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Author(s): Lawrence Berliner, Kâmil Uludag, Kâmil Ugurbil
Categories: Medical > Biochemistry, Medical > Neuroscience, Science > Chemistry
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2015-09-17
ISBN-10: 148997590X
ISBN-13: 9781489975904
Language: English
Description: This volume explores the revolutionary fMRI field from basic principles to state-of-the-art research. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including the history of fMRI's development using endogenous MR blood contrast, neurovascular coupling, pulse sequences for fMRI, quantitative fMRI; fMRI of the visual system, auditory cortex, and sensorimotor system; genetic imaging using fMRI, multimodal neuroimaging, brain bioenergetics and function and molecular-level fMRI. Comprehensive and intuitively structured, this book engages the reader with a first-person account of the development and history of the fMRI field by the authors. The subsequent... more...
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Complexity and Real Computation (by Felipe Cucker, Steve Smale, Lenore Blum, Michael Shub) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/complexity-and-real-computation
Author(s): Felipe Cucker, Steve Smale, Lenore Blum, Michael Shub
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, Mathematics > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2012-10-10
ISBN-10: 1461268737
ISBN-13: 9781461268734
Language: English
Description: The classical theory of computation has its origins in the work of Goedel, Turing, Church, and Kleene and has been an extraordinarily successful framework for theoretical computer science. The thesis of this book, however, is that it provides an inadequate foundation for modern scientific computation where most of the algorithms are real number algorithms. The goal of this book is to develop a formal theory of computation which integrates major themes of the classical theory and which is more directly applicable to problems in mathematics, numerical analysis, and scientific computing. Along the way, the authors consider such fundamental problems... more...
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A Case for Psycholinguistic Cases (by Gabriela Appel, Hans W. Dechert) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/a-case-for-psycholinguistic-cases-1
Author(s): Gabriela Appel, Hans W. Dechert
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines > Linguistics
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Publish date: 1991-10-25
ISBN-10: 1556191200
ISBN-13: 9781556191206
Language: English
Description: This volume comprises ten papers presented as plenary lectures on the occasion of the Second World Congress of the International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics (ISAPL) at the University of Kassel, Germany, from July 27 ― 31, 1987. The articles collected in this volume focus on the production, comprehension, and acquisition of languages from various empirical and theoretical points of view. This volume is case-based in that it does not claim to cover the full range of present-day psycholinguistic enquiry. It attempts, though, to make a case out of a representational variety of psycholinguistic phenomena, which might provide a window on a... more...
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The Rise and Fall of the French Air Force: French Air Operations and Strategy 1900-1940 (by Greg Baughen) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-rise-and-fall-of-the-french-air-force-french-air-operations-and-strategy-1900-1940
Author(s): Greg Baughen
Categories: History > Military, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publish date: 2018-04-05
ISBN-10: 178155644X
ISBN-13: 9781781556443
Language: English
Description: On 10 May 1940, the French possessed one of the largest air forces in the world. On paper, it was nearly as strong as the RAF. Six weeks later, France had been defeated. For a struggling French Army desperately looking for air support, the skies seemed empty of friendly planes. In the decades that followed, the debate raged. Were there unused stockpiles of planes? Were French aircraft really so inferior? Baughen examines the myths that surround the French defeat. He explains how at the end of the First World War, the French had possessed the most effective air force in the world, only for the lessons learned to be forgotten. Instead, air policy was... more...
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German Heavy Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War: From Tiger to E-100 (by Kenneth Estes) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/german-heavy-fighting-vehicles-of-the-second-world-war-from-tiger-to-e-100
Author(s): Kenneth Estes
Categories: History > Military, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publish date: 2018-03-13
ISBN-10: 1781556466
ISBN-13: 9781781556467
Language: English
Description: The German army faced tanks of superior size, armor and firepower from the outset of World War II. Although their Panzerwaffen handled the Polish campaign, war with France meant confronting superior heavy and medium tanks like the Char B and Somua, with 47 mm high velocity cannon that penetrated German tank armor with ease. French infantry disposed of effective antitank weapons and a portion of their 75 mm field guns were detailed as antitank guns. Even greater challenges emerged with the Russo-German War, for the Germans had no initial answer to the KV-1 heavy tank and T-34 medium. The successive technical shocks of superior tanks introduced by... more...
