces; sides; and desserts. Amy Kimoto-Kahn, the best-selling author of... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 11:22:02 GMT
Fantastical Cakes (by Gesine Bullock-Prado) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/fantastical-cakes
Author(s): Gesine Bullock-Prado
Categories: Cooking > Baking
Publisher: Running Press Adult
Publish date: 2018-11-06
ISBN-10: 9780762463
ISBN-13: 9780762463435
Language: English
Description: Learn to make doable, incredible celebration cakes that taste as good as they look! Baking and decorating a cake can be a challenge, and when the end result doesn't taste as good as it looks, a big disappointment! Author and professional baker Gesine Bullock-Prado has perfected a method for creating eye-catching spectacular cakes that measure up. Just remember BaDASS: · Bake ahead · Dam · Assemble · Smooth coat · Spruce it up Her step-by-step instruction for baking, piping, and making decorations make each bit manageable, whether it's baking layers ahead of time and freezing, or taking the time to crank out a slew of gorgeous frosting... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:42:02 GMT
Taste of Home Farm Fresh Favorites: Cook It, Can It, Freeze It (by Taste of Home) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/taste-of-home-farm-fresh-favorites-cook-it-can-it-freeze-it
Author(s): Taste of Home
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Reader's Digest/Taste of Home
Publish date: 2012-04-12
ISBN-10: 0898219612
ISBN-13: 9780898219616
Language: English
Description: Taste of Home Farm Fresh Favorites is filled with 336 delectable recpies plus tips and techniques for including how to preserve fresh produce yourself. It's a fantastic guide to help make tasty meals packed with essential nutrients. Now fresh-picked flavor can be part of every meal you serve with this beautiful Taste of Home Farm Fresh Favorites Cookbook. With 300+ recipes for the most popular produce including corn, tomatoes, peppers, apples, berries and much more plus methods for freezing and canning to help help you preserve its goodness, this book will help you get more nutritious, healthy vegetables and fruits into your meals and help you... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:06:02 GMT
Fries!: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Favorite Food (by Blake Lingle) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/fries-an-illustrated-guide-to-the-worlds-favorite-food
Author(s): Blake Lingle
Categories: Cooking > Vegetarian, History > Europe
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2016-04-26
ISBN-10: 161689458X
ISBN-13: 9781616894580
Language: English
Description: Imagine a plate of crisp, golden, salted fries, and you'll know why this is the world's favorite food. Who better to write the consummate cultural history and user's guide of the fry than Blake Lingle, whose fries were recently voted the best in America by U.S. News & World Report? In this lighthearted ode, Lingle offers a 360-degree look at fries, from their roots in antiquity, to the long-standing debate as to whether the Belgians or the French created the first true frites, to their current status as a gourmet treat (whether dusted with truffle salt or slathered in gravy and cheese curds in that outrageous Canadian delicacy, poutine). The... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:56:04 GMT
Herb & Spice Companion: The Complete Guide to Over 100 Herbs & Spices (by Lindsay Herman) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/herb-and-spice-companion-the-complete-guide-to-over-100-herbs-and-spices
Author(s): Lindsay Herman
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients, House & Home > Cleaning & Caretaking
Publisher: Wellfleet Press
Publish date: 2015-11-02
ISBN-10: 1577151143
ISBN-13: 9781577151142
Language: English
Description: You can spice up your cooking when you learn how to grow, dry, store and use over 100 herbs and spices! Herb and Spice Companion is your ultimate guide for using fresh and dried herbs and spices in the kitchen. Inside this handy book, get descriptions of more than 100 herbs and spices from around the world. Discover useful tips on storing and using spices to create innovative combinations of flavors. This is the essential guidebook to using herbs and spices to add flavor and depth in your cooking. From basil to beebalm, from lavender to lemon verbena, learn all of the interesting aspects of your herbs, including their rich... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:56:01 GMT
The Everyday Meat Guide: A Neighborhood Butcher's Advice Book (by Ray Venezia) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-everyday-meat-guide-a-neighborhood-butchers-advice-book
Author(s): Ray Venezia
Categories: Cooking > Reference, Cooking > Specific Ingredients, Reference > Encyclopedias
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publish date: 2016-04-12
ISBN-10: 1452142882
ISBN-13: 9781452142883
Language: English
Description: When Rachael Ray wants to tell her 2.6 million viewers how to shop wisely at the meat counter, she invites veteran butcher Ray Venezia on her show. This handbook condenses Venezia's expert advice from 25 years behind the butcher block, giving every weeknight shopper and grill enthusiast the need-to-know information on meat grades, best values, and common cuts for poultry, pork, lamb, veal, and beef. The Everyday Meat Guide includes easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions for the questions butchers are most often asked, plus a handy photo gallery for quick identification at the market. This refreshingly simplified, confidence-instilling take... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:36:02 GMT
Superfood Breakfasts (by Kate Turner) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/superfood-breakfasts
Author(s): Kate Turner
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: DK
