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Author(s): Junichi Shimomura
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Cadence Books
Publish date: 1992-09
ISBN-10: 0929279824
ISBN-13: 9780929279824
Language: English
Description: Art Nouveau's evocative appeal is in many ways as fresh today as when it dominated the European art scene at the turn of the 20th century. In this work, photographer and architecture critic Junichi Shimomura explores his premise that some of the most striking forms of Art Nouveau were realized in residential architecture. Antonio Gaudi's Casa Battlo in Barcelona, Victor Horta's Maison Horta in Brussels, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland, are the main subjects of his study. Shimomura exposes the essential design character of each house. His photographs of Gaudi's twisting organic forms are suffused with the Spanish... more...
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 12:22:10 GMT
The Four Books on Architecture (by Andrea Palladio) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-four-books-on-architecture
Author(s): Andrea Palladio
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, Reference > General
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publish date: 1997-06-13
ISBN-10: 0262161621
ISBN-13: 9780262161626
Language: English
Description: The Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio was one of the most influential figures that the field of architecture has ever produced. For classical architects, the term Palladian stands for a vocabulary of architectural forms embodying perfection and beauty. Of even greater significance than Palladio's buildings is his treatise I quattro libri dell'architettura (The Four Books On Architecture), the most successful architectural treatise of the Renaissance and one of the two or three most important books in the literature of architecture. First published in Italian in 1570, it has been translated into every major Western... more...
Tue, 23 Jun 2020 16:02:02 GMT
The Architect in Practice (by David Chappell, Michael H. Dunn) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-architect-in-practice
Author(s): David Chappell, Michael H. Dunn
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Project Management
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publish date: 2016-01-26
ISBN-10: 1118907736
ISBN-13: 9781118907733
Language: English
Description: Throughout its many editions, The Architect in Practice has remained a leading textbook used in the education of architects. While the content of the book has developed, the message and philosophy has remained constant: to provide students of architecture and young practitioners with a readable guide to the profession, outlining an architect's duties to their client and contractor, the key aspects of running a building contract, and the essentials of management, finance and drawing office procedure. The eleventh edition follows in that tradition. The text has been brought up to date to ensure it follows the new RIBA Plan of... more...
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Frank Lloyd Wright (First Impressions) (by Susan Goldman Rubin) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/frank-lloyd-wright-first-impressions
Author(s): Susan Goldman Rubin
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > General, Reference > General, Children's Books > Biographies, Children's Books > Arts, Crafts & Music
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Publish date: 1994-09-22
ISBN-10: 0810939746
ISBN-13: 9780810939745
Language: English
Description: No description available
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Diller Scofidio + Renfro: Architecture after Images (by Edward Dimendberg) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/diller-scofidio-renfro-architecture-after-images
Author(s): Edward Dimendberg
Categories: Architecture > Criticism, Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Publish date: 2013-03-20
ISBN-10: 0226151816
ISBN-13: 9780226151816
Language: English
Description: In Diller Scofidio + Renfro: Architecture after Images, Edward Dimendberg offers the first comprehensive treatment of one of the most imaginative contemporary design studios.  Since founding their practice in 1979, Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio have integrated architecture, urban design, media art, and the performing arts in a dazzling array of projects, which include performances, art installations, and books, in addition to buildings and public spaces.  At the center of this work is a fascination with vision and a commitment to questioning the certainty and security long associated with architecture.... more...
Sun, 31 May 2020 03:16:05 GMT
Mickey Muennig: Dreams and Realizations for a Living Architecture (by Alan Hess, G.K. Mickey Muennig) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/mickey-muennig-dreams-and-realizations-for-a-living-architecture
Author(s): Alan Hess, G.K. Mickey Muennig
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Publish date: 2014-05-01
ISBN-10: 1423600703
ISBN-13: 9781423600701
Language: English
Description: No description available more...
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Undercover Surrealism: Georges Bataille and DOCUMENTS (by Simon Baker, Dawn Ades) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/undercover-surrealism-georges-bataille-and-documents
Author(s): Simon Baker, Dawn Ades
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Art > History
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publish date: 2006-08-04
ISBN-10: 0262012308
ISBN-13: 9780262012300
Language: English
Description: In the Paris art world of the 1920s, Georges Bataille and his journal DOCUMENTS represented a dissident branch of surrealism. Bataille--poet, philosopher, writer, and self-styled "enemy within" surrealism--used DOCUMENTS to put art into violent confrontation with popular culture, ethnography, film, and archaeology. Undercover Surrealism, taking the visual richness of DOCUMENTS as its starting point, recovers the explosive and vital intellectual context of works by Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Giacometti, and others in 1920s Paris. Featuring 180 color images and translations of original texts from DOCUMENTS accompanied by essays and... more...
Mon, 18 May 2020 21:10:07 GMT
Valode & Pistre Architects (by Philip Jodidio) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/valode-and-pistre-architects
Author(s): Philip Jodidio
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, Art > General
Publisher: Birkhäuser Architecture
Publish date: 2006-03-17
ISBN-10: 3764372001
ISBN-13: 9783764372002
Language: English
Description: The firm of Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, which has been practicing for 25 years, entered upon a new phase of its career in 1992, when the architects in cooperation with the landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson received the Equerre d argent prize of the journal Le Moniteur for the L Oréal corporate headquarters outside Paris. Their predominantly large-scale projects are distinguished by their high degree of diversity. For some years, Valode & Pistre have not only been practicing in France, their native country, but also maintain offices in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Mexico, China, and elsewhere. This... more...
