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Author(s): Ralph Tiffin
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Finance, Business & Economics > Management
Publisher: Kogan Page
Publish date: 2014-09-28
ISBN-10: 0749471506
ISBN-13: 9780749471507
Language: English
Description: Executive Finance and Strategy works on the premise that financial models can clearly demonstrate where a particular strategy might lead. It enables executives to evaluate past accounts and statements in order to respond to recent company history, explains how company law and ethics underpin financial statements and clarifies the responsibilities of a senior manager or director. Written for those responsible for driving growth and direction of the organization, it teaches how decisions impact the financial health of the company.   By using finance as a record keeper and predictor of success, this book helps quantify... more...
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The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing: Morningstar's Guide to Building Wealth and Winning in the Market (by Pat Dorsey) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-five-rules-for-successful-stock-investing-morningstars-guide-to-building-wealth-and-winning-in-the-market-1
Author(s): Pat Dorsey
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Investments & Securities, Business & Economics > Personal Finance
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2003-12-25
ISBN-10: 0471269654
ISBN-13: 9780471269656
Language: English
Description: The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing "By resisting both the popular tendency to use gimmicks that oversimplify securities analysis and the academic tendency to use jargon that obfuscates common sense, Pat Dorsey has written a substantial and useful book. His methodology is sound, his examples clear, and his approach timeless." --Christopher C. Davis Portfolio Manager and Chairman, Davis Advisors Over the years, people from around the world have turned to Morningstar for strong, independent, and reliable advice. The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing provides the kind of savvy financial guidance only a company like Morningstar... more...
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Advertising Theory (Routledge Communication Series) (by Shelly Rodgers, Esther Thorson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/advertising-theory-routledge-communication-series-1
Author(s): Shelly Rodgers, Esther Thorson
Categories: Business & Economics > Accounting, Business & Economics > Advertising & Promotion, Reference > General, Social Science > Media Studies
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2012-02-25
ISBN-10: 0415886627
ISBN-13: 9780415886628
Language: English
Description: Advertising Theory provides detailed and current explorations of key theories in the advertising discipline. The volume gives a working knowledge of the primary theoretical approaches of advertising, offering a comprehensive synthesis of the vast literature in the area. Editors Shelly Rodgers and Esther Thorson have developed this volume as a forum in which to compare, contrast, and evaluate advertising theories in a comprehensive and structured presentation. Chapters provide concrete examples, case studies, and readings written by leading advertising scholars and educators. Utilizing McGuire’s persuasion matrix as the... more...
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Practical Management Science (with Essential Textbook Resources Printed Access Card) (by Wayne L. Winston, S. Christian Albright) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/practical-management-science-with-essential-textbook-resources-printed-access-card
Author(s): Wayne L. Winston, S. Christian Albright
Categories: Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Management Science, Business & Economics > Operations Research, Computers > Computer Graphics, Mathematics > General
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publish date: 2011-05-05
ISBN-10: 1111531315
ISBN-13: 9781111531317
Language: English
Description: Easy to understand and to the point, PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT SCIENCE uses an active-learning approach and realistic problems to help you understand and take advantage of the power of spreadsheet modeling. With real examples and problems drawn from finance, marketing, and operations research, you will easily come to see how management science applies to your chosen profession and how you can use it on the job. The authors emphasize modeling over algebraic formulations and memorization of particular models. The essentials resource website, whose access is available with every new book, includes links to the following add-ins: the Palisade Decision Tools... more...
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One Year to an Organized Work Life: From Your Desk to Your Deadlines, the Week-by-Week Guide to Eliminating Office Stress for Good (by Regina Leeds) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/one-year-to-an-organized-work-life-from-your-desk-to-your-deadlines-the-week-by-week-guide-to-eliminating-office-stress-for-good
Author(s): Regina Leeds
Categories: Business & Economics > Personal Finance, Business & Economics > Time Management, Business & Economics > Workplace Culture, Self-Help > Stress Management
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
Publish date: 2008-12-02
ISBN-10: 0738212792
ISBN-13: 9780738212791
Language: English
Description: For many of us, the workplace is our second home...and it’s just as messy. But who would you be if you felt totally in control of your schedule, your workload, and your career? One Year to an Organized Work Life is a unique week-by-week, month-by-month system to streamline your workspace, take the anxiety out of your job, and have more time for what you love. Using her unique “Zen organizing” approach, professional organizer Regina Leeds shows readers the simple steps to get more done in less time—from clearing your desk and organizing your files to dealing with email and making meetings efficient. Regina... more...
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Retailing: An Introduction (by Paul Brittain, Roger Cox) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/retailing-an-introduction
Author(s): Paul Brittain, Roger Cox
Categories: Business & Economics > Industries
Publisher: Financal Times Management
Publish date: 2004-12-31
ISBN-10: 0273678191
ISBN-13: 9780273678199
Language: English
Description: This text provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of retailing and the fundamental elements of retail management and a retail organisation's activities so that the reader will have a solid platform on which to build. Intended not only for students in college and universities, the book serves as an invaluable tool for those already working in selling, marketing or retailing who require more knowledge of how retailing works. It is also the perfect resource for aspiring retail managers who may have received little formal training on the subject.
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The Nonprofit Development Companion: A Workbook for Fundraising Success (The AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series) (by Brydon M. DeWitt) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-nonprofit-development-companion-a-workbook-for-fundraising-success-the-afp-wiley-fund-development-series
Author(s): Brydon M. DeWitt
Categories: Business & Economics > Nonprofit Organizations & Charities
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2010-10-05
ISBN-10: 0470586982
ISBN-13: 9780470586983
Language: English
Description: A comprehensive workbook covering all aspects of successful nonprofit development One of the most significant factors in the success of any marketing and fundraising program is the ability and willingness of the organization to take the time to develop an integrated development plan with realistic budgets, timelines, and areas of responsibility. The Nonprofit Development Companion examines all aspects of successful development and includes useable templates and examples that can be adapted for application within any nonprofit organization. Covers a specific element in each chapter, including mission, strategic planning,... more...