Publish date: 2016-05-02
ISBN-10: 0241259908
ISBN-13: 9780241259900
Language: English
Description: Kick-start your day with Superfood Breakfasts. This collection of 25 cook and no-cook recipes is packed with ideas for nutritious grains, berries, seeds, and booster powders to give you renewed vitality. From granola and overnight oats to Green Goddess Juice and Rainbow Vegetable Frittata, all the recipes are vegetarian, refined-sugar- and gluten-free, and designed to make you feel great. Most only take moments to prepare, and once you have mastered the techniques, you'll find yourself concocting your own superfood breakfasts in the kitchen. Whether you are health- and fitness-conscious or a parent who wants to prepare healthy breakfasts for your... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:22:08 GMT
The Freds at Barneys New York Cookbook (by Mark Strausman, Susan Littlefield) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-freds-at-barneys-new-york-cookbook
Author(s): Mark Strausman, Susan Littlefield
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
Publish date: 2018-04-24
ISBN-10: 1455537764
ISBN-13: 9781455537761
Language: English
Description: Barneys New York, with its flagship store on Madison Avenue, is a world-famous cutting-edge fashion destination, and a true New York phenomenon. And since 1996, Barneys' restaurant Freds at Barneys New York--named after found Barneys Pressman's son Fred--has been offering in food what Barneys offers in fashion: a luxury destination that provides a level of personal service second to none, where the food keeps their celebrity clientele coming back for more. In THE FREDS AT BARNEYS COOKBOOK, Strausman invites you into the kitchen of this restaurant institution and teaches you how to bring a piece of New York chic into... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:06:02 GMT
The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World (by Julia Turshen, Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-hot-bread-kitchen-cookbook-artisanal-baking-from-around-the-world
Author(s): Julia Turshen, Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic, Cooking > Baking
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Publish date: 2015-10-13
ISBN-10: 0804186170
ISBN-13: 9780804186179
Language: English
Description: Authentic multiethnic breads from the New York City bakery with a mission At first glance Hot Bread Kitchen may look like many other bakeries. Multigrain sandwich loaves, sourdough batards, baguettes, and Parker House rolls line the glass case up front in the small shop. But so, too, do sweet Mexican conchas, rich m’smen flatbreads, mini bialys sporting a filling of caramelized onion, and chewy Indian naan. In fact, the breads are as diverse as the women who bake them—because the recipes come from their homelands. Hot Bread Kitchen is a bakery that employs and empowers immigrant women, providing them with the skills... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 08:36:11 GMT
The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens (by Alan Scott, Daniel Wing) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-bread-builders-hearth-loaves-and-masonry-ovens
Author(s): Alan Scott, Daniel Wing
Categories: House & Home > Do-It-Yourself, Cooking > Baking
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Publish date: 1999-07-01
ISBN-10: 1890132055
ISBN-13: 9781890132057
Language: English
Description: No description available
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 08:12:11 GMT
The Big Book of Breakfast: Serious Comfort Food for Any Time of the Day (by Maryana Vollstedt) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-big-book-of-breakfast-serious-comfort-food-for-any-time-of-the-day
Author(s): Maryana Vollstedt
Categories: Cooking > General, Juvenile Nonfiction > General
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publish date: 2002-11-01
ISBN-10: 0811833380
ISBN-13: 9780811833387
Language: English
Description: The latest in the best-selling Big Book series, The Big Book of Breakfasts starts the day right with over 280 recipes for every kind of breakfast food imaginable. Its classic Maryana Vollstedt: every delicious dish is so easy to make you can hit the snooze button again and again. From classic blue-plate specials of Corned Beef Hash and Eggs to an innovative brunch of Spicy Orange Pancakes, here are frittatas and omelets, quiches and stratas, casseroles and skillet entrees, sandwiches and wraps, French toast and pancakes, waffles and cereals, meats and potatoes, breads and fruits plus a bevy of beverages and the basic how-to. Breakfast-its not just... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 05:12:02 GMT
The Flavor Matrix: The Art and Science of Pairing Common Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes (by James Briscione, Brooke Parkhurst) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-flavor-matrix-the-art-and-science-of-pairing-common-ingredients-to-create-extraordinary-dishes
Author(s): James Briscione, Brooke Parkhurst
Categories: Cooking > Reference, Cooking > Specific Ingredients, Health & Fitness > General, Reference > Encyclopedias, Science > Chemistry
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publish date: 2018-03-06
ISBN-10: 0544809963
ISBN-13: 9780544809963
Language: English
Description: A revolutionary new guide to pairing ingredients, based on a famous chef's groundbreaking research into the chemical basis of flavor As an instructor at one of the world’s top culinary schools, James Briscione thought he knew how to mix and match ingredients. Then he met IBM Watson. Working with the supercomputer to turn big data into delicious recipes, Briscione realized that he (like most chefs) knew next to nothing about why different foods taste good together. That epiphany launched him on a quest to understand the molecular basis of flavor—and it led, in time, to... more...