Mon, 18 May 2020 12:12:04 GMT
An Architecture of the Ozarks: The Works of Marlon Blackwell (by Marlon Blackwell) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/an-architecture-of-the-ozarks-the-works-of-marlon-blackwell
Author(s): Marlon Blackwell
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, History > United States, Juvenile Nonfiction > General, Travel > United States
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2005-04-07
ISBN-10: 156898488X
ISBN-13: 9781568984889
Language: English
Description: "I live, practice, teach, and build in northwest Arkansas, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. It's a place considered to be in the middle of nowhere, yet ironically close to everywhere. It is an environment of real natural beauty and, simultaneously, one of real constructed ugliness. Abandonment, exploitation, erasure and nostalgia are all aspects of this place and are conditions as authentic as its natural beauty and local form. This land of disparate conditions in not just a setting for my work -- it is part of the work. By choosing to live and work here -- to call it home -- I've been able to get beyond the surface of things, to turn over... more...
Sat, 29 Feb 2020 14:52:10 GMT
Museum Politics: Power Plays at the Exhibition (by Timothy W. Luke) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/museum-politics-power-plays-at-the-exhibition
Author(s): Timothy W. Luke
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Political Science > General
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Publish date: 2002-05
ISBN-10: 0816619883
ISBN-13: 9780816619887
Language: English
Description: Each year the more than seven thousand museums in the United States attract more attendees than either movies or sports. Yet until recently, museums have escaped serious political analysis. The past decade, however, has witnessed a series of unusually acrimonious debates about the social, political, and moral implications of museum exhibitions as varied as the Enola Gay display at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum and the "Sensation" exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. In this important volume, Timothy W. Luke explores the power that museums have to shape collective values and social understandings, and argues persuasively that... more...
Fri, 21 Feb 2020 05:22:15 GMT
A Companion to Museum Studies (Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies) (by Sharon Macdonald) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/a-companion-to-museum-studies-blackwell-companions-in-cultural-studies
Author(s): Sharon Macdonald
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Business & Economics > General, History > Civilization, Reference > Encyclopedias
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publish date: 2006-04-21
ISBN-10: 1405108398
ISBN-13: 9781405108393
Language: English
Description: A Companion to Museum Studies captures the multidisciplinary approach to the study of the development, roles, and significance of museums in contemporary society. Collects first-rate original essays by leading figures from a range of disciplines and theoretical stances, including anthropology, art history, history, literature, sociology, cultural studies, and museum studies Examines the complexity of the museum from cultural, political, curatorial, historical and representational perspectives Covers traditional subjects, such as space, display, buildings, objects and collecting, and more contemporary challenges such as... more...
Wed, 19 Feb 2020 19:36:11 GMT
A49: An Asian Spirit in Contemporary Design (Architects) (by The A49 Group) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/a49-an-asian-spirit-in-contemporary-design-architects
Author(s): The A49 Group
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Images Publishing Dist Ac
Publish date: 2009-07-16
ISBN-10: 1864703229
ISBN-13: 9781864703221
Language: English
Description: Comprehensive monograph on the work of Architects 49 in Thailand, Asia and beyond.
Tue, 18 Feb 2020 17:42:04 GMT
Architecture in Formation: On the Nature of Information in Digital Architecture (by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/architecture-in-formation-on-the-nature-of-information-in-digital-architecture
Author(s): Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher
Categories: Architecture > Criticism, Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Methods & Materials
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2013-11-27
ISBN-10: 0415534909
ISBN-13: 9780415534901
Language: English
Description: Architecture in Formation is the first digital architecture manual that bridges multiple relationships between theory and practice, proposing a vital resource to structure the upcoming second digital revolution. Sixteen essays from practitioners, historians and theorists look at how information processing informs and is informed by architecture. Twenty-nine experimental projects propose radical means to inform the new upcoming digital architecture. Featuring essays by: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher, Georges Teyssot, Mario Carpo, Patrik Schumacher, Bernard Cache, Mark Linder, David Theodore, Evan Douglis, Ingeborg... more...
Mon, 17 Feb 2020 09:12:06 GMT
Alvar Aalto Houses (by Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, Jari Jetsonen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/alvar-aalto-houses
Author(s): Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, Jari Jetsonen
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, History > Europe, House & Home > Design & Construction
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2011-03-23
ISBN-10: 1568989822
ISBN-13: 9781568989822
Language: English
Description: Over the course of a career spanning more than fifty years, Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) designed nearly one hundred single-family houses. Aalto, who is also known for his furniture and glassware, worked in a unique style that blended modernism and traditional vernacular architecture. Authors Jari and Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen (Finnish Summer Houses) present twenty-six of Aalto's innovative residences—from small summer homes and postwar standardized housing to large housing complexes for industrial commissions—built between the 1920s to the 1960s.
