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Author(s): Karli Watson, Christian Nagel, Jacob Hammer Pedersen, Jon D. Reid, Morgan Skinner
Categories: Computers > Programming Languages, Reference > General
Publisher: Wrox
Publish date: 2010-04-05
ISBN-10: 0470502266
ISBN-13: 9780470502266
Language: English
Description: Update to Wrox's leading C# book for beginners Get ready for the next release of Microsoft's C# programming language with this essential Wrox beginner's guide. Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2010 starts with the basics and brings you thoroughly up to speed. You'll first cover the fundamentals such as variables, flow control, and object-oriented programming and gradually build your skills for Web and Windows programming, Windows forms, and data access. Step-by-step directions walk you through processes and invite you to "Try it Out," at every stage. By the end, you'll be able to write useful programming code following the steps... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 11:52:08 GMT
Computational Topology (by Herbert Edelsbrunner and John L. Harer) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/computational-topology
Author(s): Herbert Edelsbrunner and John L. Harer
Categories: Computers > Programming, Mathematics > General
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Publish date: 2009-12-08
ISBN-10: 0821849255
ISBN-13: 9780821849255
Language: English
Description: Combining concepts from topology and algorithms, this book delivers what its title promises: an introduction to the field of computational topology. Starting with motivating problems in both mathematics and computer science and building up from classic topics in geometric and algebraic topology, the third part of the text advances to persistent homology. This point of view is critically important in turning a mostly theoretical field of mathematics into one that is relevant to a multitude of disciplines in the sciences and engineering. The main approach is the discovery of topology through algorithms. The book is ideal for teaching a graduate or... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 11:12:05 GMT
Automatic Gain Control: Techniques and Architectures for RF Receivers (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) (by Juan Pablo Alegre Pérez, Santiago Celma Pueyo, Belén Calvo López) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/automatic-gain-control-techniques-and-architectures-for-rf-receivers-analog-circuits-and-signal-processing
Author(s): Juan Pablo Alegre Pérez, Santiago Celma Pueyo, Belén Calvo López
Categories: Computers > Programming, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2011-08-17
ISBN-10: 1461401666
ISBN-13: 9781461401667
Language: English
Description: This book analyzes automatic gain control (AGC) loop circuits and demonstrates AGC solutions in the environment of wireless receivers, mainly in wireless receivers with stringent constraints in settling-time and wide dynamic range, such as WLAN and Bluetooth receivers.  Since feedforward AGCs present great advantages in this context, as an alternative to conventional feedback AGCs, this book includes a detailed study of feedforward AGCs design –at the level of basic AGC cells, as well as the system level, including their main characteristics and performance.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 09:46:13 GMT
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computers and the Internet (by Michael Miller) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/absolute-beginners-guide-to-computers-and-the-internet
Author(s): Michael Miller
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Internet, Computers > Networking, Reference > General
Publisher: Que
Publish date: 2001-12-14
ISBN-10: 0789780127
ISBN-13: 9780789780126
Language: English
Description: When someone first gets a PC, they want to do something with it. They've heard all the great things that can be done with a computer, but they have no idea how to get started. They may want to write a letter, send an e-mail message, check out some Web sites, manage their finances, listen to music, or play games. This book identifies 75 tasks that readers would want to do with their computer, and shows them how to "Do It Now." Activities are grouped into categories such as communicating online, managing finances, buying and selling online, working with pictures, creating fun projects, playing and recording music, watching TV and movies, and dealing... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 09:46:02 GMT
Algorithms, Software and Hardware of Parallel Computers (by G. David, J. Miklosko, V. J. Kotov, J. Chudik, V. E. Kotov, N. N. Mirenkov, J. Ondas, I. Plander, V. A. Valkovskii) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/algorithms-software-and-hardware-of-parallel-computers
Author(s): G. David, J. Miklosko, V. J. Kotov, J. Chudik, V. E. Kotov, N. N. Mirenkov, J. Ondas, I. Plander, V. A. Valkovskii
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Hardware, Computers > Programming, Reference > General, Computers > Development
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2013-02-22
ISBN-10: 366211108X
ISBN-13: 9783662111086
Language: English
Description: Both algorithms and the software . and hardware of automatic computers have gone through a rapid development in the past 35 years. The dominant factor in this development was the advance in computer technology. Computer parameters were systematically improved through electron tubes, transistors and integrated circuits of ever-increasing integration density, which also influenced the development of new algorithms and programming methods. Some years ago the situation in computers development was that no additional enhancement of their performance could be achieved by increasing the speed of their logical elements, due to the physical barrier of the... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 09:44:07 GMT
Analytical Methods in Software Engineering Economics (by Thomas R. Gulledge, William P. Hutzler) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/analytical-methods-in-software-engineering-economics
Author(s): Thomas R. Gulledge, William P. Hutzler
Categories: Business & Economics > Information Management, Business & Economics > Operations Research, Computers > Networking, Reference > General, Computers > Development
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2011-12-16
ISBN-10: 364277797X
ISBN-13: 9783642777974
Language: English
Description: This volume presents a selection of the presentations from the first annual conference on Analytical Methods in Software Engineering Economics held at The MITRE Corporation in McLean, Virginia. The papers are representative of the issues that are of interest to researchers in the economics of information systems and software engineering economics. The 1990s are presenting software economists with a particularly difficult set of challenges. Because of budget considerations, the number of large new software development efforts is declining. The primary focus has shifted to issues relating to upgrading and migrating existing systems. In this... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 09:32:11 GMT
