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How Sex Works: Why We Look, Smell, Taste, Feel, and Act the Way We Do


Why do we need sex? Looking back into our evolutionary past, Dr. Sharon Moalem explores the ways in which the struggle to survive and create healthy offspring has determined - and continues to influence - our sexuality. Beginning with the sexual practices of various animals and plants, Dr. Moalem traces the evolution of sex across species and time periods to discuss its current role in human societies. From the finely tuned structure and function of human sex organs, to the developmental mysteries of having both male and female sexes, to the peculiar biology of sexual attraction, this new book presents a series of strange and fascinating discoveries about the human mating game.Dr. Moalem's research also examines recent discoveries related to contraception, pregnancy, sexuality, and sterility. Dr. Moalem's unique evolutionary perspective offers readers a new understanding of the creative roles that culture, biology, and time have all played in shaping our wonderfully varied and complicated sexuality. In answering these and many other questions, he provides an entertaining, comprehensive history that goes far beyond our classic 'birds and bees' understanding of sex. This is a book that challenges common perceptions about our bodies with astonishing discoveries from the very frontiers of evolutionary science.