Wed, 05 Feb 2020 16:16:02 GMT
Proceed and Be Bold: Rural Studio After Samuel Mockbee (by Andrea Oppenheimer Dean, Timothy Hursley) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/proceed-and-be-bold-rural-studio-after-samuel-mockbee
Author(s): Andrea Oppenheimer Dean, Timothy Hursley
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, History > United States, House & Home > Design & Construction, Reference > General
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 1998-12-31
ISBN-10: 1568985002
ISBN-13: 9781568985008
Language: English
Description: "Everyone, rich or poor, deserves a shelter for the soul."Samuel MockbeeBased on this simple premise, in 1992 Samuel Mockbee launched the Rural Studio to create homes and community buildings for the poor while offering hands-on architecture training for coming generations. Choosing impoverished Hale County, Alabama, for his bold experiment, Mockbee and his Auburn University students peppered this left-behind corner of the rural South with striking buildings ofexceptional design. Most use recycled and curious materials: hay bales, surplus tires, leftover carpet tiles, even discarded 1980 Chevy Caprice windshields. The publication of Rural Studio... more...
Thu, 23 Jan 2020 05:46:04 GMT
Drawings and Plans of Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Period (1893-1909) (Dover Architecture) (by Frank Lloyd Wright) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/drawings-and-plans-of-frank-lloyd-wright-the-early-period-1893-1909-dover-architecture
Author(s): Frank Lloyd Wright
Categories: Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publish date: 1983-01-01
ISBN-10: 0486244571
ISBN-13: 9780486244570
Language: English
Description: One of the famed architect's earliest published works, the Wasmuth drawings capture Wright's first great experiments in organic design and thought. These 100 plates were reproduced from a rare 1910 first edition. The full-page illustrations depict plans for homes, banks, cottages, offices, temples, and Wright's own studio. Introduction and annotations by Wright.
Sun, 24 Nov 2019 15:32:07 GMT
Art and the Empire City (by John K. Howat, Catherine Hoover Voorsanger) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/art-and-the-empire-city
Author(s): John K. Howat, Catherine Hoover Voorsanger
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Art > History
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Publish date: 2000-09
ISBN-10: 0300085184
ISBN-13: 9780300085181
Language: English
Description: Beginning with the inauguration of the Eric Canal and ending with the outbreak of the Civil War, the port of New York was turned into the gateway to the United States. Already the financial capital of America, the city now became an international economic and cultural center as well. In this magnificent book, eminent authorities discuss the proliferation of the visual arts that occurred during this period. Dell Upton describes the cultural and historical background for the artworks, and John K. Howat discusses the increasingly sophisticated New York collectors who bought them. Essays from other authors explore shopping in the city, the... more...
Thu, 31 Oct 2019 06:56:02 GMT
Visual Catalog: Greg Lynn's Studio at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Edition Angewandte) (by Greg Lynn, Kristy Balliet, Brennan Buck) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/visual-catalog-greg-lynns-studio-at-the-university-of-applied-arts-vienna-edition-angewandte
Author(s): Greg Lynn, Kristy Balliet, Brennan Buck
Categories: Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Springer Vienna Architecture
Publish date: 2010-10-30
ISBN-10: 3211991921
ISBN-13: 9783211991923
Language: English
Description: Kristy Balliet and Brennan Buck are architects and have both worked as assistants to Greg Lynn. This is their visual catalog of the Lynn Studio s work over the last five years. It is a project-based visual catalog of design innovations that were created with Lynn s students. Each chapter describes an exactly defined formal, aesthetic or atmospheric building block and its cultural context. The descriptions comprise introductions, reference images, theoretical contributions and the student s projects for the studio. The Visual Catalog offers a unique insight into Greg Lynn s design and teaching practice. Since the 1990s, Lynn... more...
Sun, 11 Aug 2019 22:16:02 GMT
modern alternatives: Höller & Klotzner Architecture (English, Italian and German Edition) (by Alessandro Rocca) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/modern-alternatives-h-ller-and-klotzner-architecture-english-italian-and-german-edition
Author(s): Alessandro Rocca
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Springer Vienna Architecture
Publish date: 2008-11-17
ISBN-10: 3211791930
ISBN-13: 9783211791936
Language: English
Description: modern alternatives is the first compilation of projects realized by Höller and Klotzner, the fascinating northern Italian architecture office. The book presents six buildings of great conceptual density and craftsmanship. The selected projects are all in northern Italy, but the architecture is not regional or home-style . It is architecture that takes up and interprets the impulses and tendencies affecting European and international construction landscapes. A rich collection of graphical and photographic material illustrates the buildings creating a successful link between the innovative approach and the precise... more...
Sun, 11 Aug 2019 20:22:08 GMT
APOPliving: ... apartments, houses, cities (by Georg Driendl, Gregor Lehrl) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/apopliving-apartments-houses-cities
Author(s): Georg Driendl, Gregor Lehrl
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Springer Vienna Architecture
Publish date: 2010-09-08
ISBN-10: 3709101166
ISBN-13: 9783709101162
Language: English
Description: Driendl is one of Austria s most respected architects. His buildings show a quality level that is seldom reached. Not only do they withstand a second glance, but they even require it. Catchwords like "wit" and "innovation" might here give an approximate description of his abilities. His buildings feature on the cover and are in the table of contents of trend setting architecture journals such as GA, AD, Abitare, and others. APOPliving is a very individual book in which Georg Driendl, in cooperation with specialists, covers the entire range of the topic "living". Like in a theatre play, he divides the topics into acts and... more...
