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Basics of CMOS Cell Design (Professional Engineering)


Design and Simulate Any Type of CMOS Circuit!

Electronic circuit designers and electronic engineering students can turn to Basics of CMOS Cell Design for a practice-based introduction to the design and simulation of every major type of CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) integrated circuit.

You will find step-by-step explanations of everything they need for designing and simulating CMOS integrated circuits in deep-submicron technology, including MOS devices…inverters…interconnects…basic gates …arithmetics…sequential cell design…and analog basic cells.

The book also presents design rules, Microwind program operation and commands, design logic editor operation and commands, and quick-reference sheets. Filled with 100 skills-building illustrations, Basics of CMOS Cell Design features:

  • Expert guidance on MOS device modeling
  • Complete details on micron and deep-submicron technologies
  • Clear, concise information on basic logic gates
  • Full coverage of analog cells
  • A wealth of circuit simulation tools

Inside This Landmark CMOS Circuit Design Guide—

• MOS Devices and Technology • MOS Modeling • The Inverter • Interconnects • Basic Gates • Arithmetics • Sequential Cell Design • Analog Cells • Appendices: Design Rules; Microwind Program Operation and Commands; Design Logic Editor Operation and Commands; Quick- Reference Sheets

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