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American Refugees (by Jim Hubbard, Jonathan Kozol, Mike Zerby) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/american-refugees-1
Author(s): Jim Hubbard, Jonathan Kozol, Mike Zerby
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Univ of Minnesota Pr
Publish date: 1991-04-01
ISBN-10: 0816619271
ISBN-13: 9780816619276
Language: English
Description: Photographs document the eviction of families from their homes and the plight of America's homeless and are accompanied by a list of pertinent state and municipal agencies
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:56:14 GMT
Between Worlds: The Life and Thought of Rabbi David Ben Judah Messer Leon (SUNY Series in Judaica) (Suny Series in Judaica, Hermeneutics, Mysticism and Religion) (by Hava Tirosh-Rothschild) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/between-worlds-the-life-and-thought-of-rabbi-david-ben-judah-messer-leon-suny-series-in-judaica-suny-series-in-judaica-hermeneutics-mysticism-and
Author(s): Hava Tirosh-Rothschild
Categories: Biography & Autobiography > General, Religion > General
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publish date: 1991-01-22
ISBN-10: 079140448X
ISBN-13: 9780791404485
Language: English
Description: Book by Tirosh-Rothschild, Hava
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:56:09 GMT
The Structure of Style: Algorithmic Approaches to Understanding Manner and Meaning (by Kevin Burns, Shlomo Argamon, Shlomo Dubnov) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-structure-of-style-algorithmic-approaches-to-understanding-manner-and-meaning
Author(s): Kevin Burns, Shlomo Argamon, Shlomo Dubnov
Categories: Art > General, Computers > Artificial Intelligence, Computers > Networking, Computers > Programming, Reference > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2010-09-14
ISBN-10: 3642123368
ISBN-13: 9783642123368
Language: English
Description: Style is a fundamental and ubiquitous aspect of the human experience: Everyone instantly and constantly assesses people and things according to their individual styles, academics establish careers by researching musical, artistic, or architectural styles, and entire industries maintain themselves by continuously creating and marketing new styles. Yet what exactly style is and how it works are elusive: We certainly know it when we see it, but there is no shared and clear understanding of the diverse phenomena that we call style. The Structure of Style explores this issue from a computational viewpoint, in terms of how information is... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:56:05 GMT
Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism: Five Interventions in the (Mis)Use of a Notion (by Slavoj Zizek) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/did-somebody-say-totalitarianism-five-interventions-in-the-mis-use-of-a-notion
Author(s): Slavoj Zizek
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Verso
Publish date: 2002-10-27
ISBN-10: 1859844251
ISBN-13: 9781859844250
Language: English
Description: Totalitarianism, as an ideological notion, has always had a precise strategic function: to guarantee the liberal-democratic hegemony by dismissing the Leftist critique of liberal democracy as the obverse, the twin, of the Rightist Fascist dictatorships. Instead of providing yet another systematic exposition of the history of this notion, Žižek’s book addresses totalitarianism in a Wittgensteinian way, as a cobweb of family resemblances. He concludes that the devil lies not so much in the detail of what constitutes totalitarianism as in what enables the very designation totalitarian: the liberal-democratic consensus itself.
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:56:02 GMT
Top 50 Grammar Mistakes: How to Avoid Them (Easy English!) (by Adrian Wallwork) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/top-50-grammar-mistakes-how-to-avoid-them-easy-english
Author(s): Adrian Wallwork
Categories: Education > Language Experience Approach, Language Arts & Disciplines > Grammar, Language Arts & Disciplines > Study & Teaching
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2018-03-02
ISBN-10: 3319709836
ISBN-13: 9783319709833
Language: English
Description: This book focuses on the most commonly made grammar mistakes by non-native English speakers. This means that you can set yourself a reasonable target. So rather than trying to learn all English grammar, just concentrate on those issues that tend to be used the most frequently and/or tend to create the most misunderstandings. Each chapter contains: Examples of typical mistakes. Examples of correct usage. Rules / explanations. A short exercise where you can immediately practise what you have learned. Additional exercises. Keys to all exercises. The book also contains a Teachers... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:52:03 GMT
The Tanks of Operation Barbarossa: Soviet versus German Armour on the Eastern Front (by Boris Kavalerchik) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-tanks-of-operation-barbarossa-soviet-versus-german-armour-on-the-eastern-front
Author(s): Boris Kavalerchik
Categories: History > Military, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Pen and Sword Military
Publish date: 2018-06-14
ISBN-10: 1473886805
ISBN-13: 9781473886803
Language: English
Description: When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 the Red Army had four times as many tanks as the Wehrmacht and their tanks were seemingly superior, yet the Wehrmacht won the border battles with extraordinary ease the Red Armys tank force was pushed aside and for the most part annihilated. How was this victory achieved, and were the Soviet tanks really as well designed as is often believed? These are the basic questions Boris Kavalerchik answers in this absorbing study of the tanks and the tank tactics of the two armies that confronted each other at the start of the war on the Eastern Front. Drawing on technical and operational documents from... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:46:21 GMT
Tempest-Tossed: The Spirit of Isabella Beecher Hooker (Garnet Books) (by Susan Campbell) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/tempest-tossed-the-spirit-of-isabella-beecher-hooker-garnet-books-1
Author(s): Susan Campbell
Categories: Biography & Autobiography > Historical, Biography & Autobiography > Regional Subjects, Biography & Autobiography > Women, History > United States, Social Science > Feminism & Feminist Theory
Publisher: Wesleyan
Publish date: 2016-01-05
ISBN-10: 0819575976
ISBN-13: 9780819575975
Language: English
Description: Tempest-Tossed is the first full biography of the passionate, fascinating youngest daughter of the “Fabulous Beecher” family—one of America’s most high-powered families of the nineteenth century. Older sister Harriet Beecher Stowe was the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Brother Henry Ward Beecher was one of America’s most influential ministers, and sister Catherine Beecher wrote pivotal works on women’s rights and educational reform. And then there was Isabella Beecher Hooker—“a curiously modern nineteenth-century figure.” She was a leader in the suffrage movement, and a mover and shaker in Hartford’s storied Nook Farm... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:46:16 GMT
On The Man Question: Gender and Civic Virtue in America (by Mark Kann) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/on-the-man-question-gender-and-civic-virtue-in-america
Author(s): Mark Kann
Categories: Health & Fitness > Sexuality, Reference > General
Publisher: Temple University Press
Publish date: 1991-04-10
ISBN-10: 0877228078
ISBN-13: 9780877228073
Language: English