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The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to help you Master the Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance (The Wiley Finance Series) (by Brian B. Kettell) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-islamic-banking-and-finance-workbook-step-by-step-exercises-to-help-you-master-the-fundamentals-of-islamic-banking-and-finance-the-wiley-finance
Author(s): Brian B. Kettell
Categories: Business & Economics > Banks & Banking, Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Finance, Business & Economics > Investments & Securities
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2011-08-15
ISBN-10: 0470978058
ISBN-13: 9780470978054
Language: English
Description: The ongoing turbulence in the global financial markets has drawn attention to an alternative system of financial intermediation: Islamic banking and finance. This is now one of the fastest growing sectors within the market place and has, so far, remained on the sidelines of this unrest. Since the inception of Islamic banking thirty years ago the number and reach of Islamic financial institutions worldwide has risen significantly. Institutions offering Islamic financial services constitute a significant and growing share of the financial system in several countries, and market participants everywhere are joining the race to study and be a part of... more...
Wed, 22 May 2019 01:36:04 GMT
Islamic Banking: How to Manage Risk and Improve Profitability (Wiley Finance) (by Amr Mohamed El Tiby Ahmed) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/islamic-banking-how-to-manage-risk-and-improve-profitability-wiley-finance
Author(s): Amr Mohamed El Tiby Ahmed
Categories: Business & Economics > Banks & Banking, Business & Economics > Finance, Business & Economics > International
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2011-01-04
ISBN-10: 0470880236
ISBN-13: 9780470880234
Language: English
Description: A detailed look at the fast-growing field of Islamic finance and banking The guiding principle of Islamic finance has existed throughout Islamic history, yet modern Islamic banking has been around for a relatively short period of time. Author Amr Mohamed El Tiby is an expert in this field, and with this new book, he reveals how you can benefit from the use of Islamic banking strategies in your financial endeavors. Engaging and accessible, Islamic Banking shows the impact this approach has made on conventional banking since the 1950s, and why it's such a big player in the current market. It offers a unique look at various... more...
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Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications (Engineering Systems) (by Steven D. Eppinger, Tyson R. Browning) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/design-structure-matrix-methods-and-applications-engineering-systems
Author(s): Steven D. Eppinger, Tyson R. Browning
Categories: Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Business & Economics > Management, Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Computer Science, Science > System Theory
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publish date: 2012-05-25
ISBN-10: 0262017520
ISBN-13: 9780262017527
Language: English
Description: Design structure matrix (DSM) is a straightforward and flexible modeling technique that can be used for designing, developing, and managing complex systems. DSM offers network modeling tools that represent the elements of a system and their interactions, thereby highlighting the system's architecture (or designed structure). Its advantages include compact format, visual nature, intuitive representation, powerful analytical capacity, and flexibility. Used primarily so far in the area of engineering management, DSM is increasingly being applied to complex issues in health care management, financial systems, public policy,... more...
Wed, 22 May 2019 01:16:02 GMT
The Project Management Paradigm (Practitioner Series) (by Ken Burnett) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-project-management-paradigm-practitioner-series
Author(s): Ken Burnett
Categories: Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Purchasing & Buying, Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Development, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2001-09-18
ISBN-10: 3540762388
ISBN-13: 9783540762386
Language: English
Description: This book is about Project Management and how projects should be managed and controlled, including people and tools. Its format consists of two major components. The first concentrates on principles and the human aspects of project management, while the second component of the book specifies a structured, practical, formal process to the principles and approaches in this book lend themselves to project managing the paradigm of technical, management and organisational changes. To use the methodology effectively, it is necessary first to understand and appreciate the people aspect behind a project e. g. their multi-cultural diversities, and the roles... more...
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Integer Optimization by Local Search: A Domain-Independent Approach (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) (by Joachim P. Walser) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/integer-optimization-by-local-search-a-domain-independent-approach-lecture-notes-in-computer-science-lecture-notes-in-artificial-intelligence
Author(s): Joachim P. Walser
Categories: Business & Economics > Information Management, Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Computers > Programming, Mathematics > General, Medical > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2008-06-13
ISBN-10: 3540663673
ISBN-13: 9783540663676
Language: English
Description: Integer Optimization addresses a wide spectrum of practically important optimization problems and represents a major challenge for algorithmics. The goal of integer optimization is to solve a system of constraints and optimization criteria over discrete variables. Integer Optimization by Local Search introduces a new approach to domain-independent integer optimization, which, unlike traditional strategies, is based on local search. It develops the central concepts and strategies of integer local search and describes possible combinations with classical methods from linear programming. The surprising effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated in... more...