Sun, 11 Aug 2019 18:22:08 GMT
Juha Leiviska and the Continuity of Finnish Modern Architecture (Architectural Monographs No) (by Malcolm Quantrill) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/juha-leiviska-and-the-continuity-of-finnish-modern-architecture-architectural-monographs-no
Author(s): Malcolm Quantrill
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference
Publisher: Wiley-Academy
Publish date: 2001-11-28
ISBN-10: 0471489670
ISBN-13: 9783790811599
Language: English
Description: JUHA ILMARI LEIVISKÄ has enjoyed a distinguished career as one of Finland's leading architects. This book provides a perceptive account of his work to date, locating it within both Finnish modernism and that of Dutch De Stijl. Leiviskä's profound interest in architectural history has not led him to mere imitation of historic forms: even in his faithful adherence to the principles of De Stijl he succeeds in dissolving its formal vocabulary of abstraction by his uncanny and totally unnerving use of daylight. What is reflected in Professor Quantrill's authoritative account is not only Leiviskä's sensitivity to the chemistry of built form when... more...
Sat, 03 Aug 2019 14:16:07 GMT
Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry (by Paul Goldberger) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/building-art-the-life-and-work-of-frank-gehry
Author(s): Paul Goldberger
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > Artists, Architects, Photographers, Biography & Autobiography > Literary, Humor > General
Publisher: Knopf
Publish date: 2015-09-15
ISBN-10: 0307701530
ISBN-13: 9780307701534
Language: English
Description: From Pulitzer Prize–winning architectural critic Paul Goldberger: an engaging, nuanced exploration of the life and work of Frank Gehry, undoubtedly the most famous architect of our time. This first full-fledged critical biography presents and evaluates the work of a man who has almost single-handedly transformed contemporary architecture in his innovative use of materials, design, and form, and who is among the very few architects in history to be both respected by critics as a creative, cutting-edge force and embraced by the general public as a popular figure. Building Art shows the full range of Gehry’s work, from... more...
Fri, 02 Aug 2019 00:52:02 GMT
Eco-Library Design (by John A. Flannery, Karen M. Smith) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/eco-library-design
Author(s): John A. Flannery, Karen M. Smith
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, House & Home > Design & Construction, Political Science > Public Policy, Science > Environmental Science, Science > Biology
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2014-03-26
ISBN-10: 9400740778
ISBN-13: 9789400740778
Language: English
Description: The ancient pairing of architecture and books has always been an interesting topic for debate, and the increasing popularity of electronic books has recently added fuel to the fire. However, the bonfires built for the printed version remain unlit. Research undertaken for this publication suggests that the traditional reading room is currently enjoying a renaissance in many different guises, with print and digital media enjoying a symbiotic relationship. The digital revolution is just one of the many challenges faced by the library architect. To satisfy the varied requirements of library users, flexible, future proof, indoor... more...
Tue, 30 Jul 2019 17:36:11 GMT
You Belong to the Universe: Buckminster Fuller and the Future (by Jonathon Keats) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/you-belong-to-the-universe-buckminster-fuller-and-the-future
Author(s): Jonathon Keats
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > Artists, Architects, Photographers
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publish date: 2016-04-01
ISBN-10: 019933823X
ISBN-13: 9780199338238
Language: English
Description: A compelling call to apply Buckminster Fuller's creative problem-solving to present-day problems A self-professed "comprehensive anticipatory design scientist," the inventor Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was undoubtedly a visionary. Fuller's creations often bordered on the realm of science fiction, ranging from the freestanding geodesic dome to the three-wheel Dymaxion car to a bathroom requiring neither plumbing nor sewage. Yet in spite of his brilliant mind and life-long devotion to serving mankind, Fuller's expansive ideas were often dismissed, and have faded from public memory since his death. You Belong to the Universe documents Fuller's... more...
Sun, 28 Jul 2019 05:56:19 GMT
The Villanovan, Etruscan, and Hellenistic Collections in the Detroit Institute of Arts (Monumenta Graeca Et Romana) (by Dr. David A. Caccioli, with an introduction by William H. Peck) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-villanovan-etruscan-and-hellenistic-collections-in-the-detroit-institute-of-arts-monumenta-graeca-et-romana
Author(s): Dr. David A. Caccioli, with an introduction by William H. Peck
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Art > History
Publisher: Brill
Publish date: 2009-07-31
ISBN-10: 9004172300
ISBN-13: 9789004172302
Language: English
Description: Book annotation not available for this title. Title: The Villanovan, Etruscan, and Hellenistic Collections in the Detroit Institute of Arts Author: Caccioli, David A., Ph.D./ Peck, William H. (INT) Publisher: Brill Academic Pub Publication Date: 2009/06/15 Number of Pages: 242 Binding Type: HARDCOVER Library of Congress: 2009014963
Fri, 31 May 2019 03:32:03 GMT
Conversations with Mies van der Rohe (by Moisés Puente) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/conversations-with-mies-van-der-rohe
Author(s): Moisés Puente
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Planning, Architecture > Reference, Juvenile Nonfiction > General
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2008-06-19
ISBN-10: 1568987536
ISBN-13: 9781568987538
Language: English
Description: It has been said that modernist legend Mies van der Rohe's thirty years spent working in America reflected his mostconsistent and mature efforts toward achieving his goal of a new architecture for the twentieth century. Focusing on this American period, Conversations with Mies van der Rohe, the latest addition to our Conversations series, gives fresh credence to this claim by presenting the architect's most important design concerns in his own words. In this collectionof interviews Mies talks freely about his relationship with clients, the common language he aimed for in his architecturalprojects, the influences on his work, and the synthesis of... more...