Office 2013 eLearning Kit For Dummies (by Faithe Wempen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/office-2013-elearning-kit-for-dummies
Author(s): Faithe Wempen
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Desktop Applications
Publisher: For Dummies
Publish date: 2014-02-10
ISBN-10: 1118490320
ISBN-13: 9781118490327
Language: English
Description: Unlock your new Office with this one-of-a-kind learning package! Whether you're meeting Office 2013 for the first time or upgrading your knowledge from an earlier version, this value-packed eLearning kit makes it easy to learn 2013 at your own pace. This complete learning package includes a full-color printed book and an access code for one year of online self-paced training. You'll learn the basics of the Office interface, how to navigate it, and how to use the features common to all Office programs. Then you'll get detailed instructions for working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Follow the material... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 09:32:05 GMT
The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics (Popular Science) (by Martin Gardner, Roger Penrose) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-emperors-new-mind-concerning-computers-minds-and-the-laws-of-physics-popular-science
Author(s): Martin Gardner, Roger Penrose
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Health & Fitness > General, Reference > General, Science > Physics
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publish date: 2002-12-12
ISBN-10: 0192861980
ISBN-13: 9780192861986
Language: English
Description: No description available
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 08:06:02 GMT
Hudson 3 Essentials (by Lloyd H. Meinholz) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/hudson-3-essentials
Author(s): Lloyd H. Meinholz
Categories: Computers > Programming, Reference > General, Computers > Development, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-12-11
ISBN-10: 1783280557
ISBN-13: 9781783280551
Language: English
Description: Get Hudson 3 up and running on your system quickly and easily Overview A practical guide that will teach you how to deploy Hudson 3 on an open source application server Run Hudson 3 in standalone mode for testing and evaluation Learn how to build, test, and deploy your applications with Hudson In Detail Continuous integration (CI) with automated test execution has been widely adopted in recent years. The concept behind CI has changed how companies look at Build Management, Release Management, Deployment Automation, and Test Orchestration. Hudson is a CI solution that provides executives, business... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 08:03:27 GMT
Learning Software Testing with Test Studio (by Rawane Madi) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/learning-software-testing-with-test-studio
Author(s): Rawane Madi
Categories: Computers > Programming, Reference > General, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-09-24
ISBN-10: 1849688907
ISBN-13: 9781849688901
Language: English
Description: Embark on the exciting journey of test automation, execution, and reporting in Test Studio with this practical tutorial Overview Learn to use Test Studio to design and automate tests valued with their functionality and maintainability Run manual and automated test suites and view reports on them Filled with practical examples, snapshots and Test Studio hints to automate and substitute throwaway tests with long term frameworks In Detail Test Studio is Telerik's QA solution for automating your manual testing. With Test Studio's standalone edition or Visual Studio plugin, you can rule out the possibility of... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 08:02:32 GMT
Mastering openFrameworks: Creative Coding Demystified (by Denis Perevalov) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/mastering-openframeworks-creative-coding-demystified
Author(s): Denis Perevalov
Categories: Computers > Programming, Reference > General
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-09-23
ISBN-10: 1849518041
ISBN-13: 9781849518048
Language: English
Description: A practical guide to creating audiovisual interactive projects with low-level data processing using openFrameworks Create cutting edge audio-visual interactive projects, interactive installations, and sound art projects with ease Unleash the power of low-level data processing methods using C++ and shaders Make use of the next generation technologies and techniques in your projects involving OpenCV, Microsoft Kinect, and so on In Detail openFrameworks is a powerful programming toolkit and library designed to assist the creative process through simplicity and intuitiveness. It's a very handy software library... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 08:01:36 GMT
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management (by Ian Grieve) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/microsoft-dynamics-gp-2013-financial-management
Author(s): Ian Grieve
Categories: Computers > Development
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-09-06
ISBN-10: 1782171304
ISBN-13: 9781782171300
Language: English
Description: Unleash the power of financial management with tips, techniques, and solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Overview Discover how to improve financial management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Learn the key financial management modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Improve your abilities with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to gain a better understanding and control of your business In Detail Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is a mature accounting software, ERP application, which is aimed at making life easier for financial professionals. This book is to assist readers in improving their use of Microsoft Dynamics... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 08:00:51 GMT
Liferay 6.2 User Interface Development (by Jonas X. Yuan, Xinsheng Chen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/liferay-6-2-user-interface-development
Author(s): Jonas X. Yuan, Xinsheng Chen
Categories: Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Networking, Computers > Programming, Reference > General
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-11-25
ISBN-10: 1782162348
ISBN-13: 9781782162346
Language: English
Description: A comprehensive guide to user interface development with Liferay Portal Overview Create eye-catching themes, develop responsive layouts, and write portlets with various technologies that ensure efficiency and performance Showcase the latest features in the user interface of Liferay 6.2 and provide solutions to real problems on recent projects Implement Alloy User Interface to achieve the best page appearance and generate reports This comprehensive guide is packed with screenshots for illustration and a lot of code examples that are ready to run In Detail Liferay employs a specialized theming system... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:59:39 GMT
Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming (by Vangos Pterneas) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/getting-started-with-html5-websocket-programming
Author(s): Vangos Pterneas
Categories: Computers > Networking, Computers > Programming, Reference > General, Computers > Development
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-08-26
ISBN-10: 1782166963
ISBN-13: 9781782166962
Language: English
Description: Develop and deploy your first secure and scalable real-time web application Overview Start real-time communication in your web applications Create a feature-rich WebSocket chat application Learn the step-by-step configuration of the server and clients In Detail WebSockets are capable of bi-directional, full-duplex communication over a persistent TCP connection They provide many benefits compared to the alternatives (for example, long-polling or Comet), such as lower overhead, persistent connections, and low latency. In short, it is the most technically challenging HTML5 feature to implement, but for... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:58:47 GMT
Getting Started with PhantomJS (by Aries Beltran) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/getting-started-with-phantomjs
Author(s): Aries Beltran
Categories: Computers > Networking, Computers > Programming, Reference > General
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-11-25
ISBN-10: 1782164227
ISBN-13: 9781782164227
Language: English
Description: Harness the strength and capabilities of PhantomJS to interact with the web and perform website testing with a headless browser based on WebKit Overview Writing scripts that can interact directly with web services and pages Interacting with social media websites using PhantomJS scripts Creating web-based test scripts and running them in a headless browser In Detail PhantomJS is a headless WebKit browser with JavaScript API that allows you to create new ways to automate web testing. PhantomJS is currently being used by a large number of users to help them integrate headless web testing into their... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:58:01 GMT
HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook (by Gorgi Kosev, Mite Mitreski) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/html5-data-and-services-cookbook
Author(s): Gorgi Kosev, Mite Mitreski
Categories: Computers > Programming, Reference > General, Computers > Web Development
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publish date: 2013-09-03
ISBN-10: 1783559284
ISBN-13: 9781783559282
Language: English
Description: Over one hundred website building recipes utilizing all the modern HTML5 features and techniques! Overview Learn to effectively display lists and tables, draw charts, animate elements and use modern techniques such as templates and data-binding frameworks through simple and short examples. Examples utilizing modern HTML5 features such as rich text editing, file manipulation, graphics drawing capabilities, real time communication. Explore the full power of HTML5 - from number rounding to advanced graphics to real-time data binding - we have it covered. In Detail HTML5 is everywhere. From PCs to tablets to... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:57:23 GMT
Professional Clojure (by Jeremy Anderson, Nick Bailey, Michael Gaare, Justin Holguín, Timothy Pratley) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/professional-clojure
Author(s): Jeremy Anderson, Nick Bailey, Michael Gaare, Justin Holguín, Timothy Pratley
Categories: Computers > Programming Languages
Publisher: Wrox
Publish date: 2016-06-07
ISBN-10: 1119267277
ISBN-13: 9781119267270
Language: English
Description: Clear, practical Clojure for the professional programmer Professional Clojure is the experienced developer's guide to functional programming using the Clojure language. Designed specifically to meet the needs of professional developers, this book briefly introduces functional programming before skipping directly to the heart of using Clojure in a real-world setting. The discussion details the read—eval—print workflow that enables fast feedback loops, then dives into enterprise-level Clojure development with expert guidance on web services, testing, datomics, performance, and more. Read from beginning to end, this book... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:56:47 GMT
Getting Started with XenDesktop 7.x (by Craig Thomas Ellrod) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/getting-started-with-xendesktop-7-x
Author(s): Craig Thomas Ellrod
Categories: Computers > Operating Systems, Computers > Software
Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account
Publish date: 2014-05-21
ISBN-10: 1849689768
ISBN-13: 9781849689762
Language: English
Description: Deliver desktops and applications to your end users, anywhere, anytime, with XenDesktop®7.x Overview Build a complete and secure XenDesktop 7 site from the ground up. Discover how to virtualize and deliver accessible desktops and applications to your end users. Full of clear, step-by-step instructions with screenshots, which will walk you through the entire process of XenDesktop site creation. In Detail Citrix® is an established name in today's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era by virtue of their desktop and application virtualization platforms, with the capability to assign applications and contents... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:56:18 GMT
Getting Started with VMware Virtual SAN (by Cedric Rajendran) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/getting-started-with-vmware-virtual-san
Author(s): Cedric Rajendran
Categories: Computers > Operating Systems
Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account
Publish date: 2015-05-29
ISBN-10: 1784399256
ISBN-13: 9781784399252
Language: English
Description: Build optimal, high-performance, and resilient software-defined storage on VSAN for your vSphere infrastructure About This Book Effectively understand the fundamental concepts and features of Virtual SAN Implement and administer your VMware VSAN efficiently Ensure stability and data reliability and meet service-level agreements for each virtual machine and application Who This Book Is For This book is intended for server administrators and storage administrators who would like to successfully build and scale a VSAN-backed vSphere infrastructure. A basic understanding of vSphere concepts and storage... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:55:50 GMT
A+ Guide to Hardware (with Printed Access Card) (by Jean Andrews) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/a-guide-to-hardware-with-printed-access-card
Author(s): Jean Andrews
Categories: Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Hardware
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publish date: 2013-01-01
ISBN-10: 1133135129
ISBN-13: 9781133135128
Language: English