Wed, 22 May 2019 00:06:02 GMT
Advances in Computational and Stochastic Optimization, Logic Programming, and Heuristic Search: Interfaces in Computer Science and Operations Research ... Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series) (by David L. Woodruff) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/advances-in-computational-and-stochastic-optimization-logic-programming-and-heuristic-search-interfaces-in-computer-science-and-operations-research
Author(s): David L. Woodruff
Categories: Business & Economics > Decision Making & Problem Solving, Business & Economics > Management Science, Business & Economics > Operations Research, Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2010-02-19
ISBN-10: 1441950230
ISBN-13: 9781441950239
Language: English
Description: Computer Science and Operations Research continue to have a synergistic relationship and this book - as a part of the Operations Research and Computer Science Interface Series - sits squarely in the center of the confluence of these two technical research communities. The research presented in the volume is evidence of the expanding frontiers of these two intersecting disciplines and provides researchers and practitioners with new work in the areas of logic programming, stochastic optimization, heuristic search and post-solution analysis for integer programs. The chapter topics span the spectrum of application level. Some of the chapters are highly... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 23:22:09 GMT
The Routledge Companion to Ethnic Marketing (Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting) (by Ahmad Jamal, Lisa Peñaloza, Michel Laroche) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-routledge-companion-to-ethnic-marketing-routledge-companions-in-business-management-and-accounting
Author(s): Ahmad Jamal, Lisa Peñaloza, Michel Laroche
Categories: Business & Economics > Business Ethics, Business & Economics > Consumer Behavior, Business & Economics > International, Business & Economics > Marketing, Reference > General
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2015-06-23
ISBN-10: 0415643635
ISBN-13: 9780415643634
Language: English
Description: The globalization of marketing has brought about an interesting paradox: as the discipline becomes more global, the need to understand cultural differences becomes all the more crucial. This is the challenge in an increasingly international marketplace and a problem that the world's most powerful businesses must solve. From this challenge has grown the exciting discipline of ethnic marketing, which seeks to understand the considerable opportunities and challenges presented by cultural and ethnic diversity in the marketplace. To date, scholarship in the area has been lively but disparate. This volume brings together... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 22:26:02 GMT
Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands (by Al Iannuzzi) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/greener-products-the-making-and-marketing-of-sustainable-brands
Author(s): Al Iannuzzi
Categories: Business & Economics > Marketing, Business & Economics > Quality Control, Science > Environmental Science, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General), Technology & Engineering > Mechanical
Publisher: CRC Press
Publish date: 2011-11-08
ISBN-10: 1439854319
ISBN-13: 9781439854310
Language: English
Description: As the global demand for natural and organic products continues to grow, making and marketing greener products is becoming an imperative. The old stereotype of green products’ sub-par performance has been shattered as large multinational corporations prove that you can develop and win in the marketplace with a naturals-based product platform. And the pull for sustainably minded products is not limited to consumer marketing—business-to-business marketing of greener products has also increased due to customer demand from all business sectors. The Case for Greener Products Making a compelling business case for why companies must provide greener,... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 18:22:02 GMT
Packaging for Sustainability (by Karli Verghese, Helen Lewis, Leanne Fitzpatrick) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/packaging-for-sustainability
Author(s): Karli Verghese, Helen Lewis, Leanne Fitzpatrick
Categories: Business & Economics > Environmental Economics, Business & Economics > Production & Operations Management, Science > Environmental Science, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General), Technology & Engineering > Industrial Engineering
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2012-03-17
ISBN-10: 0857299875
ISBN-13: 9780857299871
Language: English
Description: The packaging industry is under pressure from regulators, customers and other stakeholders to improve packaging’s sustainability by reducing its environmental and societal impacts. This is a considerable challenge because of the complex interactions between products and their packaging, and the many roles that packaging plays in the supply chain. Packaging for Sustainability is a concise and readable handbook for practitioners who are trying to implement sustainability strategies for packaging. Industry case studies are used throughout the book to illustrate possible applications and scenarios. Packaging for Sustainability draws on the... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 17:46:02 GMT
Contemporary Entrepreneurship: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Innovation and Growth (by Jean Bonnet, Dieter Bögenhold, Marcus Dejardin, Domingo Garcia Pérez de Lema) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/contemporary-entrepreneurship-multidisciplinary-perspectives-on-innovation-and-growth
Author(s): Jean Bonnet, Dieter Bögenhold, Marcus Dejardin, Domingo Garcia Pérez de Lema
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Entrepreneurship, Business & Economics > Production & Operations Management
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-04-18
ISBN-10: 3319281321
ISBN-13: 9783319281322
Language: English
Description: This book presents the current state-of-the-art in all major and upcoming areas of entrepreneurship research. Thousands of scholars around the world are currently working to broaden our understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon. The disciplines involved are numerous, as are the topics of interest, with substantial efforts to enhance the existing knowledge. This book is specifically designed to facilitate high-level, high-intensity discussions and fruitful exchanges between scholars involved in entrepreneurship research. The articles address a variety of topics ranging from self-employment, technology, growth patterns... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 13:36:11 GMT
Python for Finance: Analyze Big Financial Data (by Yves Hilpisch) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/python-for-finance-analyze-big-financial-data
Author(s): Yves Hilpisch
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Finance, Computers > Information Theory, Computers > Programming Languages, Reference > General
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publish date: 2015-01-05
ISBN-10: 1491945281
ISBN-13: 9781491945285
Language: English
Description: The financial industry has adopted Python at a tremendous rate recently, with some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds using it to build core trading and risk management systems. This hands-on guide helps both developers and quantitative analysts get started with Python, and guides you through the most important aspects of using Python for quantitative finance. Using practical examples through the book, author Yves Hilpisch also shows you how to develop a full-fledged framework for Monte Carlo simulation-based derivatives and risk analytics, based on a large, realistic case study.... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 11:06:56 GMT