Mon, 27 May 2019 18:52:05 GMT
Young Architects 11: Foresight (by The Architectural League of New York) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/young-architects-11-foresight
Author(s): The Architectural League of New York
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2010-04-07
ISBN-10: 1568988877
ISBN-13: 9781568988870
Language: English
Description: Foresight is the eleventh in an annual series of publications that features the best young practicing architects as selected by the Architectural League of New York in their annual Young Architects competition. This year's theme, "Foresight," refers to an ability to survey, research, and engage the present toward particular, desired outcomes in the future. Our lives are inundated by forecasts about the world climate, the economy, sociopolitical trends, the housing markets rise and fall, and all kinds of bubbles bursting. Everyone has become an expert in predicting the future, just as the very idea of a better future has, for the first time in... more...
Sat, 04 May 2019 02:32:05 GMT
The Progressive Architecture Of Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr (by Martin Aurand) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-progressive-architecture-of-frederick-g-scheibler-jr
Author(s): Martin Aurand
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, History > United States
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Publish date: 1994-05-24
ISBN-10: 0822937816
ISBN-13: 9780822937814
Language: English
Description: Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. (1872-1958) was the rare turn-of-the-century American architecht who looked to progressive movements such as Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement for inspiration, rather than conventional styles.  His fresh house designs and plans for apartment buildings and multifamily “group cottages” feature dramatic massing, rich detailing, and a wide variety of materials such as brick, stucco, wood, exposed steel, decorative tile, and ary glass.  Scheibler envisioned each building as a work of art, integrating architecture and ornamentation.  Prized today,... more...
Tue, 30 Apr 2019 12:56:13 GMT
House: Black Swan Theory (by Steven Holl) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/house-black-swan-theory
Author(s): Steven Holl
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, House & Home > Design & Construction, Juvenile Nonfiction > General
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2007-03-29
ISBN-10: 1568985878
ISBN-13: 9781568985879
Language: English
Description: In 1989, Princeton Architectural Press published Anchoring, the first book on the work of the then up-and-coming architect Steven Holl. Since then, Holl has become one of the most famous and highly regarded architects in the world through his award-winning residential and institutional work; his teaching, writings, and drawings; and his persistent vision of an architecture that takes into consideration its place, time, and all the senses of the viewer. This philosophy helped to create some of the richest and most celebrated buildings of the past several decades. Indeed, in 2001, Time magazine called Holl "America's Best Architect for 'buildings... more...
Fri, 26 Apr 2019 04:22:01 GMT
Norwegian Wood: The Thoughtful Architecture of Wenche Selmer (by Elisabeth Tostrup) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/norwegian-wood-the-thoughtful-architecture-of-wenche-selmer
Author(s): Elisabeth Tostrup
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > Ethnic Cultures, Juvenile Nonfiction > General, Photography > General
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2006-08-24
ISBN-10: 1568985932
ISBN-13: 9781568985930
Language: English
Description: Whether set along the picturesque coast of Norway or in its remote mountains and forests, architect Wenche Selmer's wooden cabins and houses blend effortlessly into their surroundings. Combining local building traditions with modern conveniences, her designs evoke Norway in all its rugged beauty and smart Scandinavian pragmatism. Just looking at these cabins is an invitation to sit down at the lovingly designed dining table for a hearty meal, or to curl up with a book on one of the inviting corner sofas while enjoying the panoramic view through large glass windows. These are houses that, while thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted, were... more...
Fri, 26 Apr 2019 03:56:04 GMT
Bernard Maybeck Architect of Elegance (by Mark Wilson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/bernard-maybeck-architect-of-elegance
Author(s): Mark Wilson
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > Artists, Architects, Photographers, Juvenile Nonfiction > General
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Publish date: 2011-08-01
ISBN-10: 1423611802
ISBN-13: 9781423611806
Language: English
Description: The work of Bernard Maybeck has influenced generations of architects. His landmark buildings include the Palace of Fine Arts and First Church of Christ, Scientist. His emphasis on an open use of natural materials marks him as a pioneer in sustainable architecture, or "green design." Maybeck's work achieves that delicate balance between historicism and modernism, and his buildings are still in use throughout several states on the West Coast and the Midwest. This book includes more than two dozen Maybeck buildings that have never been photographed in color in any other book, as well as several of his buildings that were never... more...
Thu, 25 Apr 2019 03:12:11 GMT
The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management: Making Chaos Work for Your Small Firm (by Rena M. Klein) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-architects-guide-to-small-firm-management-making-chaos-work-for-your-small-firm
Author(s): Rena M. Klein
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Project Management, Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Small Business
Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2010-05-24
ISBN-10: 0470466480
ISBN-13: 9780470466483
Language: English
Description: The definitive guide to management success for sole practitioners and leaders of small design firmsOwning and operating a small architectural design firm can be challenging, with tight project deadlines, on-the-fly meetings, rush proposals, and fluctuating workloads as part of the firm's day-to-day activities. To help small firm owners cope with the chaos and prepare for the unexpected, here is The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management, a no-nonsense guide to repurposing daily demands into workable, goal-directed solutions.Crucial topics such as self-aware leadership, people management, technology, financial health, scenario planning,... more...