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:06:15 GMT
Super Powders: Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms for Energy, Beauty, Mood, and Well-Being (by Katrine Van Wyk) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/super-powders-adaptogenic-herbs-and-mushrooms-for-energy-beauty-mood-and-well-being
Author(s): Katrine Van Wyk
Categories: Cooking > Beverages
Publisher: Countryman Press
Publish date: 2019-01-01
ISBN-10: 1682683133
ISBN-13: 9781682683132
Language: English
Description: From the author of Best Green Drinks Ever, a primer and cookbook for adaptogens Natural remedies for various physical ailments are well known; now hitting the scene are supplements―made from berries, mushrooms, herbs, and other plants― that can help the body (and mind) adapt to stress. These “adaptogens” work towards restoring balance, enhancing focus and stamina, boosting energy, and improving mood. In Super Powders, health coach Katrine van Wyk takes 20 adaptogens and describes what they are and how to use them. She might recommend goji berries for mood, astragalus for immunity, reishi and moringa for anxiety... more...
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:42:02 GMT
The Weekend Baker (by Paul Hollywood) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-weekend-baker
Author(s): Paul Hollywood
Categories: Cooking > Baking
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Publish date: 2016-06-28
ISBN-10: 0718184017
ISBN-13: 9780718184018
Language: English
Description: The brand new cookery book from Britain's favourite baker, Paul Hollywood Containing both sweet and savoury recipes inspired by cities from around the world including Paris, Copenhagen, Miami, New York, London and Naples, Paul takes classic bakes and gives them his own twist. From Madeleines to Kale, cherry and cheese scones, Caprese cake to Chelsea buns and Polish cheesecake to Marble bundt cake, take some weekend time out in the kitchen to discover some new favourite bakes. As Paul found on his travels, baking is very much a family activity and so many of the world's recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Now he wants to... more...
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:12:02 GMT
Chloe's Vegan Desserts: More than 100 Exciting New Recipes for Cookies and Pies, Tarts and Cobblers, Cupcakes and Cakes--and More! (by Chloe Coscarelli) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/chloes-vegan-desserts-more-than-100-exciting-new-recipes-for-cookies-and-pies-tarts-and-cobblers-cupcakes-and-cakes-and-more
Author(s): Chloe Coscarelli
Categories: Cooking > Vegetarian, Health & Fitness > Diets, Cooking > Baking
Publisher: Atria Books
Publish date: 2013-02-19
ISBN-10: 1451636768
ISBN-13: 9781451636765
Language: English
Description: CHEF CHLOE’S first all-dessert cookbook, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, will satisfy your sweet tooth from morning to night with more than 100 recipes for cakes and cupcakes, ice cream and doughnuts and pies—oh my! And you just will not believe these delicious dishes are vegan. You can start the day with New York–Style Crumb Cake, light and zesty Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, luscious Chocolate Babka, or decadent Tiramisu Pancakes (topped with a dollop of cool Coconut Whipped Cream). Here, too, are more than a dozen inventive, innovative, irresistible cupcake recipes, including Chloe’s Cupcake Wars’ Award-Winning Chocolate Orange... more...
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:02:02 GMT
All the Wild Hungers: A Season of Cooking and Cancer (by Karen Babine) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/all-the-wild-hungers-a-season-of-cooking-and-cancer
Author(s): Karen Babine
Categories: Biography & Autobiography > Medical, Biography & Autobiography > Personal Memoirs & Diaries, Biography & Autobiography > Women, Cooking > Essays, Health & Fitness > Diseases
Publisher: Milkweed Editions
Publish date: 2019-01-08
ISBN-10: 1571313729
ISBN-13: 9781571313720
Language: English
Description: “My sister is pregnant with a Lemon this week, Week 14, and this is amusing. My mother's uterine tumor, the size of a cabbage, is Week 30, and this is terrifying.” When her mother is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Karen Babine―a cook, collector of thrifted vintage cast iron, and fiercely devoted daughter, sister, and aunt―can’t help but wonder: feed a fever, starve a cold, but what do we do for cancer? And so she commits herself to preparing her mother anything she will eat, a vegetarian diving headfirst into the unfamiliar world of bone broth and pot roast. In these essays, Babine ponders the intimate connections between food,... more...