QuickBooks 2015: The Missing Manual: The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2015 (by Bonnie Biafore) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/quickbooks-2015-the-missing-manual-the-official-intuit-guide-to-quickbooks-2015
Author(s): Bonnie Biafore
Categories: Business & Economics > Accounting, Business & Economics > Small Business, Computers > Computer Science
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publish date: 2014-11-06
ISBN-10: 1491947136
ISBN-13: 9781491947135
Language: English
Description: How can you make your bookkeeping workflow smoother and faster? Simple. With this Missing Manual, you’re in control: you get step-by-step instructions on how and when to use specific features, along with basic bookkeeping and accounting advice to guide you through the learning process. Discover new and improved features like the Insights dashboard and easy report commenting. You’ll soon see why this book is the Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2015. The important stuff you need to know: Get started fast. Quickly set up accounts, customers, jobs, and invoice items.... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 11:06:32 GMT
Enterprise Architecture Patterns: Practical Solutions for Recurring IT-Architecture Problems (by Thierry Perroud, Reto Inversini) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/enterprise-architecture-patterns-practical-solutions-for-recurring-it-architecture-problems
Author(s): Thierry Perroud, Reto Inversini
Categories: Business & Economics > Information Management, Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Development
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2013-07-19
ISBN-10: 364237560X
ISBN-13: 9783642375606
Language: English
Description: Every enterprise architect faces similar problems when designing and governing the enterprise architecture of a medium to large enterprise. Design patterns are a well-established concept in software engineering, used to define universally applicable solution schemes. By applying this approach to enterprise architectures, recurring problems in the design and implementation of enterprise architectures can be solved over all layers, from the business layer to the application and data layer down to the technology layer. Inversini and Perroud describe patterns at the level of enterprise architecture, which they refer to as... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 10:32:01 GMT
How I Made Money Using the Nicolas Darvas System, Which Made Him $2,000,000 in the Stock Market (by Steve Burns) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/how-i-made-money-using-the-nicolas-darvas-system-which-made-him-2-000-000-in-the-stock-market
Author(s): Steve Burns
Categories: Business & Economics > Foreign Exchange, Business & Economics > Investments & Securities
Publisher: BN Publishing
Publish date: 2010-08-17
ISBN-10: 1607962950
ISBN-13: 9781607962953
Language: English
Description: This book is dedicated to my stock trading mentor,Nicolas Darvas. Although I never met him, he has taught me more about stock trading and investing than anyone else. I hope this book does justice to his investing principles and memory. Steve Burns CONTENTS: Introduction Who was Nicolas Darvas? Understanding the Game Thinking like Nicolas Darvas Entering the Game Learning from Losing How to Manage your Risk My Darvas Stock Trades Winning the Game: So you want to trade like Nicolas Darvas? Rules, Conclusion Reviews: Awesome work! This quick read is full of golden nuggets of market wisdom... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 10:06:02 GMT
Producing and Managing Restricted Activities: Avoidance and withholding in institutional interaction (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series) (by John Moore, Fabienne H.G. Chevalier) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/producing-and-managing-restricted-activities-avoidance-and-withholding-in-institutional-interaction-pragmatics-and-beyond-new-series
Author(s): John Moore, Fabienne H.G. Chevalier
Categories: Business & Economics > Negotiating, Language Arts & Disciplines > Linguistics
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Publish date: 2015-03-27
ISBN-10: 9027256608
ISBN-13: 9789027256607
Language: English
Description: This book examines the kinds of talk that service providers working in various settings (e.g. doctors, healthcare providers, helpline call takers, tourist officers) seek to avoid in their interactions with clients, when such talk may be expected or due in some way. The studies utilise Conversation Analysis to demonstrate how participants use the interactional practices of avoidance and withholding to construct specific activities as restricted. The various authors also show how, in contributing to the restricted character of certain activities, withholding and avoidance in turn contribute to both the accomplishment of the particular work of the... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 09:32:08 GMT
Scenario Thinking: Practical Approaches to the Future (by George Wright, George Cairns) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/scenario-thinking-practical-approaches-to-the-future
Author(s): George Wright, George Cairns
Categories: Business & Economics > Decision Making & Problem Solving, Business & Economics > Human Resources & Personnel Management, Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Organizational Behavior
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publish date: 2011-05-15
ISBN-10: 0230271561
ISBN-13: 9780230271562
Language: English
Description: Scenarios are a widely used approach to aid strategic analysis. An innovative guide to new methods in scenario thinking, this book presents a detailed step-by-step account of the “intuitive logics” method for developing and using scenarios within organizations. The authors detail a range of methodological innovations and show how to apply the most relevant technique to a particular situation. The approach is based on a mix of both high-level research and top-level consultancy experience. The book focuses on the demonstration and illustration of practical steps in scenario development processes.... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 09:32:02 GMT
Innovation in the High-Tech Economy (Contributions to Economics) (by Tim Wang, Pang Chuan, Vasil Khachidze, Ivan K.W. Lai, Yide Liu, Sohail Siddiqui) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/innovation-in-the-high-tech-economy-contributions-to-economics
Author(s): Tim Wang, Pang Chuan, Vasil Khachidze, Ivan K.W. Lai, Yide Liu, Sohail Siddiqui
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Finance, Business & Economics > Management
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2014-01-15
ISBN-10: 3642415849
ISBN-13: 9783642415845
Language: English
Description: This book constitutes the proceedings of the First International Conference on Management Science and Engineering: Innovation and High-tech Services, ICMSE 2013, held in Macau, in June 2013. The papers are contributed by innovative researchers, engineers and practitioners in the field of management science, information system, finance, economics and accounting and offer a platform for exchanging the latest research findings in the field of management science and management innovation, for looking forward to the future trends in the management science and management innovation field in the 21st century, and to promote management modernization and... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 09:06:01 GMT
Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering (by Awais Rashid, Ana Moreira, Ruzanna Chitchyan, João Araújo) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/aspect-oriented-requirements-engineering
Author(s): Awais Rashid, Ana Moreira, Ruzanna Chitchyan, João Araújo
Categories: Business & Economics > Information Management, Computers > Programming Languages, Reference > General, Computers > Development, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2013-12-03