Fri, 05 Apr 2019 06:06:13 GMT
The Bauhaus and America: First Contacts, 1919-1936 (by Margret Kentgens-Craig) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-bauhaus-and-america-first-contacts-1919-1936
Author(s): Margret Kentgens-Craig
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publish date: 1999-12-10
ISBN-10: 026211237X
ISBN-13: 9780262112376
Language: English
Description: The Bauhaus school was founded in Weimar in 1919 by the German architect Walter Gropius, moved to Dessau in 1925 and to Berlin in 1932, and was dissolved in 1933 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe under political duress. Although it existed for a mere fourteen years and boasted fewer than 1,300 students, its influence is felt throughout the world in numerous buildings, artworks, objects, concepts, and curricula. After the Bauhaus's closing in 1933, many of its protagonists moved to the United States, where their acceptance had to be cultivated. The key to understanding the American reception of the Bauhaus is to be found not in the émigré success... more...
Fri, 08 Mar 2019 18:32:06 GMT
Women Architects in India: Histories of Practice in Mumbai and Delhi (by Mary N. Woods) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/women-architects-in-india-histories-of-practice-in-mumbai-and-delhi
Author(s): Mary N. Woods
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2016-09-16
ISBN-10: 1472475305
ISBN-13: 9781472475305
Language: English
Description: As the first inclusive study of how women have shaped the modern Indian built environment from the independence struggle until today, this book reveals a history that is largely unknown, not only in the West, but also in India. Educated in the 1930s and 1940s, the very first women architects designed everything from factories to museums in the post-independence period. The generations that followed are now responsible for metro systems, shopping malls, corporate headquarters, and IT campuses for a global India. But they also design schools, cultural centers, religious pilgrimage hotels, and wildlife sanctuaries. Pioneers in... more...
Thu, 07 Mar 2019 18:06:04 GMT
An Architect's Guide to Fame: A Collection of Essays on why they got Famous and You didn't (by Paul Davies BA (Hons) Dip Arch., Torsten Schmiedeknecht Dip Arch. M. Arch) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/an-architects-guide-to-fame-a-collection-of-essays-on-why-they-got-famous-and-you-didnt
Author(s): Paul Davies BA (Hons) Dip Arch., Torsten Schmiedeknecht Dip Arch. M. Arch
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Project Management, Architecture > Reference
Publisher: Architectural Press
Publish date: 2005-10-06
ISBN-10: 075065967X
ISBN-13: 9780750659673
Language: English
Description: No description available
Tue, 12 Feb 2019 03:26:02 GMT
Nanoarchitecture: A New Species of Architecture (by Lebbeus Woods, John Johansen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/nanoarchitecture-a-new-species-of-architecture
Author(s): Lebbeus Woods, John Johansen
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2002-09-01
ISBN-10: 1568983018
ISBN-13: 9781568983011
Language: English
Description: John Johansen, now 85 years old, has been one of the preeminent architects in the United States for more than half a century. After studying under Walter Gropius (who became his father-in-law) at Harvard, he embarked on an extraordinary career marked by experimental domestic and public design. Since retiring from practice, Johansen has devoted himself to producing futuristic architecture that looks to the newest technologies science has to offer--from nanotechnology to magnetic levitation to material science--for its inspiration. Nanoarchitecture presents eleven of Johansen's most inspired visions. A floating conference center, an apartment... more...
Fri, 28 Dec 2018 06:18:03 GMT
Eladio Dieste: Innovation in Structural Art (by Stanford Anderson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/eladio-dieste-innovation-in-structural-art
Author(s): Stanford Anderson
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, Juvenile Nonfiction > General
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2004-05-01
ISBN-10: 1568983719
ISBN-13: 9781568983714
Language: English
Description: In an industry so often enamored by media-coddled superstars with trendy clients, Eladio Dieste stands out as a refreshing and inspiring figure. Born in Uruguay, Dieste spent most of his long and productive career creating industrial and agrarian works, public infrastructure, commercial buildings, and small churches in his native country. Dieste's unique and innovative method of design, a melding of architecture and engineering, elevated these often humble buildings to masterworks of art. Capitalizing on his revolutionary approach to building with reinforced masonry, Dieste built aesthetically stunning structures economically. If he often worked... more...
Fri, 28 Dec 2018 04:54:11 GMT
Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency (by Andrea Oppenheimer Dean) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/rural-studio-samuel-mockbee-and-an-architecture-of-decency
Author(s): Andrea Oppenheimer Dean
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Methods & Materials, Architecture > Study & Teaching, Juvenile Nonfiction > General, Reference > General
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2002-01-01
ISBN-10: 1568982925
ISBN-13: 9781568982922
Language: English
Description: For almost ten years, Samuel Mockbee, a recent MacArthur Grant recipient, and his architecture students at Auburn University have been designing and building striking houses and community buildings for impoverished residents of Alabama's Hale County. Using salvaged lumber and bricks, discarded tires, hay and waste cardboard bales, concrete rubble, colored bottles, and old license plates, they create inexpensive buildings that bear the trademark of Mockbee's work, which he describes as "contemporary modernism grounded in Southern culture."In a time of unexampled prosperity, when architectural attention focuses on big, glossy urban projects, the... more...
Fri, 21 Dec 2018 03:18:02 GMT
Understanding Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture (Dover Architecture) (by Donald Hoffmann) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/understanding-frank-lloyd-wrights-architecture-dover-architecture
Author(s): Donald Hoffmann
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publish date: 1995-03-30
ISBN-10: 048628364X
ISBN-13: 9780486283647
Language: English
Description: "May be the best book on Wright ever written, with the exception of the master's own incomparable autobiography." — New York Times Book ReviewDespite the vast literature about Frank Lloyd Wright, noted Wright scholar Donald Hoffmann contends that observations about Wright commonly fail to reach any understanding of his art and few commentaries deal with the principles of his architecture. What inspired his work? How did his architecture mature? What are the dynamics of its characteristic expression? Why will the formative principles always be valid? The answers to these and other questions about... more...
