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Drawing exclusively on interviews and personal letters and diaries from the earliest days of the Nazi party to the final hours of the thousand-year Reich, this book reveals how the Hitler cult influenced and corrupted every aspect of public life. Every part of German life was shaped by its malign influence―education, health, business, the press, the judicial system, the church, sport, the arts, work, the family.The stark contrast between the myth of... more...

Drawing on recently discovered documents from the former Soviet archives and first-hand accounts from correspondents who were in Berlin during the desperate days leading up to the outbreak of war, author Paul Roland unravels the web of diplomacy, deceit and double-dealing which Hitler spun to ensure the war he had always wanted.

The Complete book of Ghosts

This book is about extraordinary men who lived through extraordinary times. The History of the Mob tells the stories of their lives, their families, their code, their crimes, and their cold-blooded murders—from Don Vito Cascio Ferro, the New York mobster who lured Joe Petrosino to his death in Palermo, to John Gotti, "the Teflon don" and Bernardo "the Tractor" Provenzano, who hid out in a farmhouse for forty-three years.

This book explains how an ill-educated, unbalanced World War I veteran and ex-vagrant mesmerized an entire nation, why the German people venerated their Führer and how he exercised his power so they willingly followed him to the abyss of self-destruction.

This clear introduction to meditation shows how it can enhance your life. There are clear step-by-step instructions to different meditation techniques and practical tips on how to focus the mind and increase energy and concentration levels. There are a range of meditation and relaxation techniques. Collins Gem Meditation is a practical guide to understanding and using these techniques. With the practical instructions you will be able to try out simple... more...

The Nuremberg Trials were the most important criminal proceedings ever held. They established the principle that individuals will always be held responsible for their actions under international law, and brought closure to World War II, allowing the reconstruction of Europe to begin.

More than a century after he stalked the streets of London's East End, Jack the Ripper continues to exert a macabre power over the popular imagination. Author Paul Roland strips away decades of myth and misconceptions to reveal the identity of a brand new suspect who has never been seriously considered until now.