ISBN-10: 3642386393
ISBN-13: 9783642386398
Language: English
Description: Broadly-scoped requirements such as security, privacy, and response time are a major source of complexity in modern software systems. This is due to their tangled inter-relationships with and effects on other requirements. Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering (AORE) aims to facilitate modularisation of such broadly-scoped requirements, so that software developers are able to reason about them in isolation - one at a time. AORE also captures these inter-relationships and effects in well-defined composition specifications, and, in so doing exposes the causes for potential conflicts, trade-offs, and roots for... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 08:22:02 GMT
Assembling Export Markets: The Making and Unmaking of Global Food Connections in West Africa (RGS-IBG Book Series) (by Stefan Ouma) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/assembling-export-markets-the-making-and-unmaking-of-global-food-connections-in-west-africa-rgs-ibg-book-series
Author(s): Stefan Ouma
Categories: Business & Economics > International, Social Science > Human Geography, Technology & Engineering > Agriculture
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publish date: 2015-05-26
ISBN-10: 1118632613
ISBN-13: 9781118632611
Language: English
Description: Assembling Export Markets explores the new frontierregions of the global fresh produce market that has emergedin Ghana over the past decade. * Represents a major and empirically rich contribution to theemerging field of the social studies of economization andmarketization * Offers one of the first ethnographic accounts on the making ofglobal commodity chains from below * Denaturalizes global markets by unpacking their localengagement, materially entangled construction, need formaintenance, and fragile character * Offers a trans-disciplinary engagement with the constructionand extension of market relations in two frontier regions of globalcapitalism... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 08:16:11 GMT
Audience, Relevance, and Search: Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content (by James Mathewson, Frank Donatone, Cynthia Fishel) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/audience-relevance-and-search-targeting-web-audiences-with-relevant-content
Author(s): James Mathewson, Frank Donatone, Cynthia Fishel
Categories: Business & Economics > Marketing, Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Computers > Internet, Reference > General, Computers > Web Design
Publisher: IBM Press
Publish date: 2010-05-06
ISBN-10: 0137004206
ISBN-13: 9780137004201
Language: English
Description: How much more effective would companies be if all the content they created for the Web reached its specific target audience? In this book, three pioneering IBM content and search experts show how to get closer to this goal than ever before. Readers will discover how to write highly relevant content containing the keywords and long-tail phrases their targeted users actually use. By doing so, they will learn how to go beyond merely "maximising" traffic to actually delivering the right content to the right visitors at the right time. They will even learn how to prove the relevancy of their Web content. More than any other book, Audience, Relevance,... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 06:42:09 GMT
Culture and Money in the Nineteenth Century: Abstracting Economics (Series in Victorian Studies) (by Daniel Bivona, Marlene Tromp) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/culture-and-money-in-the-nineteenth-century-abstracting-economics-series-in-victorian-studies
Author(s): Daniel Bivona, Marlene Tromp
Categories: Business & Economics > Economic History, Literary Collections > English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
Publisher: Ohio University Press
Publish date: 2016-05-03
ISBN-10: 0821421964
ISBN-13: 9780821421963
Language: English
Description: Since the 1980s, scholars have made the case for examining nineteenth-century culture?—?particularly literary output? —??through the lens of economics. In Culture and Money in the Nineteenth Century: Abstracting Economics, two luminaries in the field of Victorian studies, Daniel Bivona and Marlene Tromp, have collected contributions from leading thinkers that push New Economic Criticism in new and exciting directions. Spanning the Americas, India, England, and Scotland, this volume adopts an inclusive, global view of the cultural effects of economics and exchange. Contributors use the concept... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 06:42:06 GMT
Effective Human Relations: Interpersonal and Organizational Applications (by Barry Reece, Rhonda Brandt, Karen T. Howie) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/effective-human-relations-interpersonal-and-organizational-applications
Author(s): Barry Reece, Rhonda Brandt, Karen T. Howie
Categories: Business & Economics > Human Resources & Personnel Management
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
Publish date: 2010-01-01
ISBN-10: 0538747501
ISBN-13: 9780538747509
Language: English
Description: Teach students the human relation skills they need to become successful managers in today's workplace with Reece/Brandt/Howie's EFFECTIVE HUMAN RELATIONS: INTERPERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL APPLICATIONS, 11E. One of the most widely used human relations texts available, this comprehensive, practical text uses an organizational perspective to help students understand the disparate factors that influence employee behavior. Hundreds of examples of real human relations issues and practices in successful companies keep concepts within a clear business context. This edition establishes seven major themes of effective human relations -- communication,... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 06:32:07 GMT
Engineering Maintainability:: How to Design for Reliability and Easy Maintenance (by B.S. Dhillon Ph.D.) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/engineering-maintainability-how-to-design-for-reliability-and-easy-maintenance
Author(s): B.S. Dhillon Ph.D.
Categories: Business & Economics > Industrial Management, Science > Chemistry, Technology & Engineering > Industrial Engineering, Technology & Engineering > Mechanical
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
Publish date: 1999-06-30
ISBN-10: 088415257X
ISBN-13: 9780884152576
Language: English
Description: This book provides the guidelines and fundamental methods of estimation and calculation needed by maintainability engineers. It also covers the management of maintainability efforts, including issues of organizational structure, cost, and planning processes. Questions and problems conclude each chapter.
Tue, 21 May 2019 05:06:01 GMT
Leadership Mastery: How to Challenge Yourself and Others to Greatness (Dale Carnegie Training) (by Dale Carnegie Training) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/leadership-mastery-how-to-challenge-yourself-and-others-to-greatness-dale-carnegie-training
Author(s): Dale Carnegie Training
Categories: Business & Economics > Leadership, Business & Economics > Skills
Publisher: Touchstone
Publish date: 2009-11-17
ISBN-10: 141659549X
ISBN-13: 9781416595496
Language: English
Description: In a world becoming more and more virtual, human relations skills are being lost -- along with the skill of leadership. And yet never before have these abilities been more valuable or sought after. What's needed is a new type of leader -- one who can inspire and motivate others while adhering to timeless leadership principles such as flexibility, adaptability, trustworthiness, and distribution of power. With Leadership Mastery, you will identify your strengths and adopt effective strategies to: • Gain the respect and admiration of others using little-known secrets of America's most successful leaders • Get family, friends, and coworkers to do... more...