Wed, 12 Dec 2018 16:16:02 GMT
Imagine Math 6: Between Culture and Mathematics (by Marco Abate, Michele Emmer) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/imagine-math-6-between-culture-and-mathematics
Author(s): Marco Abate, Michele Emmer
Categories: Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Architecture > Individual Architect, Computers > Computer Graphics, Computers > Programming
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2018-11-07
ISBN-10: 3319939483
ISBN-13: 9783319939483
Language: English
Description: Imagine mathematics, imagine with the help of mathematics, imagine new worlds, new geometries, new forms. Imagine building mathematical models that make it possible to manage our world better, imagine combining music, art, poetry, literature, architecture and cinema with mathematics. Imagine the unpredictable and sometimes counterintuitive applications of mathematics in all areas of human endeavour. Imagination and mathematics, imagination and culture, culture and mathematics. This sixth volume in the series begins with a homage to the architect Zaha Hadid, who died on March 31st, 2016, a few weeks before the opening of a... more...
Tue, 04 Dec 2018 22:50:06 GMT
The Man in the Glass House: Philip Johnson, Architect of the Modern Century (by Mark Lamster) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-man-in-the-glass-house-philip-johnson-architect-of-the-modern-century
Author(s): Mark Lamster
Categories: Architecture > Criticism, Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > Artists, Architects, Photographers, Biography & Autobiography > Historical, History > United States
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publish date: 2018-11-06
ISBN-10: 0316126438
ISBN-13: 9780316126434
Language: English
Description: When Philip Johnson died in 2005 at the age of 98, he was still one of the most recognizable--and influential--figures on the American cultural landscape. The first recipient of the Pritzker Prize and MoMA's founding architectural curator, Johnson made his mark as one of America's leading architects with his famous Glass House in New Caanan, CT, and his controversial AT&T Building in NYC, among many others in nearly every city in the country--but his most natural role was as a consummate power broker and shaper of public opinion. Johnson introduced European modernism--the sleek, glass-and-steel architecture that now dominates our... more...
Tue, 04 Dec 2018 11:10:22 GMT
From the Shadows: The Architecture and Afterlife of Nicholas Hawksmoor (by Owen Hopkins) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/from-the-shadows-the-architecture-and-afterlife-of-nicholas-hawksmoor
Author(s): Owen Hopkins
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Biography & Autobiography > General
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Publish date: 2016-01-15
ISBN-10: 1780235151
ISBN-13: 9781780235158
Language: English
Description: Nicholas Hawksmoor (1662–1736) is one of English history’s greatest architects, outshone only by Christopher Wren, under whom he served as an apprentice. A major figure in his own time, he was involved in nearly all the grandest architectural projects of his age, and he is best known for his London churches, six of which still stand today.             Hawksmoor wasn’t always appreciated, however: for decades after his death, he was seen as at best a second-rate talent. From the Shadows tells the story of the resurrection of his reputation, showing how over the... more...
Sun, 02 Dec 2018 06:12:09 GMT
Aesthetics and Technology in Building: The Twenty-First-Century Edition (by Pier Nervi) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/aesthetics-and-technology-in-building-the-twenty-first-century-edition
Author(s): Pier Nervi
Categories: Architecture > Criticism, Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Publish date: 2018-07-23
ISBN-10: 0252041690
ISBN-13: 9780252041693
Language: English
Description: The UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The Pirelli skyscraper in Milan. The Palazetto dello Sport in Rome. The "soaring beauty" of Pier Luigi Nervi's visionary designs and buildings changed cityscapes in the twentieth century. His uncanny ingenuity with reinforced concrete, combined with a gift for practical problem solving, revolutionized the use of open internal space in structures like arenas and concert halls. Aesthetics and Technology in Building: The Twenty-First-Century Edition introduces Nervi's ideas about architecture and engineering to a new generation of students and admirers. More than 200 photographs, details,... more...
Mon, 26 Nov 2018 08:06:02 GMT
Swiss Sensibility (by Anna Roos) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/swiss-sensibility
Author(s): Anna Roos
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Regional
Publisher: Birkhäuser
Publish date: 2017-05-24
ISBN-10: 3035611289
ISBN-13: 9783035611281
Language: English
Description: Nicht nur die Schweizer Pritzker-Preisträger Peter Zumthor und Herzog & de Meuron, auch andere Architekten prägen die zeitgenössische Architekturszene. Das Buch dokumentiert 25 Gebäude in der Schweiz, entworfen von 16 einflussreichen Schweizer Architekten. Die Bandbreite der Projekte reicht vom dichten urbanen Raum bis ins alpine Umfeld; sie verbinden Ingenieurs- und Handwerkskunst mit traditionellen Materialien und moderner Bautechnik. Großformatige Fotos machen Proportionen, Materialien und Details der Bauten erlebbar. Mit dem Blick von innen wie auch von außen analysieren vier Autoren die Vielfalt der... more...
