Dynamic Security of Interconnected Electric Power Systems - Volume 2: Dynamics and stability of conventional and renewable energy systems


This book is written for engineers involved in the operation, and control of electric power systems. The book also provides information and tools for researchers working in the fields of power system security, stability, operation and control. It consists of two volumes. In the first volume, the traditional techniques for stability and dynamic equivalence are presented. In addition, an overview of the main drivers and requirements for modernization of the traditional methods for online applications is discussed. The second volume includes advances in the security, stability, control, and stabilization of electrical power systems. The given material is written in graded complexity for facilitating their inclusion in undergraduate, postgraduate, and technical training courses. For online dynamic security systems, a major part of this volume includes the derivation, analysis, and stabilization of the SMIB equivalence of power systems. This volume also includes the operation and dynamical characteristics of variable renewable power generation (wind and solar-PV) as well as their dynamical interactions with power systems and the interconnection requirements are presented in details.

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