Tue, 21 May 2019 04:36:02 GMT
The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try (Test Prep series) (by Andy Crowe PMP) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-pmp-exam-how-to-pass-on-your-first-try-test-prep-series
Author(s): Andy Crowe PMP
Categories: Business & Economics > Project Management, Computers > Certification Guides, Computers > Computer Science, Computers > Project Management, Reference > General
Publisher: Velociteach
Publish date: 2005-11-01
ISBN-10: 0972967311
ISBN-13: 9780972967310
Language: English
Description: This self-study guide for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam from the Project Management Institute contains everything project managers need to pass the PMP Exam, including 44 processes, and 592 inputs, tools, and outputs. Exam topics are covered and insider secrets, complete explanations of all PMP subjects, test tricks and tips, hundreds of highly realistic sample questions, and exercises designed to strengthen understanding of PMP concepts and prepare managers for exam success on the first attempt are provided.
Tue, 21 May 2019 04:06:02 GMT
Inside the Crystal Ball: How to Make and Use Forecasts (by Maury Harris) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/inside-the-crystal-ball-how-to-make-and-use-forecasts
Author(s): Maury Harris
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2014-12-31
ISBN-10: 1118865073
ISBN-13: 9781118865071
Language: English
Description: A practical guide to understanding economic forecasts In Inside the Crystal Ball: How to Make and Use Forecasts, UBS Chief U.S. Economist Maury Harris helps readers improve their own forecasting abilities by examining the elements and processes that characterize successful and failed forecasts. The book: Provides insights from Maury Harris, named among Bloomberg's 50 Most Influential People in Global Finance. Demonstrates "best practices" in the assembly and evaluation of forecasts. Harris walks readers through the real-life steps he and other successful forecasters take in preparing their projections.... more...
Mon, 20 May 2019 12:26:05 GMT
Balanced Asset Allocation: How to Profit in Any Economic Climate (Wiley Finance) (by Alex Shahidi) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/balanced-asset-allocation-how-to-profit-in-any-economic-climate-wiley-finance
Author(s): Alex Shahidi
Categories: Business & Economics > Investments & Securities
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2014-12-31
ISBN-10: 1118711947
ISBN-13: 9781118711941
Language: English
Description: The conventional portfolio is prone to frequent and potentially devastating losses because it is NOT balanced to different economic outcomes. In contrast, a truly balanced portfolio can help investors reduce risk and more reliably achieve their objectives. This simple fact would surprise most investors, from beginners to professionals. Investment consultant Alex Shahidi puts his 15 years of experience advising the most sophisticated investors in the world and managing multi-billion dollar portfolios to work in this important resource for investors. You will better understand why nearly every portfolio is poorly balanced and... more...
Mon, 20 May 2019 12:26:02 GMT
Business Strategy: Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Enterprise (by J.-C. Spender) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/business-strategy-managing-uncertainty-opportunity-and-enterprise
Author(s): J.-C. Spender
Categories: Business & Economics > Entrepreneurship, Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Organizational Behavior
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publish date: 2014-03-28
ISBN-10: 0199686548
ISBN-13: 9780199686544
Language: English
Description: What is strategy? For many it is the application of a theory, model or framework. In this book Spender develops a different creative approach. Emphasizing that firms face uncertainties and unknowns (knowledge gaps) he argues that the core of strategic thinking and processes rests on the organization's leaders developing newly imagined solutions to the opportunities that these uncertainties open up. Drawing on a wide range of ideas from strategy, economics, entrepreneurship and philosophy he stresses the importance of judgment in strategy, and argues that a key element of the entrepreneur and executive's task is to engage chosen uncertainties,... more...
Mon, 20 May 2019 02:12:10 GMT
DK Essential Managers: Effective Communication (by DK Publishing) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/dk-essential-managers-effective-communication
Author(s): DK Publishing
Categories: Business & Economics > Skills
Publisher: DK
Publish date: 2015-05-05
ISBN-10: 1465435417
ISBN-13: 9781465435415
Language: English
Description: DK Essential Managers: Effective Communication is the visual guide that gives you all the know-how you need to be a more effective manager. Now newly updated with an all-new graphic approach to explaining key techniques and skills, the best-selling DK Essential Managers: Effective Communication features: A practical, "how-to" approach teaches you the information and skills to succeed. Step-by-step instructions, tips, checklists, and "Ask yourself" features show you how to plan a speech, select the right visual support, and use body language. Tables, illustrations, "in-focus" panels, and real-life case studies show you... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 21:12:05 GMT
Global Copyright: Three Hundred Years Since the Statute of Anne, from 1709 to Cyberspace (by Lionel Bently, Uma Suthersanen, Paul Torremans) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/global-copyright-three-hundred-years-since-the-statute-of-anne-from-1709-to-cyberspace
Author(s): Lionel Bently, Uma Suthersanen, Paul Torremans
Categories: Business & Economics > International, Law > Intellectual Property, Law > Legal History, Reference > General, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub
Publish date: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 1848447663
ISBN-13: 9781848447660
Language: English
Description: This innovative book celebrates the tri-centenary of modern copyright, which began with the enactment of the Statute of Anne by the British Parliament in 1709, and was soon followed by other copyright legislation abroad. The Statute of Anne is traditionally claimed to be the world's first copyright statute, and is thus viewed as the origin of a system of national laws that today exists in virtually all countries of the world. However, this book illustrates that while there is some truth in this claim, it is also important to treat it with caution. Written by leading experts from across the globe, this comprehensive (historical) analysis breaks new... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 20:06:02 GMT
Organizations: Social Systems Conducting Experiments (by Jan Achterbergh, Dirk Vriens) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/organizations-social-systems-conducting-experiments
Author(s): Jan Achterbergh, Dirk Vriens
Categories: Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Management Science, Business & Economics > Workplace Culture, Social Science > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2010-09-17
ISBN-10: 3642143156
ISBN-13: 9783642143151
Language: English
Description: What are organizations? What is their point? How should one design successful organizations? Although these questions have been treated by many authors in many different ways, this book offers a new perspective: In a nutshell, the book combines cybernetics, social systems theory and Aristotle’s ethics to describe organizations as "social systems conducting experiments with their survival" and to formulate principles for their design. In part I, the authors argue that ‘experimenting’ and ‘social interaction’ are key features of organizations. In order to survive, organizations continuously have to experiment with goals, infrastructures... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 18:02:04 GMT
Data Science and Digital Business (by Benjamin Lev, Fausto Pedro García Márquez) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/data-science-and-digital-business
Author(s): Benjamin Lev, Fausto Pedro García Márquez
Categories: Business & Economics > Econometrics, Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Operations Research, Computers > Computer Science, Technology & Engineering > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2019-02-04
ISBN-10: 3319956507
ISBN-13: 9783319956503
Language: English
Description: This book combines the analytic principles of digital business and data science with business practice and big data. The interdisciplinary, contributed volume provides an interface between the main disciplines of engineering and technology and business administration. Written for managers, engineers and researchers who want to understand big data and develop new skills that are necessary in the digital business, it not only discusses the latest research, but also presents case studies demonstrating the successful application of data in the digital business. 
