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ISBN-10: 068485256X, ISBN-13: 9780684852560
... of the Gospels by one of the giants of modern literature. Nikos Kazantzakis, renowned author of "Zorba the Greek, " brilliantly fleshes out the story of Christ's Passion, giving it a dynamic spiritual freshness. Kazantzakis's Jesus is gloriously divine, yet earthy and human, as he ... more...

ISBN-10: 1578062160, ISBN-13: 9781578062164
... the quest for a moral and ethical core to replace the failed ideals of the twentieth century. Angelopoulos claims that, like his famous countryman Nikos Kazantzakis, he no longer believes in anything and no longer expects anything. "Therefore," he says, "I am a free man." Yet he adds that he ... more...