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 06:12:03 GMT
The Super Big Book of Easy, Delicious, & Healthy Recipes the Whole Family Will Love!: 500+ Recipes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less (by Adams Media) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-super-big-book-of-easy-delicious-and-healthy-recipes-the-whole-family-will-love-500-recipes-you-can-make-in-30-minutes-or-less
Author(s): Adams Media
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Adams Media
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 172140015X
ISBN-13: 9781721400157
Language: English
Description: More than 500 healthy, quick, easy, and delicious recipes with limited sodium, sugar, and fat—perfect for busy families! What’s for dinner? With The Super Big Book of Easy, Delicious, and Healthy Recipes the Whole Family Will Love, the answer to that eternal question has never been easier. In this comprehensive cookbook, you’ll find more than 500 recipes that are quick, easy, healthy and, most importantly, delicious. Each recipe limits sodium, sugar, and fat without sacrificing any flavor, so you can feel good about feeding your family meals they’ll love. Find detailed nutritional statistics along with each recipe, as well as plenty of... more...
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 05:52:08 GMT
Food in the Gilded Age: What Ordinary Americans Ate (Rowman & Littlefield Studies in Food and Gastronomy) (by Robert Dirks) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/food-in-the-gilded-age-what-ordinary-americans-ate-rowman-and-littlefield-studies-in-food-and-gastronomy
Author(s): Robert Dirks
Categories: Cooking > History, History > General, Social Science > General, Technology & Engineering > Agriculture
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publish date: 2016-04-14
ISBN-10: 1442245131
ISBN-13: 9781442245136
Language: English
Description: The Gilded Age is renowned for a variety of reasons, including its culture of conspicuous consumption among the newly rich. In the domain of food, conspicuous consumption manifested itself in appetites for expensive dishes and lavish dinner parties. These received ample publicity at the time, resulting later on in well-developed historical depictions of upper-class eating habits. This book delves into the eating habits of people of lesser means. Concerning the African American community, the working class, the impoverished, immigrants, and others our historical representations have been relatively superficial. The author changes that by turning to... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 21:26:05 GMT
The Kitchen Ecosystem: Integrating Recipes to Create Delicious Meals (by Eugenia Bone) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-kitchen-ecosystem-integrating-recipes-to-create-delicious-meals
Author(s): Eugenia Bone
Categories: Cooking > Vegetarian, Cooking > Outdoor Cooking
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Publish date: 2014-09-30
ISBN-10: 0385345127
ISBN-13: 9780385345125
Language: English
Description: Paradigm-shifting, The Kitchen Ecosystem will change how we think about food and cooking. Designed to to create and use ingredients that maximize flavor, these 400 recipes are derived from 40 common ingredients--from asparagus to fish to zucchini--used at each stage of its "life cycle": fresh, preserved, and in a main dish. Seasoned cooks know that the secret to great meals is this: the more you cook, the less you actually have to do to produce a delicious meal. The trick is to approach cooking as a continuum, where each meal draws on elements from a previous one and provides the building blocks for another. That synchronicity is a kitchen... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 08:42:04 GMT
Dori Sanders' Country Cooking: Recipes and Stories from the Family Farm Stand (by Dori Sanders) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/dori-sanders-country-cooking-recipes-and-stories-from-the-family-farm-stand
Author(s): Dori Sanders
Categories: Cooking > Essays, History > United States
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Publish date: 1995-01-11
ISBN-10: 9781565121
ISBN-13: 9781565121171
Language: English
Description: Here is a book as delightful to read as it is to cook from. Dori Sanders' recipes include not only new interpretations of old-time favorites such as Spoon Bread, Chicken and Dumplings, Corn Bread, and Buttermilk Biscuits, but also her "Cooking for Northerners"--original dishes such as Winter Greens Parmesan, Roasted Mild Peppers, Fresh Vegetable Stew--and, of course, great recipes for peaches. A Literary Guild and a Rodale Press Book Club selection.