Description: This step-by-step, highly visual text provides you with a comprehensive introduction to managing and maintaining computer hardware. Written by best-selling author and educator Jean Andrews, A+ GUIDE TO HARDWARE, Sixth Edition closely integrates the CompTIA A+ Exam objectives to prepare you for the hardware portions of the 220-801 and 220-802 certification exams. The new Sixth Edition also features extensive updates to reflect current technology, techniques, and industry standards in the dynamic, fast-paced field of PC repair. Each chapter covers both core concepts and advanced topics, organizing material to facilitate practical application and... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:36:14 GMT
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition) (by Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/artificial-intelligence-a-modern-approach-3rd-edition
Author(s): Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Reference > General
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publish date: 2009-12-11
ISBN-10: 0136042597
ISBN-13: 9780136042594
Language: English
Description: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3e offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence. Number one in its field, this textbook is ideal for one or two-semester, undergraduate or graduate-level courses in Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Peter Norvig, contributing Artificial Intelligence author and Professor Sebastian Thrun, a Pearson author are offering a free online course at Stanford University on artificial intelligence. According to an article in The New York Times, the course on artificial intelligence is “one of three being offered... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:26:11 GMT
Exam Ref 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure (by Steve Suehring) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/exam-ref-70-413-designing-and-implementing-a-server-infrastructure
Author(s): Steve Suehring
Categories: Computers > Certification Guides, Computers > Operating Systems, Reference > General
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publish date: 2012-11-29
ISBN-10: 0735673675
ISBN-13: 9780735673670
Language: English
Description: Prepare for Exam 70-413—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of enterprise server design and implementation. Designed for experienced, MCSA-certified professionals ready to advance their status—Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the MCSE level. Optimize your exam-prep by focusing on the expertise needed to: Plan and Deploy a Server Infrastructure Design and Implement Network Infrastructure Services Design and Implement Network Access Services Design and Implement an Active Directory Infrastructure... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:26:05 GMT
Objective-C Phrasebook (2nd Edition) (Developer's Library) (by David Chisnall) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/objective-c-phrasebook-2nd-edition-developers-library
Author(s): David Chisnall
Categories: Computers > Programming, Computers > Programming Languages, Reference > General, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publish date: 2011-10-21
ISBN-10: 0321813758
ISBN-13: 9780321813756
Language: English
Description: Objective-C Phrasebook, Second Edition Updated for ARC, OS X 10.7, and iOS 5    Objective-C Phrasebook gives you the code phrases you need to quickly and effectively complete your programming projects with Objective-C.   The second edition of Objective-C Phrasebook has been updated for the new version of Objective-C supported by Apple’s LLVM compiler 3.0 on OS X 10.7 and iOS 5, and includes new coverage of ARC and other Objective-C features introduced with recent versions of Xcode.   Concise and Accessible Easy to carry and easy to use–lets you ditch all those bulky books for one portable pocket guide Flexible and Functional... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 06:32:03 GMT
Elliptic Curves in Cryptography (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) (by I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/elliptic-curves-in-cryptography-london-mathematical-society-lecture-note-series
Author(s): I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Cryptography, Mathematics > Geometry, Medical > General
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publish date: 1999-08-13
ISBN-10: 0521653746
ISBN-13: 9780521653749
Language: English
Description: In the past few years elliptic curve cryptography has moved from a fringe activity to a major system in the commercial world. This timely work summarizes knowledge gathered at Hewlett-Packard over a number of years and explains the mathematics behind practical implementations of elliptic curve systems. Since the mathematics is advanced, a high barrier to entry exists for individuals and companies new to this technology. Hence, this book will be invaluable not only to mathematicians but also to engineers and computer scientists who want to actually implement such systems.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 05:46:07 GMT
Integrated Methods for Optimization (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) (by John N. Hooker) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/integrated-methods-for-optimization-international-series-in-operations-research-and-management-science
Author(s): John N. Hooker
Categories: Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Management Science, Business & Economics > Operations Research, Computers > Computer Science, Mathematics > Probability & Statistics
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2006-11-03
ISBN-10: 0387382720
ISBN-13: 9780387382722
Language: English
Description: This book integrates the key concepts of mathematical programming (MP) and constraint programming (CP) into a unified framework that allows them to be generalized and combined. The unification of MP and CP creates optimization methods that have much greater modeling power, increased computational speed, and a sizeable reduction computational coding. This integration along with constraint programming being incorporated into a number of programming languages, brings the field a step closer to being able to simply state a problem and having the computer solve it.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 05:36:02 GMT
Creating a Presentation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickProject Guide (by Tom Negrino) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/creating-a-presentation-in-microsoft-office-powerpoint-2007-for-windows-visual-quickproject-guide
Author(s): Tom Negrino
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Desktop Applications
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publish date: 2007-03-03
ISBN-10: 0321492374
ISBN-13: 9780321492371
Language: English
Description: If you want to make a great presentation fast but don’t want to get bogged down in the details, then you need a Visual QuickProject Guide! You don’t need to know every feature—you just want to know how to get your project done. Full-color illustration s show you how to perform each step of your project from start to finish. Low priced—why pay for more than you need? Microsoft PowerPoint is nearly ubiquitous in today's world--from business to schools to clubs to organizations, PowerPoint presentations are everywhere you turn. To learn to create the best-looking presentations--the ones that stand out in terms of content and visual... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 05:32:05 GMT