Description: Focusing on Seventeenth-Century English political philosophy and Nineteenth-Century American culture, Mark Kann challenges the widely-held view that American political institutions are grounded in the primacy of individualism. Liberal thinkers have long been concerned that men are too passionate and selfish to exercise individual rights without causing social chaos. Kann demonstrates how a desperate search to answer the man question began to revolutionize gender relations He examines "the other liberal tradition in America" which downplays the value of individualism, elevates the ongoing significance of... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:46:13 GMT
Ideal Embodiment: Kant's Theory of Sensibility (Studies in Continental Thought) (by Angelica Nuzzo) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/ideal-embodiment-kants-theory-of-sensibility-studies-in-continental-thought-1
Author(s): Angelica Nuzzo
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publish date: 2008-10-28
ISBN-10: 0253220157
ISBN-13: 9780253220158
Language: English
Description: Angelica Nuzzo offers a comprehensive reconstruction of Kant's theory of sensibility in his three Critiques. By introducing the notion of "transcendental embodiment," Nuzzo proposes a new understanding of Kant's views on science, nature, morality, and art. She shows that the issue of human embodiment is coherently addressed and key to comprehending vexing issues in Kant's work as a whole. In this penetrating book, Nuzzo enters new terrain and takes on questions Kant struggled with: How does a body that feels pleasure and pain, desire, anger, and fear understand and experience reason and strive toward knowledge? What grounds... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:46:09 GMT
Learning Kali Linux: Security Testing, Penetration Testing, and Ethical Hacking (by Ric Messier) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/learning-kali-linux-security-testing-penetration-testing-and-ethical-hacking
Author(s): Ric Messier
Categories: Computers > Cryptography, Computers > Networking, Computers > Operating Systems, Computers > Programming, Computers > Development
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publish date: 2018-08-10
ISBN-10: 149202869X
ISBN-13: 9781492028697
Language: English
Description: With more than 600 security tools in its arsenal, the Kali Linux distribution can be overwhelming. Experienced and aspiring security professionals alike may find it challenging to select the most appropriate tool for conducting a given test. This practical book covers Kali’s expansive security capabilities and helps you identify the tools you need to conduct a wide range of security tests and penetration tests. You’ll also explore the vulnerabilities that make those tests necessary. Author Ric Messier takes you through the foundations of Kali Linux and explains methods for conducting tests... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:46:04 GMT
Instruments and Methods for the Radio Detection of High Energy Cosmic Rays (Springer Theses) (by Frank Schröder) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/instruments-and-methods-for-the-radio-detection-of-high-energy-cosmic-rays-springer-theses
Author(s): Frank Schröder
Categories: Science > Astronomy, Science > Astrophysics & Space Science, Science > Nuclear Physics, Science > Physics
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2012-12-14
ISBN-10: 3642336590
ISBN-13: 9783642336591
Language: English
Description: Cosmic rays consist of elementary particles with enormous energy which originate from outside our solar system and constantly hit the Earth’s atmosphere. Where do these cosmic rays originate? How does nature accelerate the cosmic-ray particles to energies with orders of magnitude beyond the limits of manmade particle accelerators? What can we learn by measuring the interactions of the cosmic rays with the atmosphere? Digital radio-antenna arrays offer a promising, complementary measurement method for high-energy cosmic rays. This thesis reports on substantial advances in the development of the radio technique, which will be... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:42:07 GMT
Mathematical Structures of Epidemic Systems (Lecture Notes in Biomathematics) (by Vincenzo Capasso) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/mathematical-structures-of-epidemic-systems-lecture-notes-in-biomathematics
Author(s): Vincenzo Capasso
Categories: Health & Fitness > General, Mathematics > General, Medical > Biostatistics, Medical > Internal Medicine, Medical > Reference
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2008-08-01
ISBN-10: 3540565264
ISBN-13: 9783540565260
Language: English
Description: Mathematical modelling of communicable diseases has in the past decades been the subject of intense research activity, on the part of both epidemiologists and biomathematicians; nonlinear forces of infection, spatial structure, age structure and other relevant features have been integrated to make the models more and more realistic and useful in prediction and control. The author's perspective in this book is that there is a concrete possibility of classifying most of the available models according to their mathematical structure, so to obtain a solid framework for analysing the behaviour of the modelled epidemic systems. This monograph suggests a... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:42:05 GMT
Mutagenesis of the Mouse Genome (Georgia Genetics Review) (by Monica Justice, Mary Bedell) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/mutagenesis-of-the-mouse-genome-georgia-genetics-review
Author(s): Monica Justice, Mary Bedell
Categories: Medical > Genetics, Medical > Pharmacology, Medical > Veterinary Medicine, Science > Biology
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2005-04-01
ISBN-10: 140202875X
ISBN-13: 9781402028755
Language: English
Description: The Second Georgia Genetics Symposium was held color. Soon after, he joined the sta? of The Jackson in September 2000, and the development of this Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. book took place over the nearly 4 years that ensued. Much of Bill’s research at the lab was centered During this time, many advances in the Genome around investigating phenotypic variability within Project and mouse mutagenesis were made. In the highly inbred strains, and in that connection he book overview, we discuss the development of the developed the technique of ovarian transplanta- Genome Project (which is the context for the sym- tion (even using embryonic... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:42:02 GMT
The Complete Guide to Adaptogens: From Ashwagandha to Rhodiola, Medicinal Herbs That Transform and Heal (by Agatha Noveille) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-complete-guide-to-adaptogens-from-ashwagandha-to-rhodiola-medicinal-herbs-that-transform-and-heal
Author(s): Agatha Noveille
Categories: Religion > General
Publisher: Adams Media
Publish date: 2018-07-17
ISBN-10: 1507207840
ISBN-13: 9781507207840
Language: English
Description: In the tradition of the bestselling Alchemy of Herbs, The Complete Guide to Adaptogens details the benefits of twenty-four adaptogenic herbs, and includes more than seventy-five recipes that target specific wellness categories such as sleep, mental focus, beauty—and more! Adaptogens are a unique class of herbs that greatly improve your body's reaction to emotional and physical stress, while also increasing your energy, stamina, endurance, and mental clarity. Recent studies support what practitioners of Indian Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine have known for centuries—these herbs such as Rhodiola, ginseng, licorice, and more, have many... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:36:03 GMT
