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ISBN-10: 1402051263, ISBN-13: 9781402051265
This book presents a framework for the reuse-based design of AMS circuits. The framework is founded on three key elements: (1) a CAD-supported hierarchical design flow; (2) a complete, clear definition of the AMS reusable block; (3) the design for a reusability set of tools, methods, and ...

ISBN-10: 0792376781, ISBN-13: 9780792376781
This very detailed book discusses architectures, circuits and procedures for the optimum design of bandpass sigma-delta A/D interfaces for mixed-signal chips in standard CMOS technologies. It provides uniquely in-depth coverage of switched-current errors, which supports the design of high ...

ISBN-10: 0780310756, ISBN-13: 9780780310759
This timely, self-contained volume gathers information disseminated from journals, workshops, and conference proceedings to present the most recent and most important applications of symbolic analysis to analog circuit design. It features an in-depth tutorial introduction to the techniques and ...

ISBN-10: 1441988459, ISBN-13: 9781441988454
This book presents models and procedures to design pipeline analog-to-digital converters, compensating for device inaccuracies, so that high-performance specs can be met within short design cycles. These models are capable of capturing and predicting the behavior of pipeline data converters ... more...

ISBN-10: 1402047754, ISBN-13: 9781402047756
Institutional book, not really for bookstore catalogue The book contains valuable information structured to provide insight on how to design SC sigma-delta modulators. It presents architectures, circuits, models, methods and practical considerations for the design of high-performance low-pass ... more...

ISBN-10: 1461423910, ISBN-13: 9781461423911
Categories: Transportation > Automotive
This book presents a comprehensive, systematic approach to the development of vision system architectures that employ sensory-processing concurrency and parallel processing to meet the autonomy challenges posed by a variety of safety and surveillance applications. Coverage includes a thorough ... more...