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CoreOS in Action: Running Applications on Container Linux



CoreOS in Action is a clear tutorial for deploying container-based systems on CoreOS Container Linux.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Technology

Traditional Linux server distributions include every component required for anything you might be hosting, most of which you don't need if you've containerized your apps and services. CoreOS Container Linux is a bare-bones distro with only the essential bits needed to run containers like Docker. Container Linux is a fast, secure base layer for any container-centric distributed application, including microservices. And say goodbye to patch scheduling; when Container Linux needs an update, you just hot-swap the whole OS.

About the Book

CoreOS in Action is a clear tutorial for deploying container-based systems on CoreOS Container Linux. Inside, you'll follow along with examples that teach you to set up CoreOS on both private and cloud systems, and to practice common sense monitoring and upgrade techniques with real code. You'll also explore important container-aware application designs, including microservices, web, and Big Data examples with real-world use cases to put your learning into perspective.


  • Handling scaling and failures gracefully
  • Container-driven application designs
  • Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment
  • Smart logging and backup practices

About the Reader

Written for readers familiar with Linux and the basics of Docker.

About the Author

Matt Bailey is currently a technical lead at ZeniMax. He has worked in higher education and with scientific computing, medical, and networking technology companies, as well as a few startups. You can find him online via https://mdb.io.

Table of Contents


  2. Introduction to the CoreOS family
  3. Getting started on your workstation


  4. Expecting failure: fault tolerance in CoreOS
  5. CoreOS in production
  6. Application architecture and workflow
  7. Web stack application example


  8. Big Data stack
  9. CoreOS on AWS
  10. Bringing it together: deployment
  11. System administration

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