Sun, 19 May 2019 13:17:47 GMT
China Under Mao: A Revolution Derailed (by Andrew G. Walder) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/china-under-mao-a-revolution-derailed
Author(s): Andrew G. Walder
Categories: Business & Economics > Economic History, History > Asia, History > Study & Teaching, History > World
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Publish date: 2015-04-06
ISBN-10: 0674058151
ISBN-13: 9780674058156
Language: English
Description: China’s Communist Party seized power in 1949 after a long period of guerrilla insurgency followed by full-scale war, but the Chinese revolution was just beginning. China Under Mao narrates the rise and fall of the Maoist revolutionary state from 1949 to 1976—an epoch of startling accomplishments and disastrous failures, steered by many forces but dominated above all by Mao Zedong. Mao’s China, Andrew Walder argues, was defined by two distinctive institutions established during the first decade of Communist Party rule: a Party apparatus that exercised firm (sometimes harsh) discipline over its members and cadres; and a... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 13:16:11 GMT
Transforming Business with Program Management: Integrating Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Structure, and Measurement (Best Practices and Advances in Program Management Series) (by Satish P. Subramanian) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/transforming-business-with-program-management-integrating-strategy-people-process-technology-structure-and-measurement-best-practices-and-advances-in
Author(s): Satish P. Subramanian
Categories: Business & Economics > Organizational Behavior, Computers > Computer Science, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Auerbach Publications
Publish date: 2015-04-06
ISBN-10: 1466590998
ISBN-13: 9781466590991
Language: English
Description: Organizations need to constantly innovate and improve products and services to maintain a strong competitive position in the market place. The vehicle used by organizations for such constant reinvention is a business transformation program. This book illustrates a tested program management roadmap along with the supporting comprehensive frameworks to successfully execute business transformation programs, formulated strategies, and strategic initiatives. It outlines the steps to successfully transform any business and deliver tangible business outcomes. This breakthrough work establishes the linkage between strategy... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 13:16:02 GMT
Alexander Dumas Dictionary Of Cuisine (by Dumas) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/alexander-dumas-dictionary-of-cuisine
Author(s): Dumas
Categories: Business & Economics > Industries, Business & Economics > Information Management, Cooking > History, Reference > Dictionaries, Social Science > Anthropology
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2005-11-04
ISBN-10: 0710308396
ISBN-13: 9780710308399
Language: English
Description: First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Sun, 19 May 2019 13:12:02 GMT
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students (by Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott J. Allen, Paige Haber-Curran) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/emotionally-intelligent-leadership-a-guide-for-students
Author(s): Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott J. Allen, Paige Haber-Curran
Categories: Business & Economics > Business Communication, Business & Economics > Leadership, Business & Economics > Skills, Education > Administration
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Publish date: 2015-01-20
ISBN-10: 1118821785
ISBN-13: 9781118821787
Language: English
Description: The only book for students which explores the connection betweenemotional intelligence and effective leadership Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Studentsis based on a conceptual model that helps students to becomeemotionally intelligent leaders. Research from around the world hasdemonstrated that there is a relationship between emotionalintelligence and leadership. For the second edition ofEmotionally Intelligent Leadership, the authors haveincorporated their revised, data-based emotionally intelligentleadership (EIL) model into an engaging text for high school,undergraduate, and graduate students. The book can... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 13:06:11 GMT
The New Trading for a Living Study Guide (Wiley Trading) (by Alexander Elder) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-new-trading-for-a-living-study-guide-wiley-trading
Author(s): Alexander Elder
Categories: Business & Economics > Finance, Reference > General
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2014-10-13
ISBN-10: 1118467450
ISBN-13: 9781118467459
Language: English
Description: Test your trading knowledge and skills—without risking any money You may read the best trading book, but how much of that knowledge will you retain a week later? This is why you need this Study Guide for The New Trading for a Living. It'll give you a firmer grasp of the essential trading rules and skills. This Study Guide, based on the bestselling trading book of all time, was created by its author to help you master the key points of his classic book. The Study Guide's 170 multiple-choice questions are divided into 11 chapters, each with its own rating scale. They cover the entire range of trading topics, from psychology... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 12:02:06 GMT
A Guide to Academia: Getting into and Surviving Grad School, Postdocs and a Research Job (by Prosanta Chakrabarty) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/a-guide-to-academia-getting-into-and-surviving-grad-school-postdocs-and-a-research-job
Author(s): Prosanta Chakrabarty
Categories: Business & Economics > Careers, Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Reference, Education > General, Science > Biology
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publish date: 2012-03-20
ISBN-10: 0470960418
ISBN-13: 9780470960417
Language: English
Description: A Guide to Academia is a handbook for all those individuals thinking seriously about going to graduate school. Written by an author with extensive experience navigating the academic world, the book explains all the steps and potential bumps in the road that a student might encounter as they take the plunge into academia. Each chapter begins with a section called the "hard truth," which will help students determine if they are on the right path. Starting with an undergraduate student looking for a graduate school, the reader is taken on a journey up the academic ladder through graduate studies, a postdoctoral fellowship and an assistant... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 11:42:08 GMT