Beginner’s SEO Blueprint Guide: Get The Rankings You Need To Take Your Business To The Top Where Customers Can Find It (by USA Copywriters) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/beginner-s-seo-blueprint-guide-get-the-rankings-you-need-to-take-your-business-to-the-top-where-customers-can-find-it
Author(s): USA Copywriters
Categories: Business & Economics > E-Commerce, Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Entrepreneurship, Business & Economics > Marketing
Publisher: Independently published
Publish date: 2018-07-15
ISBN-10: 1717784658
ISBN-13: 9781717784650
Language: English
Description: Every expert out there was once a beginner. Beginner’s SEO Blueprint Guide is the first step towards your expertise. If you want to master the art of Search Engine Optimization without breaking a sweat, this guide is for you. Gone are the days when it took long hours of practice and years to learn the right way to optimize a website. With a comprehensive approach to learning how to optimize a website from beginner to advanced levels, this guide will let your business reach the top of the lists on the widely used search engines. The best part? It never actually feels like you’re reading it. Get your hands on the quickest and easiest way and... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:34:02 GMT
Digital Filters: Analysis, Design, and Signal Processing Applications (by Andreas Antoniou) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/digital-filters-analysis-design-and-signal-processing-applications
Author(s): Andreas Antoniou
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publish date: 2018-02-02
ISBN-10: 0071846034
ISBN-13: 9780071846035
Language: English
Description: Up-to-date digital filter design principles, techniques, and applications Written by a Life Fellow of the IEEE, this comprehensive textbook teaches digital filter design, realization, and implementation and provides detailed illustrations and real-world applications of digital filters to signal processing. Digital Filters: Analysis, Design, and Signal Processing Applications provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals and concepts of DSP and continues with state-of-the-art methodologies and algorithms for the design of digital filters.  You will get clear explanations of key topics such as spectral analysis,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:30:03 GMT
Technology and Globalisation: Networks of Experts in World History (Palgrave Studies in Economic History) (by David Pretel, Lino Camprubí) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/technology-and-globalisation-networks-of-experts-in-world-history-palgrave-studies-in-economic-history
Author(s): David Pretel, Lino Camprubí
Categories: Business & Economics > Economic History, Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > Industrial Management, Business & Economics > International, Science > History
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publish date: 2018-07-08
ISBN-10: 3319754491
ISBN-13: 9783319754499
Language: English
Description: This book examines the role of experts and expertise in the dynamics of globalisation since the mid-nineteenth century. It shows how engineers, scientists and other experts have acted as globalising agents, providing many of the materials and institutional means for world economic and technical integration. Focusing on the study of international connections, Technology and Globalisation illustrates how expert practices have shaped the political economies of interacting countries, entire regions and the world economy. This title brings together a range of approaches and topics across different regions,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:28:09 GMT
The Design of Active Crossovers (by Douglas Self) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-design-of-active-crossovers-1
Author(s): Douglas Self
Categories: Music > Recording & Reproduction, Science > Acoustics & Sound
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2018-04-09
ISBN-10: 1138733024
ISBN-13: 9781138733022
Language: English
Description: The use of active crossovers is increasing. They are used by almost every sound reinforcement system, and by almost every recording studio monitoring set-up. There is also a big usage of active crossovers in car audio, with the emphasis on routing the bass to enormous low-frequency loudspeakers. Active crossovers are used to a small but rapidly growing extent in domestic hifi, and I argue that their widespread introduction may be the next big step in this field. The Design of Active Crossovers has now been updated and extended for the Second Edition, taking in developments in loudspeaker technology and crossover design.... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:28:04 GMT
ABC of Clinical Leadership (ABC Series) (by Tim Swanwick, Judy McKimm) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/abc-of-clinical-leadership-abc-series
Author(s): Tim Swanwick, Judy McKimm
Categories: Medical > Education & Training, Medical > Health Care Delivery, Medical > Reference
Publisher: BMJ Books
Publish date: 2011-01-04
ISBN-10: 1405198176
ISBN-13: 9781405198172
Language: English
Description: This new title in the ABC series is written by clinical educators involved in running leadership programmes for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and defines the scope of clinical leadership, emphasising its importance in the clinical context. It develops and explores the key principles of leadership and management, and outlines the main leadership theories that have influenced healthcare practice.Through the use of short illustrative case studies, the book considers the challenges and skills in leading multi-disciplinary health care teams as well as the key factors involved in the leadership and management of change both at an individual... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:22:02 GMT
Samuel Adams: Son of Liberty, Father of Revolution (Oxford Portraits) (by Benjamin H. Irvin) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/samuel-adams-son-of-liberty-father-of-revolution-oxford-portraits
Author(s): Benjamin H. Irvin
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction > History
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publish date: 2002-10-31
ISBN-10: 0195132254
ISBN-13: 9780195132250
Language: English
Description: The story of one of the most important -- and most elusive -- figures of the American Revolution, Samuel Adams traces the life of the "Man of the Revolution," as he was called by Thomas Jefferson, from his childhood as a fifth-generation New Englander to his pivotal role in the Boston Tea Party and war that followed to a life spent in public service. Benjamin Irvin explores the fascinating contradictions of Samuel Adams's life: he was born into a family of high rank, but lived a humble, almost impoverished life; he could barely manage his personal household, but brilliantly managed the Massachusetts House of Representatives; he pushed for the... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:16:13 GMT
Business Research (by Inc. BarCharts) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/business-research
Author(s): Inc. BarCharts
Categories: Business & Economics > General
Publisher: QuickStudy
Publish date: 2007-09-26
ISBN-10: 1423204115
ISBN-13: 9781423204114
Language: English
Description: You know what you need to find out, how do you find out where to find what you need to know? This chart lists scores of sources of detailed information on a vast spectrum of United States and International associations, organizations and businesses that provide up-to-the-minute information associated with businesses and how to do business. A must for the student of business.