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 08:26:02 GMT
The Cheesemonger's Seasons: Recipes for Enjoying Cheeses with Ripe Fruits and Vegetables (Cheesemonger's Kitchen) (by Chester Hastings) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-cheesemongers-seasons-recipes-for-enjoying-cheeses-with-ripe-fruits-and-vegetables-cheesemongers-kitchen
Author(s): Chester Hastings
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publish date: 2014-03-18
ISBN-10: 1452112886
ISBN-13: 9781452112886
Language: English
Description: Savor a year of outstanding cheese-centric dishes with The Cheesemonger's Seasons. In this beautifully photographed volume, Chester Hastings offers his favorite recipes for cooking with cheese. As a chef, he knows how to transform raw ingredients, and as a cheesemonger, he's a cheese genius. With his skills, he shares how to match peak-season produce with fine cheeses to create inspired takes on classics as well as imaginative new flavor combinations. Ninety recipes are organized by season, and include appetizers, sides, mains, and desserts. The Cheesemonger's Seasons is a go-to cookbook that will bring a bounty of fruits and vegetables to the... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 08:22:04 GMT
Homemade with Love: Simple Scratch Cooking from In Jennie's Kitchen (by Jennifer Perillo) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/homemade-with-love-simple-scratch-cooking-from-in-jennies-kitchen
Author(s): Jennifer Perillo
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Running Press
Publish date: 2013-03-26
ISBN-10: 0762447230
ISBN-13: 9780762447237
Language: English
Description: With its delectable recipes and charming girl-next-door tone, Homemade With Love is sure to be a welcome addition to the kitchens of longtime readers of the blog, In Jennie’s Kitchen. Jennifer Perillo has long written on the pleasures and importance of cooking from scratch, buying local, and eating at home. Jennie shares her love for her farmers’ markets and local purveyors while dishing out a hearty dose of practical culinary know-how for the working parent—or any busy cook. Jennie has been writing online since 2006, and developing recipes for more than 15 years, even after the sudden death of her young... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 08:12:02 GMT
Bbq & Campfire Recipe Book (Summersdale Cookery) (by Alastait Williams) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/bbq-and-campfire-recipe-book-summersdale-cookery
Author(s): Alastait Williams
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Summersdale
Publish date: 2002-06-30
ISBN-10: 1840242442
ISBN-13: 9781840242447
Language: English
Description: This volume contains a selection of recipes for barbecue and campfire food. The recipes range from old favourites to the more adventurous, and are accompanied by practical hints on cooking outdoors.
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 07:36:02 GMT
Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life (Young Palmetto Books) (by Patricia Moore-Pastides) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/greek-revival-from-the-garden-growing-and-cooking-for-life-young-palmetto-books
Author(s): Patricia Moore-Pastides
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic, Gardening > General, Juvenile Nonfiction > Cooking & Food, Children's Books > Cookbooks
Publisher: University of South Carolina Press
Publish date: 2013-06-24
ISBN-10: 1611171903
ISBN-13: 9781611171907
Language: English
Description: Patricia Moore-Pastides, author of Greek Revivial: Cooking for Life, heads to the garden in this new cookbook that makes a do-it-yourself healthful lifestyle possible, offering guidance on how to pursue healthy eating, starting from the ground up. Moore-Pastides, an accomplished cook and public-health professional, presents all new recipes focused on bringing the bounty of the garden to the table in easy and accessible ways. Targeting young adults but valuable for all novices, Greek Revival from the Garden focuses on the time-tested Mediterranean diet―recommended for great taste, good health, and long life―and on learning simple, delicious... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 07:32:05 GMT
Ice Cream Social: 100 Artisanal Recipes for Ice Cream, Sherbet, Granita, and Other Frozen Favorites (by Anthony Tassinello, Mary Jo Thoresen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/ice-cream-social-100-artisanal-recipes-for-ice-cream-sherbet-granita-and-other-frozen-favorites
Author(s): Anthony Tassinello, Mary Jo Thoresen
Categories: Cooking > Beverages
Publisher: Sonoma Press
Publish date: 2016-05-31
ISBN-10: 1943451303
ISBN-13: 9781943451302
Language: English
Description: “The next time you’re even thinking of going out for an ice cream cone, grab this book instead and take it into the kitchen because the best ice cream recipes imaginable are between these covers.” —JOANNE WEIR, James Beard Award-winning author Delightfully Simple Recipes To Sweeten Any Occasion Chez Panisse veterans Anthony Tassinello and Mary Jo Thoresen show you how easy it is to recreate the flavors and comfort of your local ice cream shop at home in this irresistible celebration of all things sweet and frozen. Focusing on simple yet creative flavor combinations, Ice Cream Social walks you... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 05:36:07 GMT
Bubbe and Me in the Kitchen: A Kosher Cookbook of Beloved Recipes and Modern Twists (by Miri Rotkovitz) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/bubbe-and-me-in-the-kitchen-a-kosher-cookbook-of-beloved-recipes-and-modern-twists
Author(s): Miri Rotkovitz
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic, Health & Fitness > Diets
Publisher: Sonoma Press
Publish date: 2016-08-02
ISBN-10: 9781943451
ISBN-13: 9781943451043
Language: English
