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With an outstanding introductory essay, one of the greatest living English novelists has assembled her writings, essays and reviews about the theatre to provide a highly individual view of contemporary theatre and actors.

It is 1950 and the Liverpool reporatory theatre company is rehearsing its Christmas production of Peter Pan, a story of childhood innocence and loss. Stella has been taken on as assistant stage manager and quickly becomes obsessed with Meredith, the dissolute director. But it is only when the celebrated O'Hara arrives to take the lead, that a different drama unfolds. In it, he and Stella are bound together in a past that neither dares to interpret.

This funny, yet horrifying novel creates an atmosphere of impending doom with an ending specialising in successive denouements.

Edward is throwing a dinner party with Binny , his mistress. Aware that she has long been denied those small intimacies that his wife takes for granted - choosing a birthday present for his sister, for example, or sorting his socks - he wants to give her a chance to feel more involved in his life, to socialise with some of his friends (the discreet ones). Things are a little awkward to begin with - a late start and him having to be away by half past... more...

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If ever a subject and a writer were perfectly matched it is here.  The fated voyage of the Titanic, with its heroics and horror, has been dramatized many times before, but never by an artist with the skills and sensibility of Beryl Bainbridge.  Bainbridge vividly recreates each scene of the voyage, from the suspicious fire in the Number 10 coal bunker, to the champange and crystal of the first-class public rooms, to that... more...

Freda and Brenda spend their days working in an Italian-run wine- bottling factory. A work outing offers promise for Freda, and terror for Brenda, passions run high on that chilly day of freedom, and life after the outing never returns to normal.

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The young Adolf Hitler turns up in England, trying to escape conscription into the Austrian army. But his brother Alois is far from thrilled to see his peculiar relative. Worst of all, the lad has a way of getting himself into exceedingly nasty scrapes with the English.

Married to Helen, but tangled up with Binny, Edward understands, with a tender pang, how Binny has been denied those small intimacles that a wife takes for granted. Choosing a brithday present for his sister, for example, or washing his socks. Tonight, as a treat for Binny, the lovers are throwing their first dinner party. So long as no one else drops in unexpectedly, it should be a night to remember.