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Johnny Pain reveals his "secrets", the principles he uses to pack slabs of quality muscle mass on his clients without adding the fat in the process. Say goodbye to conventional "bulking" and "cutting", learn precisely how to structure and manipulate the dietary variables necessary to ensure that your mass gain experience is as productive as possible. Join the fight against obesity, get SWOLE!

This title began as a fat loss/body recomposition compliment to "SWOLE: The Greyskull Growth Principles" and evolved into an amazing work that dives deep into the methods that JP uses with consultation and coaching clients to ensure their success in reaching their physique goals. Part One of this book exposes JP's famed "Blueprint to Beast" success formula. JP calls this the "Eighty Percent". He attributes the success of his many remarkable cases over... more...

The most user-friendly system for anyone interested in building quality strength and muscle. An in depth look at the principles used by Johnny Pain of the famed Greyskull Barbell Club to construct hordes of strong, capable beasts around the globe.