Description: Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Living Now Book Awards Bronze Medal Winner, 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award Jerry Seinfeld's fictional dentist Tim Whatley famously converted to Judaism "for the jokes," but if there's one thing that defines Jewish culture as much as humor it's food. Miri Rotkovitz spent her childhood in the kitchen of her grandmother, Ruth Morrison Simon, whose commitment to international Jewish fare left a lasting impression. Bubbe and me in the Kitchen is a touching, humorous, versatile kosher cookbook, which celebrates the storied recipes that characterize and reinvent Jewish food culture. Offering... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 05:22:02 GMT
The Big Book of Organic Baby Food: Baby Purées, Finger Foods, and Toddler Meals For Every Stage (by Stephanie Middleberg MS RD CDN) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-big-book-of-organic-baby-food-baby-pur-es-finger-foods-and-toddler-meals-for-every-stage
Author(s): Stephanie Middleberg MS RD CDN
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Sonoma Press
Publish date: 2016-10-18
ISBN-10: 9781943451
ISBN-13: 9781943451524
Language: English
Description: “As a mom and RD, I've always taken the role of family chef very seriously. I wish this book was around when my kids were first sitting down to the table, ready to eat their first bites of real food.”―Joy Bauer, MS, RD, health and nutrition expert for NBC's TODAY show and best-selling author of From Junk Food to Joy Food Cooking nutritious meals for your growing family while catering to everyone’s favorite foods and appetites can be exhausting. By serving up recipes that satisfy the tastes of both kids and adults, this baby food cookbook promises parents that they’ll only have to make one meal for everyone to... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 05:12:07 GMT
Dutch Oven Obsession: A Cookbook for the Only Pot In Your Life (by Robin Donovan) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/dutch-oven-obsession-a-cookbook-for-the-only-pot-in-your-life
Author(s): Robin Donovan
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Sonoma Press
Publish date: 2016-10-18
ISBN-10: 9781943451
ISBN-13: 9781943451500
Language: English
Description: A Dutch oven in the kitchen is a telltale sign of any good home cook. But even the best home cook may not know just how much their beloved pot can actually do. Dutch Oven Obsession is the only Dutch oven cookbook with recipes diverse and creative enough to prove that this is only pot you need to prepare any dish you want. You love your Dutch oven. There’s no culinary quest that this powerful pot can’t accomplish. Over the years, Robin Donovan has pushed her Dutch oven to its max making everything from applesauce to zarzuela! As a food writer, recipe developer, and avid home cook, she remains impressed by how versatile... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 05:02:07 GMT
Home Fermentation: A Starter Guide (by Katherine Green) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/home-fermentation-a-starter-guide
Author(s): Katherine Green
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Sonoma Press
Publish date: 2015-10-21
ISBN-10: 1942411219
ISBN-13: 9781942411215
Language: English
Description: Your No-Fuss Beginner’s Guide to Preparing Fermented Foods Get the most from your meals with probiotic-packed fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and kefir. With Home Fermentation, you’ll prepare these popular ferments in your own kitchen―no fancy equipment or expensive ingredients required. Your practical primer to fermenting foods, Home Fermentation takes you step-by-step through the process of fermenting a wide variety of foods, from vegetables and fruits to dairy, condiments, and beverages. Discover how easy and fun fermentation can be, with: Detailed, step-by-step color illustrations... more...
Wed, 16 Jan 2019 04:56:03 GMT
Eating the Pacific Northwest: Rediscovering Regional American Flavors (by Darrin Nordahl) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/eating-the-pacific-northwest-rediscovering-regional-american-flavors
Author(s): Darrin Nordahl
Categories: Cooking > Essays
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Publish date: 2018-09-04
ISBN-10: 1613735286
ISBN-13: 9781613735282
Language: English
Description: From the brisk waters of Seattle to the earthy mushroom-studded forest surrounding Portland, author Darrin Nordahl takes us on a journey to expand our palates with the local flavors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. There are a multitude of indigenous fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and seafood waiting to be rediscovered in the luscious PNW. Eating the Pacific Northwest looks at the unique foods that are native to the region including salmon, truffles, and of course, geoduck, among others. Festivals featured include the Oregon Truffle Festival and Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival,... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 23:16:05 GMT
Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook: Taking Your Favorite Foods and Stuffing Them to Make New, Different and Delicious Meals (by Dan Whalen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/stuffed-the-ultimate-comfort-food-cookbook-taking-your-favorite-foods-and-stuffing-them-to-make-new-different-and-delicious-meals
Author(s): Dan Whalen
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publish date: 2014-01-14
ISBN-10: 1624140114
ISBN-13: 9781624140112
Language: English
