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ISBN-10: 093707330X, ISBN-13: 9780937073308
Categories: Mathematics > General, Philosophy > Logic
Intensional logic is the technical study of such "intensional" phenomena in human reasoning as modality, knowledge, or flow of time. These all require a richer semantic picture than standard truth values in one static environment. Such a picture is provided by so-called "possible worlds ... more...

ISBN-10: 9400707134, ISBN-13: 9789400707139
Games, Norms, and Reasons: Logic at the Crossroads provides an overview of modern logic focusing on its relationships with other disciplines, including new interfaces with rational choice theory, epistemology, game theory and informatics. This book continues a series called "Logic at the ... more...

ISBN-10: 1402050119, ISBN-13: 9781402050114
In the last century developments in mathematics, philosophy, physics, computer science, economics and linguistics have proven important for the development of logic. There has been an influx of new ideas, concerns, and logical systems reflecting a great variety of reasoning tasks in the ... more...

ISBN-10: 9400700792, ISBN-13: 9789400700796
Proof, Computation and Agency: Logic at the Crossroads provides an overview of modern logic and its relationship with other disciplines. As a highlight, several articles pursue an inspiring paradigm called 'social software', which studies patterns of social interaction using techniques from ... more...

ISBN-10: 3662485397, ISBN-13: 9783662485392
Strategic behavior is the key to social interaction, from the ever-evolving world of living beings to the modern theatre of designed computational agents. Strategies can make or break participants’ aspirations, whether they are selling a house, playing the stock market, or working toward a ... more...

ISBN-10: 3319060244, ISBN-13: 9783319060248
... show many current logics of information and change at work, often in multi-agent settings where social behavior is essential, and often stressing Johan van Benthem's pioneering work in establishing this program. However, this is not a Festschrift, but a rich tapestry for a field with a wealth ... more...

ISBN-10: 1402055862, ISBN-13: 9781402055867
A spatial logic is a formal language interpreted over any class of structures featuring geometrical entities and relations, broadly construed. In the past decade, spatial logics have attracted much attention in response to developments in such diverse fields as Artificial Intelligence, ... more...

ISBN-10: 0262019906, ISBN-13: 9780262019903
Categories: Reference > General
This book draws on ideas from philosophical logic, computational logic, multi-agent systems, and game theory to offer a comprehensive account of logic and games viewed in two complementary ways. It examines the logic of games: the development of sophisticated modern dynamic logics that model ... more...

ISBN-10: 0444537260, ISBN-13: 9780444537263
This is an expanding field and the logical study of language is becoming more interdisciplinary playing a role in disciplines such as computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and game theory. Completely revised and updated, this new edition, written by the leading experts ... more...

ISBN-10: 0444516905, ISBN-13: 9780444516909
The Handbook of Modal Logic contains 20 articles, which collectively introduce contemporary modal logic, survey current research, and indicate the way in which the field is developing. The articles survey the field from a wide variety of perspectives: the underling theory is explored in depth, ... more...