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:16:11 GMT
Joints & Ligaments (by Inc. BarCharts) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/joints-and-ligaments
Author(s): Inc. BarCharts
Categories: Medical > Anatomy
Publisher: QuickStudy
Publish date: 2008-06-03
ISBN-10: 1423207327
ISBN-13: 9781423207320
Language: English
Description: Complete, labeled illustrations of joints and ligaments in the human body. From pre-teen to pre-med, this chart is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams, clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification. Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez. Chart includes detailed diagrams of: · temperomandibular & hyoid · temperomandibular joint · lumbar spine · spine · sternoclavicular & shoulder · craniocervical · pelvis (posterior & superior views) · elbow (lateral & anterior views) · wrist & hand (palmar view) · wrist (dorsal view) · finger (medial view) · hip ligaments &... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:16:09 GMT
The Imperial Tea Party: Family, politics and betrayal: the ill-fated British and Russian royal alliance (by Frances Welch) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-imperial-tea-party-family-politics-and-betrayal-the-ill-fated-british-and-russian-royal-alliance
Author(s): Frances Welch
Categories: History > Europe, History > World
Publisher: Short Books Ltd
Publish date: 2018-06-14
ISBN-10: 1780723067
ISBN-13: 9781780723068
Language: English
Description: The British and Russian royal families had just three full meetings before the Romanovs' tragic end in 1918. In The Imperial Tea Party, Frances Welch draws back the curtain on those fraught encounters, which had far-reaching consequences for 20th-century Europe and beyond. Russia and Britain were never natural bedfellows. But the marriage, in 1894, of Queen Victoria's favourite granddaughter, Alicky, to the Tsarevich Nicholas marked the beginning of an uneasy Anglo-Russian entente that would last until the Russian Revolution of 1917. The three extraordinary meetings that took place during those years, although generally hailed as successes, were... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:16:03 GMT
The Two-Body Force in Nuclei: Proceedings of the Symposium on the Two-Body Force in Nuclei held at Gull Lake, Michigan, September 7–10, 1971 (by S. M. Austin) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/the-two-body-force-in-nuclei-proceedings-of-the-symposium-on-the-two-body-force-in-nuclei-held-at-gull-lake-michigan-september-7-10-1971
Author(s): S. M. Austin
Categories: Gardening > General, Science > Nuclear Physics, Science > Physics
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2012-04-25
ISBN-10: 1468483390
ISBN-13: 9781468483390
Language: English
Description: The idea of this symposium grew out of our discussions on the need to review the advances that had been made in the theoretical description of inelastic scattering reactions in the last few years. Since a microscopic description of inelastic scattering uses realistic effective interactions, we felt that it was appropriate to begin such a summary with a discussion of the free two-nucleon force. However as we thought further about this review, it became increasingly apparent that a rather more ambitious program linking the free two-nucleon force and nuclear matter calculations both to shell model calculations and to reaction theory, would be... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:12:07 GMT
Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics: An Introduction (by Georges Dicker) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/humes-epistemology-and-metaphysics-an-introduction
Author(s): Georges Dicker
Categories: Philosophy > Epistemology, Philosophy > History & Surveys, Philosophy > Metaphysics
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 1998-05-06
ISBN-10: 0415163188
ISBN-13: 9780415163187
Language: English
Description: David Hume's Treatise on Human Nature and Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding are amongst the most widely-studies texts on philosophy. Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics: An Introduction presents in a clear, concise and accessible manner the key themes of these texts. Georges Dicker clarifies Hume's views on meaning, knowledge, causality, and sense perception step by step and provides us with a sharp picture of how philosophical thinking has been influenced by Hume. Accessible to anyone coming to Hume for the first time, Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics is an indispensible guide to Hume's philosophical thinking.