Wiley Practitioner's Guide to GAAS 2015: Covering all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, PCAOB Auditing Standards, and Interpretations (Wiley Regulatory Reporting) (by Joanne M. Flood) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/wiley-practitioners-guide-to-gaas-2015-covering-all-sass-ssaes-ssarss-pcaob-auditing-standards-and-interpretations-wiley-regulatory-reporting
Author(s): Joanne M. Flood
Categories: Business & Economics > General
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2015-02-16
ISBN-10: 1118978978
ISBN-13: 9781118978979
Language: English
Description: The all-in-one guide to the latest auditing standards, with clear explanations and more Wiley Practitioner's Guide to GAAS 2015 offers the most comprehensive coverage of auditing standards, practices, and procedures, clarifying complex guidelines in clear, easy-to-understand language. Each statement is presented individually with explanations and practice notes that highlight main ideas and mandates, giving practitioners a clearer understanding of SAS standards and how they're used. Practical illustrations, checklists and questionnaires guide readers through the auditing process, and updates are highlighted to call attention to... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 10:32:05 GMT
European Economics and Politics in the Midst of the Crisis: From the Outbreak of the Crisis to the Fragmented European Federation (by Panagiotis E. Petrakis, Pantelis C. Kostis, Dionysis G. Valsamis) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/european-economics-and-politics-in-the-midst-of-the-crisis-from-the-outbreak-of-the-crisis-to-the-fragmented-european-federation
Author(s): Panagiotis E. Petrakis, Pantelis C. Kostis, Dionysis G. Valsamis
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > International, Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Public Finance, Political Science > Public Policy
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2014-01-04
ISBN-10: 3642413439
ISBN-13: 9783642413438
Language: English
Description: This book presents an overview of the economics and politics implemented in the European Union and especially the Eurozone during the crisis of 2008-2012. Although it focuses on these four years, the analysis starts from the establishment of the European Union and covers the period up to the outbreak of the Cypriot banking crisis in mid-2013. The long-term creation of structural changes in European economics and politics is associated with a growth lag within the global economic environment dynamics. The economic and political consequences of the crisis and the development of new institutions will shape the future growth... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 10:22:02 GMT
Optimization: Insights and Applications (Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics) (by Jan Brinkhuis, Vladimir Tikhomirov) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/optimization-insights-and-applications-princeton-series-in-applied-mathematics
Author(s): Jan Brinkhuis, Vladimir Tikhomirov
Categories: Business & Economics > Econometrics, Business & Economics > Economics, Computers > Networking, Mathematics > General
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publish date: 2005-08-29
ISBN-10: 0691102872
ISBN-13: 9780691102870
Language: English
Description: This self-contained textbook is an informal introduction to optimization through the use of numerous illustrations and applications. The focus is on analytically solving optimization problems with a finite number of continuous variables. In addition, the authors provide introductions to classical and modern numerical methods of optimization and to dynamic optimization. The book's overarching point is that most problems may be solved by the direct application of the theorems of Fermat, Lagrange, and Weierstrass. The authors show how the intuition for each of the theoretical results can be supported by simple geometric... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 08:42:10 GMT
Risk Assessment, Modeling and Decision Support: Strategic Directions (Risk, Governance and Society) (by Ann Bostrom, Steven P. French, Sara J. Gottlieb) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/risk-assessment-modeling-and-decision-support-strategic-directions-risk-governance-and-society
Author(s): Ann Bostrom, Steven P. French, Sara J. Gottlieb
Categories: Business & Economics > Environmental Economics, Computers > Computer Science, Science > Earth Sciences, Science > Environmental Science, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2008-02-13
ISBN-10: 3540711570
ISBN-13: 9783540711575
Language: English
Description: The papers in this volume integrate results from current research efforts in earthquake engineering with research from the larger risk assessment community. The authors include risk and hazard researchers from the major U.S. hazard and earthquake centers. The volume lays out a road map for future developments in risk modeling and decision support, and positions earthquake engineering research within the family of risk analysis tools and techniques.
Sun, 19 May 2019 08:16:10 GMT
The Quiet Center: Isolation and Spirit (by Tom Robbins, John C., Md. Lilly, Phillip Bailey Lilly) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-quiet-center-isolation-and-spirit
Author(s): Tom Robbins, John C., Md. Lilly, Phillip Bailey Lilly
Categories: Business & Economics > Careers, Health & Fitness > General, Medical > Alternative Medicine, Body, Mind & Spirit > Spirituality
Publisher: Ronin Publishing
Publish date: 2003-05-09
ISBN-10: 1579510590
ISBN-13: 9781579510596
Language: English
Description: In today’s world, many people seek shelter from the stresses and stimuli of everyday life as a way to reconnect with their inner reality. Scientist John C. Lill, whose work inspired the films Day of the Dolphin and Altered States, devised the perfect means of finding serene self-awareness: the isolation experience. The Quiet Center presents the core of Lilly’s groundbreaking isolation experiments and the path to higher consciousness. As a leader in consciousness research, Lilly, like his peers Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, and Carlos Castaneda, should be read by a new generation seeking to discover truth about themselves. By... more...
Sun, 19 May 2019 07:56:02 GMT