Fri, 23 Nov 2018 10:26:06 GMT
Temporal Architecture: eVolo 7 (by Carlo Aiello) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/temporal-architecture-evolo-7
Author(s): Carlo Aiello
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Methods & Materials, Architecture > Study & Teaching
Publisher: eVolo
Publish date: 2016-01-01
ISBN-10: 1938740106
ISBN-13: 9781938740107
Language: English
Description: Temporal Architecture documents the latest architectural works designed for temporary use. The list includes pavilions, installations, and pop-up structures with a novel use of materials and cutting-edge design and fabrication processes. The book analyzes the role of these structures in the development of new ideas in architectural design. The relative small scale of the projects allow for forward-thinking concepts to be developed and materialized. Featured architects/designers in Temporal Architecture includes; John Frane, Aaron Neubert, Dora Epstein Jones, Monika Grzymala, Selgascano Architects, Judith Vrancken, Alisa Andrasek, José Sanchez,... more...
Sun, 18 Nov 2018 19:56:05 GMT
Reyner Banham: Historian of the Immediate Future (by Nigel Whiteley) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/reyner-banham-historian-of-the-immediate-future
Author(s): Nigel Whiteley
Categories: Architecture > Criticism, Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, Biography & Autobiography > Artists, Architects, Photographers
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publish date: 2001-11-01
ISBN-10: 0262232162
ISBN-13: 9780262232166
Language: English
Description: Winner in the 2002 AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal competition for excellence in design in the category of Scholarly Illustrated. Reyner Banham (1922-88) was one of the most influential writers on architecture, design, and popular culture from the mid-1950s to the late 1980s. Trained in mechanical engineering and art history, he was convinced that technology was making society not only more exciting but more democratic. His combination of academic rigor and pop culture sensibility put him in opposition to both traditionalists and orthodox Modernists, but placed him in a unique position to understand the cultural, social, and political implications... more...
Tue, 13 Nov 2018 04:32:04 GMT
Kengo Kuma: Selected Works (by Botond Bognar) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/kengo-kuma-selected-works
Author(s): Botond Bognar
Categories: Architecture > History, Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Reference, Architecture > Regional
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: 2005-08-01
ISBN-10: 1568984596
ISBN-13: 9781568984599
Language: English
Description: Evanescent. Restrained. Ethereal. These are some of the words used to describe the architecture of Kengo Kuma, one of the most heralded of a new generation of Japanese architects. A recent article in Architecture writes of Kuma that "he strives to give his buildings the qualities of a rainbow, composed of shimmering particles, more illusion than object, that change as you look at them." Increasingly the focus of international renown, Kuma's work is characterized by a delicate simplicity and minimalism, incorporating a wide range of ephemeral transparencies. Their ineffable vibrancy is achieved largely by the extensive and skillful use of screens:... more...
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 16:52:08 GMT
Louis I. Kahn : Unbuilt Masterworks (by William J. Mitchell, Vincent Scully, Kent Larson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/louis-i-kahn-unbuilt-masterworks
Author(s): William J. Mitchell, Vincent Scully, Kent Larson
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect, Architecture > Regional
Publisher: The Monacelli Press
Publish date: 2000-10
ISBN-10: 158093014X
ISBN-13: 9781580930147
Language: English
Description: American architect Louis I. Kahn left behind a legacy of great buildings: the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California; the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas; and the Indian Institute for Management in Ahmedabad. Yet he also left behind an equally important legacy of designs that were never realized. This exceptional volume unites those unbuilt projects with the most advanced computer-graphics technology—the first fundamentally new tool for studying space since the development of perspective in the Renaissance—to create a beautiful and poignant vision of what might have been. Author Kent Larson has delved deep into Kahn's extensive... more...
Mon, 29 Oct 2018 15:32:03 GMT
Frank Lloyd Wright : The Early Years : Progressivism : Aesthetics : Cities (by Donald Leslie Johnson) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/frank-lloyd-wright-the-early-years-progressivism-aesthetics-cities
Author(s): Donald Leslie Johnson
Categories: Architecture > Individual Architect
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2018-05-06
ISBN-10: 9781138601
ISBN-13: 9781138601628
Language: English
Description: Frank Lloyd Wright : The Early Years : Progressivism : Aesthetics : Cities examines Wright's belief that all aspects of human life must embrace and celebrate an aesthetic experience that would thereby lead to necessary social reforms. Inherent in the theory was a belief that reform of nineteenth-century gluttony should include a contemporary interpretation of its material presence, its bulk and space, its architectural landscape. This book analyzes Wright's innovative, profound theory of architecture that drew upon geometry and notions of pure design and the indigenous as put into practice. It outlines the design... more...
Wed, 24 Oct 2018 01:02:08 GMT
Architecture of Brazil: 1900-1990 (by Hugo Segawa) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/architecture-of-brazil-1900-1990
Author(s): Hugo Segawa
Categories: Architecture > Criticism, Architecture > Individual Architect, History > Americas (North Central South West Indies), House & Home > Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Technology & Engineering > Civil
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2012-12-05
ISBN-10: 1461454301
ISBN-13: 9781461454304
Language: English
Description: Architecture of Brazil: 1900-1990 examines the processes that underpin modern Brazilian architecture under various influences and characterizes different understandings of modernity, evident in the chapter topics of this book. Accordingly, the author does not give overall preference to particular architects nor works, with the exception of a few specific works and architects, including Warchavchik, Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, and Vilanova Artigas.
Tue, 09 Oct 2018 00:26:10 GMT