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:12:04 GMT
Transnational Environmental Crime: Toward an Eco-global Criminology (by Rob White) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/transnational-environmental-crime-toward-an-eco-global-criminology
Author(s): Rob White
Categories: Biography & Autobiography > Criminals & Outlaws, Law > Environmental, Nature > Environmental Conservation & Protection, Political Science > International Relations, Social Science > Criminology
Publisher: Willan
Publish date: 2011-07-18
ISBN-10: 1843928035
ISBN-13: 9781843928034
Language: English
Description: This book provides a comprehensive introduction to and overview of eco-global criminology. Eco-global criminology refers to a criminological approach that is informed by ecological considerations and by a critical analysis that is global in scale and perspective. Based upon eco-justice conceptions of harm, it focuses on transgressions against environments, non-human species and humans. At the centre of eco-global criminology is analysis of transnational environmental crime. This includes crimes related to pollution (of air, water and land) and crimes against wildlife (including illegal trade in ivory as well as live... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:12:02 GMT
Identity, Policy, and Prosperity: Border Nationality of the Korean Diaspora and Regional Development in Northeast China (China in Transformation) (by Jeongwon Bourdais Park) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/identity-policy-and-prosperity-border-nationality-of-the-korean-diaspora-and-regional-development-in-northeast-china-china-in-transformation
Author(s): Jeongwon Bourdais Park
Categories: Business & Economics > Economics, Business & Economics > International, Political Science > International Relations, Social Science > Anthropology
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publish date: 2017-08-11
ISBN-10: 9811048487
ISBN-13: 9789811048487
Language: English
Description: This book offers a rare glimpse into China's Korean minority, which dominates the area bordering North Korea; even as Korea is riven into capitalist and communist societies, China's Koreans register this dilemma as one internal to the society they live in, in China's postindustrial Northeast. As this research makes clear, once driven by state investment in industry, the Northeast is now struggling to define its identity as a post-industrial region; the ethnic Koreans there even more so. This monograph provides a distinctive look at a group shaped by political turmoil, economic transformation, and cultural struggle; the study... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:10:02 GMT
Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life (by Peter Godfrey-Smith) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/other-minds-the-octopus-and-the-evolution-of-intelligent-life
Author(s): Peter Godfrey-Smith
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publish date: 2018
ISBN-10: 0008226296
ISBN-13: 9780008226299
Language: English
Description: BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.
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Rail-Trails Midwest Great Lakes: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin (by Rails-to-Trails-Conservancy) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/rail-trails-midwest-great-lakes-illinois-indiana-michigan-ohio-and-wisconsin
Author(s): Rails-to-Trails-Conservancy
Categories: Sports & Recreation > Hiking, Travel > United States
Publisher: Wilderness Press
Publish date: 2009-05-15
ISBN-10: 0899974678
ISBN-13: 9780899974675
Language: English
Description: With 113 rural, suburban, and urban trails threading through 2,300 miles, Rail-Trails Midwest: Great Lakes covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Many rail-trails run through the most popular parts of town, such as the 61-mile Illinois Prairie Path, which links Chicago-area suburbs. Others take you back in time for a look at regional history, like Ohio’s 11-mile Holmes County Trail. Every trip has a detailed map that includes start and end points, trailhead, parking, restroom facilities, and other amenities. Many of the level rail-trails are suitable for walking, jogging, bicycling, inline skating,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:06:11 GMT
Sustainable Health and Long-Term Care Solutions for an Aging Population (Advances in Medical Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care) (by Ben Fong) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/sustainable-health-and-long-term-care-solutions-for-an-aging-population-advances-in-medical-diagnosis-treatment-and-care
Author(s): Ben Fong
Categories: Medical > Health Care Delivery, Medical > Hospital Administration
Publisher: IGI Global
Publish date: 2017-06-30
ISBN-10: 1522526331
ISBN-13: 9781522526339
Language: English
Description: Lasting healthcare for the entire population, specifically the elderly, has become a main priority in society. It is imperative to find ways to boost the longevity of healthcare services for all users. Sustainable Health and Long-Term Care Solutions for an Aging Population is a pivotal reference source featuring the latest scholarly research on issues pertinent to health cost and finding effective ways of financing healthcare for the elderly. Including coverage on a number of topics such as provider accreditation, corporate social responsibility, and data management, this book is ideally designed for policy makers,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:06:03 GMT
America Is Not the Heart: A Novel (by Elaine Castillo) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/america-is-not-the-heart-a-novel
Author(s): Elaine Castillo
Categories: Fiction > Family Life, Literary Collections > American
Publisher: Viking
Publish date: 2018-04-03
ISBN-10: 073522241X
ISBN-13: 9780735222410
Language: English
Description: "A saga rich with origin myths, national and personal . . . Castillo is part of a younger generation of American writers instilling literature with a layered sense of identity." --Vogue How many lives fit in a lifetime? When Hero De Vera arrives in America--haunted by the political upheaval in the Philippines and disowned by her parents--she's already on her third. Her uncle gives her a fresh start in the Bay Area, and he doesn't ask about her past. His younger wife knows enough about the might and secrecy of the De Vera family to keep her head down. But their daughter--the first American-born daughter in the family--can't resist asking Hero... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:04:03 GMT
History of the Finns in Michigan (Great Lakes Books) (by Armas K E Holmio) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/history-of-the-finns-in-michigan-great-lakes-books
Author(s): Armas K E Holmio
Categories: History > Europe, History > United States
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Publish date: 2001-07-01
ISBN-10: 0814327907
ISBN-13: 9780814327906
Language: English