Bioinformatics: Genes, Proteins and Computers (Advanced Texts) (by David Jones, Christine Orengo, Janet Thornton) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/bioinformatics-genes-proteins-and-computers-advanced-texts
Author(s): David Jones, Christine Orengo, Janet Thornton
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Medical > Biochemistry, Medical > Microbiology, Science > Biology
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publish date: 2003-07-29
ISBN-10: 1859960545
ISBN-13: 9781859960547
Language: English
Description: Bioinformatics, the use of computers to address biological questions, has become an essential tool in biological research. It is one of the critical keys needed to unlock the information encoded in the flood of data generated by genome, protein structure, transcriptome and proteome research. Bioinformatics: Genes, Proteins & Computers covers both the more traditional approaches to bioinformatics, including gene and protein sequence analysis and structure prediction, and more recent technologies such as datamining of transcriptomic and proteomic data to provide insights on cellular mechanisms and the causes of disease.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 05:26:02 GMT
Teach Yourself Visually Microsoft Office Access 2007 (by Faithe Wempen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/teach-yourself-visually-microsoft-office-access-2007
Author(s): Faithe Wempen
Categories: Computers > Database Management
Publisher: Visual
Publish date: 2007-01-10
ISBN-10: 0470045914
ISBN-13: 9780470045916
Language: English
Description: Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer instructions that show you how to do something - and skip the long-winded explanations? If so, then this book is for you. Open it up, and you will find clear, step-by-step screen shots that show you how to tackle more than 170 Access 2007 tasks. Each task-based spread includes easy, visual directions for performing necessary operations, including * Navigating the new interface * Using templates to create databases * Entering and editing data * Working with tables and fields * Creating simple or summary queries * Linking to Excel(r) worksheets * Helpful sidebars offer practical tips and tricks * Full-color... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 05:22:14 GMT
Logics of Specification Languages (Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series) (by Dines Bjorner, Martin C. Henson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/logics-of-specification-languages-monographs-in-theoretical-computer-science-an-eatcs-series
Author(s): Dines Bjorner, Martin C. Henson
Categories: Computers > Operating Systems, Computers > Programming, Mathematics > General, Reference > General, Computers > Development
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2007-12-20
ISBN-10: 3540741062
ISBN-13: 9783540741060
Language: English
Description: This book presents comprehensive studies on nine specification languages and their logics of reasoning. The editors and authors are authorities on these specification languages and their application. In a unique feature, the book closes with short commentaries on the specification languages written by researchers closely associated with their original development. The book contains extensive references and pointers to future developments.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 04:52:07 GMT
The Complexity Theory Companion (by Mitsunori Ogihara, Lane Hemaspaandra) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-complexity-theory-companion
Author(s): Mitsunori Ogihara, Lane Hemaspaandra
Categories: Computers > Information Theory, Computers > Programming, Computers > Programming Languages, Mathematics > General, Science > System Theory
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2001-12-01
ISBN-10: 3540674195
ISBN-13: 9783540674191
Language: English
Description: Here is an accessible, algorithmically oriented guide to some of the most interesting techniques of complexity theory. The book shows that simple algorithms are at the heart of complexity theory. The book is organized by technique rather than by topic. Each chapter focuses on one technique: what it is, and what results and applications it yields.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 04:52:02 GMT
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (with Student Solutions Manual CD-ROM) (by Gary Haggard, John Schlipf, Sue Whitesides) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/discrete-mathematics-for-computer-science-with-student-solutions-manual-cd-rom
Author(s): Gary Haggard, John Schlipf, Sue Whitesides
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Mathematics > Calculus, Reference > General
Publisher: Brooks Cole
Publish date: 2005-02-01
ISBN-10: 053449501X
ISBN-13: 9780534495015
Language: English
Description: An increasing number of computer scientists from diverse areas are using discrete mathematical structures to explain concepts and problems. Based on their teaching experiences, the authors offer an accessible text that emphasizes the fundamentals of discrete mathematics and its advanced topics. This text shows how to express precise ideas in clear mathematical language. Students discover the importance of discrete mathematics in describing computer science structures and problem solving. They also learn how mastering discrete mathematics will help them develop important reasoning skills that will continue to be useful throughout their careers.
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 04:26:02 GMT
Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink: The Impact of Pen and Touch Technology on Education (Human–Computer Interaction Series) (by Tracy Hammond, Stephanie Valentine, Aaron Adler) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/revolutionizing-education-with-digital-ink-the-impact-of-pen-and-touch-technology-on-education-human-computer-interaction-series
Author(s): Tracy Hammond, Stephanie Valentine, Aaron Adler
Categories: Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Computer Science, Education > General, Computers > Software
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-05-20
ISBN-10: 3319311913
ISBN-13: 9783319311913
Language: English
Description: Derived from contributions to the Workshop on Pen and Touch Technology on Education (WIPTTE) in 2015, this edited volume highlights recent developments for pen and tablet research within the education system with a particular focus on hardware and software developments, comprising the perspectives of teachers, school and university administrators, and researchers for educators at every level. Split into six distinct parts, the book explores topics like how classrooms are increasingly using sketch-based videos, created by teachers and students alike, and how the teaching of key skills such as literacy, languages, math, and... more...