Description: Take Your Favorite Comfort Foods to the Next Level with Extreme Stuffed Recipes Dan Whalen is a mad scientist of comfort food. Dan’s recipe takes a full-sized cheeseburger, stuffs it into a ravioli and calls it dinner. Another puts pineapple and bacon into jalapeno peppers to create a tasty, flavorful appetizer. With every recipe so fun and different, you’ll be able to make dishes that your family and friends have truly never seen before. Dan is the genius behind the popular blog, The Food in My Beard. His recipes have been viewed over 6 million times and his work has been featured in... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:06:04 GMT
The Herbalist's Kitchen: Cooking and Healing with Herbs (by Pat Crocker) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-herbalists-kitchen-cooking-and-healing-with-herbs
Author(s): Pat Crocker
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients
Publisher: Sterling Epicure
Publish date: 2018-06-19
ISBN-10: 9781454926
ISBN-13: 9781454926276
Language: English
Description: This is your ultimate herb cookbook . . . and more! Along with 200 recipes, this comprehensive guide profiles 40 herbs with culinary, medicinal, and beauty-enhancing benefits.   First and foremost, The Herbalist’s Kitchen is a cookbook, with 200 fresh and delicious, health-supportive recipes including an Asiago, Apple, and Sage Tart Tatin; Rosemary-Roasted Vegetable Spaghetti; Thyme and Pear Cake; Lemon Glazed Scallops with Citrus Salsa; and Elderberry Chicken Tagine. But it goes beyond food, with information and preparations for 40 herbs—from angelica, bergamot, calendula, and chamomile to lavender, tarragon,... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 09:46:02 GMT
Food on the Move: Dining on the Legendary Railway Journeys of the World (by Sharon Hudgins) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/food-on-the-move-dining-on-the-legendary-railway-journeys-of-the-world
Author(s): Sharon Hudgins
Categories: Cooking > General, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General), Travel > General
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 1789140072
ISBN-13: 9781789140071
Language: English
Description: All aboard for a delicious ride on nine legendary railway journeys! Meals associated with train travel have been an important ingredient of railway history for more than a century—from dinners in dining cars to lunches at station buffets and foods purchased from platform vendors. For many travelers, the experience of eating on a railway journey is often a highlight of the trip, a major part of the “romance of the rails.” A delight for rail enthusiasts, foodies, and armchair travelers alike, Food on the Move serves up the culinary history of these famous journeys on five continents, from the earliest days of rail... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 09:02:04 GMT
On Spice: Advice, Wisdom, and History with a Grain of Saltiness (by PenzeyMoog Caitlin) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/on-spice-advice-wisdom-and-history-with-a-grain-of-saltiness
Author(s): PenzeyMoog Caitlin
Categories: Cooking > History, Cooking > Reference, Cooking > Specific Ingredients, Reference > Encyclopedias
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 1510735259
ISBN-13: 9781510735255
Language: English
Description: A revealing look at the history and production of spices, with modern, no-nonsense advice on using them at home. Every home cook has thoughts on the right and wrong ways to use spices. These beliefs are passed down in family recipes and pronounced by television chefs, but where do such ideas come from? Many are little better than superstition, and most serve only to reinforce a cook’s sense of superiority or cover for their insecurities. It doesn’t have to be this way. These notes On Spice come from three generations of a family in the spice trade, and dozens upon dozens of their collected spice guides and stories. Inside, you’ll learn... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 08:52:06 GMT
Cali'flour Kitchen: 125 Gluten-Free Recipes for the Carbs You Crave (by Amy Lacey) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/califlour-kitchen-125-gluten-free-recipes-for-the-carbs-you-crave
Author(s): Amy Lacey
Categories: Cooking > Vegetarian, Health & Fitness > Diets, Cooking > Baking
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 1419735969
ISBN-13: 9781419735967
Language: English
Description: From the founder of Cali'Flour Foods comes a cookbook that offers guilt-free recipes for every carb craving! Welcome back pizza, pasta, cookies, and sandwiches with 125 recipes!  Cali’Flour Foods has helped millions transform splurge foods into superfoods. And now, their first cookbook, Cali’Flour Kitchen, offers recipes for the dishes you haven’t been able to enjoy for years—from French Onion Soup and Quiche Lorraine to pizza, cookies, enchiladas, and lasagna. Cali’Flour Kitchen is designed for people across the dietary spectrum, providing perfect, guilt-free recipes for every carb-heavy... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 08:52:02 GMT
The Quintessential Kale Cookbook: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Everyone's Favorite Superfood (by Julia Mueller) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-quintessential-kale-cookbook-simple-and-delicious-recipes-for-everyones-favorite-superfood
Author(s): Julia Mueller
Categories: Cooking > Vegetarian
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 1510738169
ISBN-13: 9781510738164
Language: English
Description: 75 delicious, nutrient-packed recipes to incorporate kale into every meal. Kale is considered one of the world’s most powerful superfoods for very good reasons. It’s packed with antioxidants, which help neutralize free radicals in the body, which, in turn, helps to prevent many kinds of cancer. Just one cup provides more than 100 percent of the daily value of vitamins A, C, and K, and it’s low calorie, high in fiber, and fat free. Furthermore, kale is high in iron and has a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which work as an anti-inflammatory and help fight arthritis, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. And to top all that off, author Julia... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 08:42:02 GMT