Description: Michigan's Upper Peninsula was a major destination for Finns during the peak years of migration in the nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth century. Several Upper Peninsula communities had large Finnish populations and Finnish churches, lodges, cooperative stores, and temperance societies. Ishpeming and Hancock, especially, were important nationally as Finnish cultural centers. Originally published in Finnish in 1967 by Armas K. E. Holmio, History of the Finns in Michigan, translated into English by Ellen M. Ryynanen, brings the story of the contribution of Finnish immigrants into the mainstream of... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:02:09 GMT
In Quest of Great Lakes Ice Age Vertebrates (by J. Alan Holman) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/in-quest-of-great-lakes-ice-age-vertebrates
Author(s): J. Alan Holman
Categories: Science > Earth Sciences, Science > Paleontology
Publisher: Michigan State University Press
Publish date: 2001-11-30
ISBN-10: 0870135910
ISBN-13: 9780870135910
Language: English
Description: The first book of its kind, In Quest of Great Lakes Ice Age Vertebrates details the Ice Age fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals in the provinces and states surrounding the Great Lakes. Holman's work begins with definitions of concepts and terms for the general audience and a general discussion of how the last ice age, the Pleistocene Epoch, affected our physical and biological world. Methods employed and tools used in the collection of vertebrate fossils, as well as ethics and protocol in the maintenance of a useful collection follow, coupled with details of each animal's structure,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:02:07 GMT
Nuclear Spectroscopy: Lecture Notes of the Workshop Held at Gull Lake, Michigan August 27–September 7, 1979 (Lecture Notes in Physics) (by G.F. Bertsch, D. Kurath) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/nuclear-spectroscopy-lecture-notes-of-the-workshop-held-at-gull-lake-michigan-august-27-september-7-1979-lecture-notes-in-physics
Author(s): G.F. Bertsch, D. Kurath
Categories: Science > Nuclear Physics, Science > Physics
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 1980-05-06
ISBN-10: 3540099700
ISBN-13: 9783540099703
Language: English
Description: No description available
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:02:03 GMT
Handbook of Geriatric Assessment (by Terry Fulmer, Bruce Chernof) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/handbook-of-geriatric-assessment
Author(s): Terry Fulmer, Bruce Chernof
Categories: Medical > Nursing
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publish date: 2018-04-29
ISBN-10: 1284144305
ISBN-13: 9781284144307
Language: English
Description: Handbook of Geriatric Assessment, Fifth Edition is a multidisciplinary text that takes a contemporary approach in line with patient and family centered care. With contributions from the foremost experts in the field, it contains the latest information on geriatric assessments for older adults. Completely updated and revised, the Fifth Edition includes several new chapters, including demographic trends, age friendly health systems, payment reform and impact, the VA health system, self-care and management, impact on familial relations, vulnerable populations, building geriatric interdisciplinary teams, advanced care planning, caregiver information,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:00:03 GMT
Diary of a Michigan Kid (State Journal) (by Sleeping Bear Press) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/diary-of-a-michigan-kid-state-journal
Author(s): Sleeping Bear Press
Categories: Children's Books > Travel & Cultures
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publish date: 2010-07-14
ISBN-10: 1585365238
ISBN-13: 9781585365234
Language: English
Description: Children will enjoy recording their thoughts and memories in this interactive travel journal. Colorful artwork and clever text help prompt creative contributions from budding writers and artists. What's inside? Lined pages for writing; Blank pages for drawing; Games, activities, and simple recipes; Facts such as landmarks and symbols (and even a little history); And more! With its sturdy, lay-flat format, this journal is perfect for recording everything from backyard musings to vacation travels!
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:56:15 GMT
Faith in Paper: The Ethnohistory and Litigation of Upper Great Lakes Indian Treaties (by Charles E. Cleland) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/faith-in-paper-the-ethnohistory-and-litigation-of-upper-great-lakes-indian-treaties
Author(s): Charles E. Cleland
Categories: History > Native American, History > United States
Publish date: 2011-10-05
ISBN-10: 0472117297
ISBN-13: 9780472117291
Language: English
Description: Faith in Paper is about the reinstitution of Indian treaty rights in the Upper Great Lakes region during the last quarter of the 20th century. The book focuses on the treaties and legal cases that together have awakened a new day in Native American sovereignty and established the place of Indian tribes on the modern political landscape.   In addition to discussing the historic development of Indian treaties and their social and legal context, Charles E. Cleland outlines specific treaties litigated in modern courts as well as the... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:56:10 GMT
Under Michigan: The Story of Michigan's Rocks and Fossils (Great Lakes Books) (by Charles Ferguson Barker) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/under-michigan-the-story-of-michigans-rocks-and-fossils-great-lakes-books
Author(s): Charles Ferguson Barker
Categories: History > United States, Nature > Fossils, Nature > Rocks & Minerals, Science > Earth Sciences
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Publish date: 2005-10-21
ISBN-10: 0814330886
ISBN-13: 9780814330883
Language: English
Description: Most people recognize Michigan by its mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula and the Great Lakes embracing the state. Underneath the earth's surface, however, is equally distinctive evidence of an exciting history. Michigan rests on sedimentary rocks that reach down into the earth's crust more than fourteen thousand feet-a depth three-and-a-half times deeper than the Grand Canyon. Within these layers of rock rest all sorts of ancient fossils and minerals that date back to the eras when tropical seas spread across Michigan and hot volcanoes flung molten rock into its skies-long before mile-thick glaciers bulldozed over Michigan and... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:56:07 GMT
Autodesk Inventor 2019 Basics Tutorial (by Tutorial Books) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/autodesk-inventor-2019-basics-tutorial
Author(s): Tutorial Books
Categories: Architecture > Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation, Computers > Computer Graphics
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date: 2018-07-06
ISBN-10: 1722452285
ISBN-13: 9781722452285
Language: English