Mon, 25 Mar 2019 03:26:02 GMT
AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD)) (by Steve Rabin) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/ai-game-programming-wisdom-4-ai-game-programming-wisdom-w-cd
Author(s): Steve Rabin
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Programming, Computers > Programming Languages, Games > Video & Electronic
Publisher: Charles River Media
Publish date: 2008-02-20
ISBN-10: 1584505230
ISBN-13: 9781584505235
Language: English
Description: Welcome to the latest volume of AI Game Programming Wisdom! AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 includes a collection of more than 50 new articles featuring cutting-edge techniques, algorithms, and architectures written by industry professionals for use in commercial game development. Organized into 7 sections, this comprehensive volume explores every important aspect of AI programming to help you develop and expand your own personal AI toolbox. You'll find ready-to-use ideas, algorithms, and code in all key AI areas including general wisdom, scripting and dialogue, movement and pathfinding, architecture, tactics and planning, genre specific, and learning... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 21:56:02 GMT
Robust Industrial Control Systems: Optimal Design Approach for Polynomial Systems (by Michael J. Grimble) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/robust-industrial-control-systems-optimal-design-approach-for-polynomial-systems
Author(s): Michael J. Grimble
Categories: Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Microprocessors, Mathematics > General, Science > History, Science > System Theory
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2006-05-26
ISBN-10: 0470020733
ISBN-13: 9780470020739
Language: English
Description: Robust Industrial Control Systems: Optimal Design Approach for Polynomial Systems presents a comprehensive introduction to the use of frequency domain and polynomial system design techniques for a range of industrial control and signal processing applications. The solution of stochastic and robust optimal control problems is considered, building up from single-input problems and gradually developing the results for multivariable design of the later chapters. In addition to cataloguing many of the results in polynomial systems needed to calculate industrial controllers and filters, basic design procedures are also introduced which enable cost... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 21:36:02 GMT
Marketing Metrics: The Manager's Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (3rd Edition) (by Paul Farris, Neil Bendle, Phillip Pfeifer, David Reibstein) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/marketing-metrics-the-managers-guide-to-measuring-marketing-performance-3rd-edition
Author(s): Paul Farris, Neil Bendle, Phillip Pfeifer, David Reibstein
Categories: Business & Economics > Marketing, Computers > Development, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Pearson FT Press
Publish date: 2015-09-06
ISBN-10: 0134085965
ISBN-13: 9780134085968
Language: English
Description: Today’s Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics Choosing Them, Implementing Them, Applying Them New quantitative formulas, applications, and analytical techniques Best practices for measuring promos, ads, distribution, perception, market share, pricing, margins, portfolios, channels, dashboards, and more All-new chapter on leveraging today’s rich online, email, and mobile metrics Expert guidance for clarifying what to measure, and testing reliability and validity Now extensively updated, this award-winning book will... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 20:12:05 GMT
Handbook of Analytic Philosophy of Medicine (Philosophy and Medicine) (by Kazem Sadegh-Zadeh) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/handbook-of-analytic-philosophy-of-medicine-philosophy-and-medicine
Author(s): Kazem Sadegh-Zadeh
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Medical > Ethics
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2011-09-27
ISBN-10: 9400722591
ISBN-13: 9789400722590
Language: English
Description:   Medical practice is practiced morality, and clinical research belongs to normative ethics. The present book elucidates and advances this thesis by: 1. analyzing the structure of medical language, knowledge, and theories; 2. inquiring into the foundations of the clinical encounter; 3. introducing the logic and methodology of clinical decision-making; 4. suggesting comprehensive theories of organism, life, and psyche; of health, illness, and disease; of etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and therapy; and 5. investigating the moral and metaphysical issues central to medical practice and research.
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 19:32:02 GMT
Computational Proximity: Excursions in the Topology of Digital Images (Intelligent Systems Reference Library) (by James F. Peters) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/computational-proximity-excursions-in-the-topology-of-digital-images-intelligent-systems-reference-library
Author(s): James F. Peters
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-04-20
ISBN-10: 3319302604
ISBN-13: 9783319302607
Language: English
Description: This book introduces computational proximity (CP) as an algorithmic approach to finding nonempty sets of points that are either close to each other or far apart. Typically in computational proximity, the book starts with some form of proximity space (topological space equipped with a proximity relation) that has an inherent geometry. In CP, two types of near sets are considered, namely, spatially near sets and descriptivelynear sets. It is shown that connectedness, boundedness, mesh nerves, convexity, shapes and shape theory are principal topics in the study of nearness and separation of... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 17:26:07 GMT
Internet Newspapers: The Making of a Mainstream Medium (by Xigen Li) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/internet-newspapers-the-making-of-a-mainstream-medium
Author(s): Xigen Li
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Humor > General, Language Arts & Disciplines > Journalism, Social Science > Media Studies, Computers > Web Development
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2006-04-25
ISBN-10: 0805854169
ISBN-13: 9780805854169
Language: English
Description: Internet Newspapers: The Making of a Mainstream Medium examines newspapers on the Internet, and addresses the emergence of online newspapers and the delivery of news through this outlet. Utilizing empirical research, chapters explore the theoretical and practical issues associated with Internet newspapers and examine the process through which online newspapers have grown into a mainstream medium. Contributions to this work emphasize three key areas: the structure and presentation of newspapers on the Internet; the medium as an interactive process; and the ways in which the public interacts with Internet newspapers. This collection makes a... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 16:02:05 GMT
Joomla!: Visual QuickStart Guide (2nd Edition) (by Marni Derr, Tanya Symes) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/joomla-visual-quickstart-guide-2nd-edition
Author(s): Marni Derr, Tanya Symes
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Web Design
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publish date: 2011-06-24
ISBN-10: 0321772989
ISBN-13: 9780321772985
Language: English