The Routledge History of Food (Routledge Histories) (by Carol Helstosky) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-routledge-history-of-food-routledge-histories
Author(s): Carol Helstosky
Categories: Cooking > General, History > World
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2014-10-14
ISBN-10: 0415628474
ISBN-13: 9780415628471
Language: English
Description: The history of food is one of the fastest growing areas of historical investigation, incorporating methods and theories from cultural, social, and women’s history while forging a unique perspective on the past. The Routledge History of Food takes a global approach to this topic, focusing on the period from 1500 to the present day. Arranged chronologically, this title contains 17 originally commissioned chapters by experts in food history or related topics. Each chapter focuses on a particular theme, idea or issue in the history of food. The case studies discussed in these essays illuminate the more general trends of the... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 08:02:04 GMT
Paleo Power Bowls: 100 Easy, Nutrient-Dense, Anti-Inflammatory Meals (by Julia Mueller) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/paleo-power-bowls-100-easy-nutrient-dense-anti-inflammatory-meals
Author(s): Julia Mueller
Categories: Cooking > General, Health & Fitness > Diets
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 151073578X
ISBN-13: 9781510735781
Language: English
Description: Eat your way to health with a packed, wholesome, customizable paleo bowl. Quick, healthful, and comfortingly delicious, the bowl food trend is the busy person’s answer to jump-starting the ultimate paleo lifestyle! Build your own bowl with unprocessed, anti-inflammatory whole foods and nourish your body with one hundred gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free bowl recipes for a hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A tremendous holistic resource, Paleo Power Bowls, filled with more than 100 gorgeous photos, is not only an essential guide to the paleo diet. It also promotes the concept of food as medicine and personalized... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 07:06:17 GMT
Fix-It and Forget-It Slow Cooker Freezer Meals: 150 Make-Ahead Dinners, Desserts, and More! (by Hope Comerford) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/fix-it-and-forget-it-slow-cooker-freezer-meals-150-make-ahead-dinners-desserts-and-more
Author(s): Hope Comerford
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Good Books
Publish date: 2019-01-15
ISBN-10: 1680993909
ISBN-13: 9781680993905
Language: English
Description: Make-ahead recipes you can freeze and then pop in your slow cooker for the easiest dinners ever. Imagine not having to think about what to make for dinner, not having to stop at the store for supplies, not even having to wake up extra early to prep everything for the slow cooker. . . . Doesn’t that sound nice? If you can set aside one afternoon a month to prep meals, this dream could be your reality. In this book you’ll find twelve recipes for every month, plus a handful of extras, complete with a shopping list to make your job even simpler. For twelve dinners every month, all you’ll have to do is grab the meal from the freezer, pour it in... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 07:06:13 GMT
Art Smith's Healthy Comfort: How America's Favorite Celebrity Chef Got it Together, Lost Weight, and Reclaimed His Health! (by Art Smith) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/art-smiths-healthy-comfort-how-americas-favorite-celebrity-chef-got-it-together-lost-weight-and-reclaimed-his-health
Author(s): Art Smith
Categories: Biography & Autobiography > General, Cooking > General
Publisher: HarperOne
Publish date: 2013-05-07
ISBN-10: 0062217771
ISBN-13: 9780062217776
Language: English
Description: Art Smith, the award-winning, personal chef to Oprah Winfrey, returns to the kitchen with Art Smith’s Healthy Comfort, a collection of 150 original, delicious recipes that will help you lose weight. Over 100 pounds overweight and facing a personal health crisis that included diagnoses for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, Smith started to exercise and made changes to his diet while continuing to prepare scrumptious meals. For the first time, he shares his weight-loss secrets and the recipes that helped him keep off the pounds. Filled with stunning full-color photos and easy-to-follow directions, Art... more...
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 05:06:01 GMT
Growing and Using Thyme: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-180 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, a-180) (by Michelle Gillett) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/growing-and-using-thyme-storeys-country-wisdom-bulletin-a-180-storey-country-wisdom-bulletin-a-180
Author(s): Michelle Gillett
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Publish date: 1998-01-04
ISBN-10: 1580170641
ISBN-13: 9781580170642
Language: English
Description: Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.
Sun, 13 Jan 2019 19:34:03 GMT
Growing & Using Chives: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-225 (by Juliette Rogers) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/growing-and-using-chives-storey-country-wisdom-bulletin-a-225
Author(s): Juliette Rogers
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients, Health & Fitness > General, Reference > General
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Publish date: 1999-01-12
ISBN-10: 1580172741
ISBN-13: 9781580172745
Language: English
Description: Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.
Sun, 13 Jan 2019 19:32:03 GMT