Description: A step-by-step tutorial on Autodesk Inventor basics Autodesk Inventor is used by design professionals for 3D modeling, generating 2D drawings, finite element analysis, mold design, and other purposes. This tutorial is aimed at novice users of Inventor and gives you all the basic information you need so you can get the essential skills to work in Autodesk Inventor immediately. This book will get you started with basics of part modeling, assembly modeling, presentations, and drawings. Next, it teaches you some intermediate level topics such as additional part modeling tools, sheet metal modeling, top down assembly feature,... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:56:03 GMT
Botanical Line Drawing: 200 Step-by-Step Flowers, Leaves, Cacti, Succulents, and Other Items Found in Nature (by Peggy Dean) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/botanical-line-drawing-200-step-by-step-flowers-leaves-cacti-succulents-and-other-items-found-in-nature-1
Author(s): Peggy Dean
Categories: Self-Help > Creativity, Art > Drawing
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Publish date: 2018-07-24
ISBN-10: 0399582193
ISBN-13: 9780399582196
Language: English
Description: An easy, no-skills-necessary guide to drawing flowers, leaves, and cacti with 200 step-by-step prompts. Line drawing is an easy-to-master art form featuring illustrative, doodle-like designs. It's used widely among artists of many types with both fine and bold lines, creating different variations. Botanical Line Drawing teaches you how to start with the simplest doodles, building into more elaborate, delicate illustrations. This book focuses on the extremely popular subject matter of the natural world and includes flowers, leaves, succulents, houseplants, trees, branches, mushrooms, and more. These simple line drawings will allow you to branch out... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:52:14 GMT
Computing in the 90's: International Conference Proceedings (by N.A.; Doncker; Kapenga (eds.) Sherwani) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/computing-in-the-90s-international-conference-proceedings
Author(s): N.A.; Doncker; Kapenga (eds.) Sherwani
Categories: Unknown
Publisher: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Publish date: 1991
ISBN-10: 3540976280
ISBN-13: 9783540976288
Language: English
Description: No description available
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:52:10 GMT
Perfectly Creamy Frozen Yogurt: 56 Amazing Flavors plus Recipes for Pies, Cakes & Other Frozen Desserts (by Nicole Weston) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/perfectly-creamy-frozen-yogurt-56-amazing-flavors-plus-recipes-for-pies-cakes-and-other-frozen-desserts
Author(s): Nicole Weston
Categories: Cooking > Specific Ingredients, Technology & Engineering > Agriculture, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Publish date: 2018-05-29
ISBN-10: 1612128807
ISBN-13: 9781612128801
Language: English
Description: Learn to make frozen yogurt at home that’s just as light, smooth, and delightful as what you buy. You’ll use Greek yogurt as a base and a basic ice cream machine to make these 56 flavor recipes that range from traditional to artisanal, including black cherry vanilla, toasted coconut, peach Melba, chai spice, watermelon, maple bacon, chocolate malted, pistachio, and browned butter pecan. An additional 50 recipes for treats like blueberry sugar cookie sandwiches, brownie baked Alaska, Neapolitan semifreddo, cinnamon bun pops, and salted caramel swirl bonbons ensure this is the sweetest guide ever to making and enjoying frozen... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:52:05 GMT
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking (4th Edition) (by Joe Habraken) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/absolute-beginners-guide-to-networking-4th-edition
Author(s): Joe Habraken
Categories: Computers > Certification Guides, Computers > Networking
Publisher: Que Publishing
Publish date: 2003-09-29
ISBN-10: 0789729113
ISBN-13: 9780789729118
Language: English
Description: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking, Fourth Edition gives readers the ability and understanding necessary to create and administer a network. The book shows the reader how to physically connect computers and other devices to a network and access peripherals such as printers over the network. Readers will also be able to configure computers to access the network and the network to share an Internet connection. This book will provide easy-to-understand details on new technologies and background information (such as basic networking, including protocols and physical infrastructure) necessary for the user to network computer... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:52:01 GMT
Lake Michigan Backroads: Your Guide to Wild and Scenic Adventures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana (Backroads of ...) (by Robert W. Domm) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/lake-michigan-backroads-your-guide-to-wild-and-scenic-adventures-in-michigan-wisconsin-illinois-and-indiana-backroads-of
Author(s): Robert W. Domm
Categories: History > United States, Reference > General, Travel > Reference, Travel > United States
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Publish date: 2008-06-15
ISBN-10: 076032980X
ISBN-13: 9780760329801
Language: English
Description: Here are 19 backroads drives around Lake Michigan, showing you the grand lake as never before in this richly illustrated exploration of the Great Lake’s history, culture, ecology, and natural beauty. The big blue inland sea--the only Great Lake entirely within U.S. borders--appears here in all its natural diversity. These day trips take you to the ancient forests and vast sand dunes of Michigan and Wisconsin and on beautiful backroads in Illinois and Indiana. Lake Michigan Backroads conducts readers through the lake’s varied landscapes and seasons, pausing at popular and little-known destinations for... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:42:02 GMT
Networking, A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition (Networking Professional's Library) (by Bruce Hallberg) https://www.books-share.com/ebook/networking-a-beginners-guide-fifth-edition-networking-professionals-library
Author(s): Bruce Hallberg
Categories: Computers > Hardware, Computers > Networking
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Publish date: 2009-10-19
ISBN-10: 0071633553
ISBN-13: 9780071633550
Language: English
Description: A practical guide to networking fundamentals Fully up to date with the latest technologies, this introductory handbook covers wired and wireless network design, configuration, hardware, protocols, security, backup, recovery, virtualization, and more. After laying the groundwork, Networking: A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition explains, step-by-step, how to install, set up, and administer Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010, Fedora 10, and Apache. If you're beginning a career in networking or looking to refresh your skills, you need this detailed reference. Learn about network cabling, topologies, hardware, and the OSI... more...
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:32:01 GMT