Description: Building on the first edition of Joomla!: Visual QuickStart Guide, this task-based guide is the perfect tool for those just starting with Joomla, as well as, seasoned professionals who want to know how to use the latest version of the software to its fullest. It shows how to create, customize, and maintain a dynamic Joomla 1.6 website starting with fundamental concepts for using Joomla and then walks the user through every function of the system. It details the requirements for operating a secure and efficient Joomla website, including server configuration and website planning. The reader learns not only the functions of Joomla, such as adding... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 15:32:08 GMT
Human Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications, Third Edition (Human Factors and Ergonomics) (by Julie A. Jacko) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/human-computer-interaction-handbook-fundamentals-evolving-technologies-and-emerging-applications-third-edition-human-factors-and-ergonomics
Author(s): Julie A. Jacko
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Technology & Engineering > General, Computers > Web Design
Publisher: CRC Press
Publish date: 2012-05-04
ISBN-10: 1439829438
ISBN-13: 9781439829431
Language: English
Description: Winner of a 2013 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award   The third edition of a groundbreaking reference, The Human–Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications raises the bar for handbooks in this field. It is the largest, most complete compilation of HCI theories, principles, advances, case studies, and more that exist within a single volume. The book captures the current and emerging sub-disciplines within HCI related to research, development, and practice that continue to advance at an astonishing rate. It features cutting-edge advances to the scientific... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 15:31:03 GMT
Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica 3.3: A Cyber-Physical Approach (by Peter Fritzson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/principles-of-object-oriented-modeling-and-simulation-with-modelica-3-3-a-cyber-physical-approach
Author(s): Peter Fritzson
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Programming, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Publish date: 2014-11-24
ISBN-10: 111885912X
ISBN-13: 9781118859124
Language: English
Description: Fritzson covers the Modelica language in impressive depth from the basic concepts such as cyber-physical, equation-base, object-oriented, system, model, and simulation, while also incorporating over a hundred exercises and their solutions for a tutorial, easy-to-read experience. The only book with complete Modelica 3.3 coverage Over one hundred exercises and solutions Examines basic concepts such as cyber-physical, equation-based, object-oriented, system, model, and simulation
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 15:30:17 GMT
Robotics Research: The 16th International Symposium ISRR (Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics) (by Peter Corke, Masayuki Inaba) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/robotics-research-the-16th-international-symposium-isrr-springer-tracts-in-advanced-robotics
Author(s): Peter Corke, Masayuki Inaba
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-04-23
ISBN-10: 3319288709
ISBN-13: 9783319288703
Language: English
Description: This volume presents a collection of papers presented at the 16th International Symposium of Robotic Research (ISRR). ISRR is the biennial meeting of the International Foundation of Robotic Research (IFRR) and its 16th edition took place in Singapore over the period 16th to 19th December 2013. The ISRR is the longest running series of robotics research meetings and dates back to the very earliest days of robotics as a research discipline. This 16th ISRR meeting was held in the 30th anniversary year of the very first meeting which took place in Bretton Woods (New Hampshire, USA) in August 1983., and represents thirty years at... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 12:42:11 GMT
Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks (SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering) (by Lin Zhang, Kan Zheng, Wei Xiang, Wenbo Wang) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/heterogeneous-vehicular-networks-springerbriefs-in-electrical-and-computer-engineering
Author(s): Lin Zhang, Kan Zheng, Wei Xiang, Wenbo Wang
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Hardware
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-03-19
ISBN-10: 3319256203
ISBN-13: 9783319256207
Language: English
Description: This brief examines recent developments in the Heterogeneous Vehicular NETworks (HETVNETs), integrating cellular networks with Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) for meeting the communications requirements of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS)services. Along with a review of recent literature, a unified framework of the HetVNET is presented. The brief focuses on introducing efficient MAC mechanisms for vehicular communications, including channel access protocols, broadcast/multicast protocols, the location-based channel congestion control scheme and the content-based resource allocation scheme. The... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 12:22:05 GMT
The Vienna LTE-Advanced Simulators: Up and Downlink, Link and System Level Simulation (Signals and Communication Technology) (by Markus Rupp, Stefan Schwarz, Martin Taranetz) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-vienna-lte-advanced-simulators-up-and-downlink-link-and-system-level-simulation-signals-and-communication-technology
Author(s): Markus Rupp, Stefan Schwarz, Martin Taranetz
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Mathematics > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-03-23
ISBN-10: 9811006164
ISBN-13: 9789811006166
Language: English
Description: This book introduces the Vienna Simulator Suite for 3rd-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)-compatible Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) simulators and presents applications to demonstrate their uses for describing, designing, and optimizing wireless cellular LTE-A networks. Part One addresses LTE and LTE-A link level techniques. As there has been high demand for the downlink (DL) simulator, it constitutes the central focus of the majority of the chapters. This part of the book reports on relevant highlights, including single-user (SU), multi-user (MU) and single-input-single-output (SISO) as well as... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 12:12:05 GMT
Entanglement, Information, and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (The Frontiers Collection) (by Gregg Jaeger) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/entanglement-information-and-the-interpretation-of-quantum-mechanics-the-frontiers-collection
Author(s): Gregg Jaeger
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Science > History, Science > Physics, Science > Quantum Theory
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2009-10-01
ISBN-10: 3540921273
ISBN-13: 9783540921271
Language: English
Description: This book explores the nature of quantum entanglement and quantum information and their role in the quantum world. Their relations to a number of key experiments and thought experiments in the history of quantum physics are considered, as is a range of interpretations of quantum mechanics that have been put forward as a means of understanding the fundamental nature of microphysics - the traditionally accepted domain of quantum mechanics - and in some cases, the universe as a whole. In this way, the book reveals the deep significance of entanglement and quantum information for our understanding of the physical world.
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 12:12:02 GMT
Training Kit (Exam 70-461): Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (by Itzik Ben-Gan, Dejan Sarka, Ron Talmage) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/training-kit-exam-70-461-querying-microsoft-sql-server-2012
Author(s): Itzik Ben-Gan, Dejan Sarka, Ron Talmage
Categories: Computers > Database Management, Computers > Operating Systems, Computers > Programming, Reference > General, Computers > Development
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publish date: 2012-12-10
ISBN-10: 0735666059
ISBN-13: 9780735666054
Language: English
Description: Ace your preparation for Microsoft® Certification Exam 70-461 with this 2-in-1 Training Kit from Microsoft Press®. Work at your own pace through a series of lessons and practical exercises, and then assess your skills with practice tests on CD—featuring multiple, customizable testing options. Maximize your performance on the exam by learning how to: Create database objects Work with data Modify data Troubleshoot and optimize queries You also get an exam discount voucher—making this book an exceptional value and a great career investment.
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 12:06:02 GMT
New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics X: Contributions to the 19th STAB/DGLR Symposium Munich, Germany, 2014 (Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design) (by Andreas Dillmann, Gerd Heller, Claus Wagner, Ewald Krämer, Christian Breitsamter) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/new-results-in-numerical-and-experimental-fluid-mechanics-x-contributions-to-the-19th-stab-dglr-symposium-munich-germany-2014-notes-on-numerical
Author(s): Andreas Dillmann, Gerd Heller, Claus Wagner, Ewald Krämer, Christian Breitsamter
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Science > Astronomy, Science > Mathematical Physics, Technology & Engineering > Aeronautics & Astronautics, Technology & Engineering > Civil
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-04-15
ISBN-10: 3319272780
ISBN-13: 9783319272788
Language: English
Description: This book presents contributions to the 19th biannual symposium of the German Aerospace Aerodynamics Association (STAB) and the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (DGLR). The individual chapters reflect ongoing research conducted by the STAB members in the field of numerical and experimental fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, mainly for (but not limited to) aerospace applications, and cover both nationally and EC-funded projects. Special emphasis is given to collaborative research projects conducted by German scientists and engineers from universities, research-establishments and industries. By addressing a number... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 11:36:05 GMT
Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business: 6th International Conference, TrustBus 2009, Linz, Austria, September 3-4, 2009, Proceedings (Lecture ... Computer Science / Security and Cryptology) (by Günther Pernul, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Costas Lambrinoudakis) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/trust-privacy-and-security-in-digital-business-6th-international-conference-trustbus-2009-linz-austria-september-3-4-2009-proceedings-lecture
Author(s): Günther Pernul, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Costas Lambrinoudakis
Categories: Business & Economics > Information Management, Computers > Cryptography, Computers > Hardware, Computers > Networking
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2009-09-18
ISBN-10: 364203747X
ISBN-13: 9783642037474
Language: English
Description: This book presents the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business (TrustBus 2009), held in Linz, Austria d- ing September 3–4, 2009. The conference continues from previous events held in Zaragoza (2004), Copenhagen (2005), Krakow (2006), Regensburg (2007) and Turin (2008). The advances in the information and communication technologies (ICT) have raised new opportunities for the implementation of novel applications and the pro- sion of high-quality services over global networks. The aim is to utilize this ‘infor- tion society era’ for improving the quality of life for all citizens,... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 11:08:08 GMT
Transactions on Edutainment V (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Transactions on Edutainment) (by Adrian David Cheok, Zhigeng Pan, Wolfgang Müller, Xubo Yang) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/transactions-on-edutainment-v-lecture-notes-in-computer-science-transactions-on-edutainment
Author(s): Adrian David Cheok, Zhigeng Pan, Wolfgang Müller, Xubo Yang
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Programming, Education > Computers & Technology, Computers > Web Design
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2011-04-06
ISBN-10: 3642184510
ISBN-13: 9783642184512
Language: English
Description: This journal subline serves as a forum for stimulating and disseminating innovative research ideas, theories, emerging technologies, empirical investigations, state-of-the-art methods, and tools in all different genres of edutainment, such as game-based learning and serious games, interactive storytelling, virtual learning environments, VR-based education, and related fields. It covers aspects from educational and game theories, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and systems design. The 5th volume in this series represents a selection of 12 contributions from DMDCM 2010, the 5th International Conference on... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 09:32:21 GMT
Apple Training Series: iWork 09 (by Richard Harrington) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/apple-training-series-iwork-09
Author(s): Richard Harrington
Categories: Computers > Operating Systems, Computers > Programming
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publish date: 2009-04-05
ISBN-10: 0321618513
ISBN-13: 9780321618511
Language: English
Description: In the only Apple-certified guide to iWork ’09, you’ll learn to create everything from first-rate business presentations and newsletters to effective budgets and event planners. Focused lessons take you step by step through all aspects of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. The self-paced book/DVD combo uses real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own projects. You’ll learn to:• Master the iWork suite of tools quickly through fun, real-world projects• Design a Keynote presentation from storyboard to Web export  • Add animated charts and custom backgrounds to a presentation with ease• Publish... more...
Sun, 24 Mar 2019 09:32:06 GMT